Valentine’s Week 2021 | List Of Ideas To Celebrate This Week


The month of February is about to come and we all know why is it famous for! Yes, the Valentine's week. I mean who doesn’t know about it? From a school kid to a young person, everyone waits for this month to express their love to their significant one.

Sometime I think that February should be consider as a Month of Love. While, I don’t know how much time it will take to consider this point. I know you don’t have much time to wait for this article. As from the title, today we’ll be discussing about all the days in Valentine week in detail.


Before beginning the topic, Are you someone who gets confused between the Valentine days? Or you end up wishing the wrong day to your partner and you both fight because of it. If you are suffering from this problem every year then don’t worry. We will tell you in detail about every day.

Valentine’s Week – Take a look at the Days

The official week to express your love to your partner is here. But wait, you can’t just go to your crush and say “I LOVE YOU” to her. If you're planning to do this, then Don’t. Express your love by stepping the ladder one by one and celebrating each day happily. By doing this, you'll succeed in your task.


7th February, 2021 Sunday Rose Day
8th February, 2021 Monday Propose Day
9th February, 2021 Tuesday Chocolate Day
10th February, 2021 Wednesday Teddy Day
11th February, 2021 Thursday Promise Day
12th February, 2021 Friday Hug Day
13th February, 2021 Saturday Kiss Day
14th February, 2021 Sunday Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – What do you need to know?

So, you have already memories the days by now you are all set to go and celebrate these with your lover. But, but, but, Do you know what to do in which day? If you don’t then we will be helping you with these. In this section, you'll know about the days in detail. Don’t go anywhere and read this section till the end.

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Rose Day

Starting with the very first day of our valentine’s week, Rose day. On this day a lover gives a rose to his/her partner. Now there are various roses to give from. If you want to tell your feelings to your special one, go with the red rose. Other than that, you can give White, Yellow, Pink and Purple colour rose to your best friends or your parents because why not 😊

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Propose Day

happy propose day

This is the day when you go and propose to the person you love. The proposal should be well prepared and don’t forget to tell your feelings along with complementing him/her. If you are already in a healthy relationship go for more stable proposal by asking him/ her to marry you. The proposal should be romantic so select a good place and yes don’t forget the rings and other gifts.

Chocolate Day

chocolate day

Who doesn’t love Chocolate? Celebrate this day by giving chocolates to your girlfriends, boyfriends, husband, wife and also your friends. Sweet chocolate can make your partner fall for you all over. We recommend you to add a loving note along with the chocolate to make it more romantic.

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Teddy Day

happy teddy day 2021

Teddy bear is the most popular and cute gift to give someone, especially to the girls. But there is not any rule that boys can’t love them, am I right?

Moreover, if you're in a long relationship relation, gift your partner a teddy bear so that they can hug you anytime they want. A teddy bear, with his cute face can turn the day of your lover into happy. You can gift a small teddy bear to the big giant one.

Promise Day

valentine's week promise day

“Promise the things which you can actually capable to do”. This day holds a special place in every lover heart because promises are something which are worth than millions of dollars. Make a strong promise which you truly believe in fulfilling. Promise day are especially made in order to make much greater bond between the couples. Don’t forget the last year promise which you have made with him/her.

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Hug Day

happy hug day 2021

“A long and tight hug to the person you love the most will end your all problems” whoever said this so right. The love week is incomplete without a Hug day. On this day couples hug to tell their affection towards each other. Hugging is the key to remove all of your problems and it will brighten your day.
Not only this but we recommend you to hug your friends and parents and tell them how much they mean to you.

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Kiss Day

The last day before the valentine’s day is Kiss day. After hugging the next step to celebrate Valentine’s week is by kissing your partner. Kiss is the romantic way that will make your relationship more stable and your partner will feel more loved. There are various types of kiss for you and you can kiss him/her as you like, kiss on the cheeks, forehead kiss, butterfly kiss, lip-to-lip kiss and many more.

Valentine’s day

valentine's day 2021

Now after a week-long celebration the valentine’s week have come to an end. End you Valentine’s week by celebrating this day. The most popular day on valentine’s week is here, so do something super-romantic for your partner.

Take your partner to a romantic date and express your true feelings to him/her. On this day, we recommend you to spend quality of time with your partner and don’t forget to say “I LOVE YOU”.

You can give her a fidget ring as a gift.

After celebrating Valentine’s week, What next? You have already told her your inner feelings. But do you know that there is another week We called it Anti-Valentine’s Week.

Final Words

The Valentine’s week is the week of expressing love to your partner that’s why to enjoy it fully. The feeling of love and getting love in return is amazing in this world and it would be very hard for me to put these into words. While being with your significant one, don’t forget your friends and family, spend some quality of time with them too.
Which one is your favourite day out of these? Comment us down.