Useful Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

A domain name is not just an URL or a web address, it is the first face of your online presence. The domain name speaks about the integrity, value, and principles of your organisation. No matter what size your company is, perfect domain name plays an important role in establishing the goodwill of the company. Remember, it may take a little time before you finalise on one final domain name, but the effort will be worth it.

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Domain Name Extension

One of the most crucial and important choice while selecting a domain name is the selection of TLD, Top Level Domain extension. Short, easy to remember, and .com prefix domain is always considered as the finest one. However, .co, is almost saturated with most common sought after names.

Top extensions:

These are the original TLDs that came into existence since the birth of domain names. Example includes, .com, .org, .net, .edu, and few others.

Country Specific:

One can also select country specific domain extension like, .in, .ua, .uk and so on.

Topic Specific:

With .com domains almost full with desired names, new age extension like, .city, .online, .pub extra have come into usage.

Note: .com is still the most sought-after domain extension.

Selecting a good domain name

There are various factors that one needs to look upon before finalizing a domain name.

Look for Uniqueness:

Make sure that your domain name stands out from others. If you are finding a domain for your business, it has to match with the company name and if it’s for a personal blog, it shall reflect your first and last name. Domain names are your first business card.

Include Keywords:

If the website is about a particular product or service, try to include the main keyword or key phrase in the domain name. try to incorporate the main focus keyword in the domain name for extra weightage for SEO. However, if the domain name is about a brand or company you do not have much choice. Use keywords, but do not deviate from the main motto.

Check for proper spellings:

If you find explaining the domain name difficult over the phone, then plan to change it. It has to be simplistic. Avoid usage of any special characters and numerals, if not necessary. Misspelled domains can redirect the user to another site. They are supposed to be easy in spelling, pronounce, say, and narrate.

Opt for TLD:

Try a number of variations with your preferred domain name that you get with the .com extension. You may have to try a few options before you find an available .com name. These are still the most preferred extension.

Check on length:

Too short or too long names are not considered a good one. Go for simple and easy to remember names. Too lengthy names are generally to be avoided.

Check Trademark:

Give a thorough scan of the domain name that it does not infringe upon any trademark or copyright issues. Make sure that you do not fall into some legal issues or sue-case for any domain name you buy but the trademark ownership is already owned by someone else.

Importance of Domain name

A domain name is the first stepping stone in achieving a good name, and visibility on the internet world. It does not just look professional, but it has a great impact on search engine results that helps in generating more traffic and leads.

Works as a marketing tool:

A premium domain name is generally short, crisp, keyword-focused, and most importantly easy to pronounce and type. Not just humans, but search engine spiders too give weightage to meaningful domain names.

Builds credibility:

Having a perfect domain names helps you get a respectable name for email aliases as well. Your emails are part of your business communication and one cannot trade-off with good email id. You wouldn't like to have an email like

Brand and Goodwill:

Consider investing in good domains as an investment. Get the entire pack of .com, .in, ,net etc applicable. Let not your competitors get the benefits by domain bulk booking and get the visitors redirecting to their own sites.

Opt for Premium names:

Do not hesitate to buy premium names even if they are highly charged. This investment will pay off in years to come when the domain will be a brand in itself.


In a nutshell, do not rush to finalise a domain name. Give it a deep scan by various tools, follow the guidelines, look for pros and cons of the name, and once done, go for it. One may change office location quite often but changing the domain name is not recommended for the overall goodwill of the company. Think twice about how to select the best domain names for your website before finalising one.

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