Upcoming Series on HBO: What New Shows Are Coming on HBO?

New HBO Max movies and shows come out all the time, and the June 2022 schedule is full of the hottest titles. For example, Westworld: Season 4 and the film Father of the Bride will both have their world premieres in June 2022.

HBO Max keeps putting out a lot of exclusive, high-quality content that you’re sure to love, like new premieres of HBO Original series and movies like Irma Vep, Menudo: Forever Young, The Janes, and Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Underground, as well as many other titles you already know and love.

So, if you want to know what to watch on HBO right now, all you have to do is look at the newest titles that come out this month. Here is a full list and schedule of what’s new on HBO Max this month, as well as reviews of the best new movies and shows for June 2022 and beyond:

Best New Movie on HBO — June 2022

Every month, HBO adds a list of new movies that includes original shows, old classics, and movies that came out in theatres. Even though there are a lot of award-winning blockbusters coming to HBO this month, the best new movies are two originals that are just starting.

The documentary movie that came out in theatres last July will now be seen by even more people thanks to HBO Max. Roadrunner is about the life and career of famous chef Anthony Bourdain, who killed himself on June 8, 2018, while filming his CNN show Parts Unknown in France.

He was 61 years old. There are interviews with David Chang, Éric Ripert, and members of the Parts Unknown crew in the documentary. Watch this film as soon as it comes out on HBO Max in July to remember the amazing chef, author, and travel documentarian’s life and work.


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Father of the Bride (Released June 16) *max Original

upcoming series on hbo

In this Max Original fantasy comedy-drama, a father (Andy Garcia) tries to deal with the fact that his beloved daughter (Adria Arjona) is about to get married. The story is told from the point of view of different relationships in a big Cuban-American family.

In the movie based on Edward Streeter’s 1949 novel of the same name, which also stars Garca and Arjona, you can also see Gloria Estefan, Isabela Merced, Diego Boneta, Enrique Murciano, Macarena Achaga, Chloe Fineman, and Ana Fabrega. Watch for their great work in Father of the Bride, which will be shown for the first time this month on HBO Max.

Best New Tv Series on HBO Max — June 2022

upcoming series on hbo

This month, many people are looking forward to the release of the new HBO Max series, seasons, and episodes. In June, some of the most-anticipated new shows of the year will be starting on HBO. But this original title stands out among all the buzz. Here are this month’s best new shows on HBO Max.

Season 4 of Westworld Came Out on June 26 on HBO

upcoming series on hbo

The long-awaited fourth season of this Emmy-winning dystopian sci-fi neo-Western series is finally here, after a two-year wait. Westworld: Season 4 is a dark odyssey about the fate of sentient life on Earth that introduces new worlds, conflicts, and complicated characters. Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Aaron Paul, and Ed Harris will all be back for the HBO Original series.

Aurora Perrineau and Ariana DeBose will also join the cast. Make sure to watch all of their work in Westworld: Season 4.

Demimonde — 2023

upcoming series on hbo

J. J. Abrams, who has created or co-created a number of hit TV shows like Felicity, Alias, Lost, and Fringe and has directed movies like the 2009 remake of Star Trek and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is making this new HBO show through his Bad Robot Productions company.

This sci-fi show’s main role will be played by Danielle Deadwyler, who was in Station Eleven. She will play a woman whose husband and daughter die in a scientific experiment gone wrong and end up in another world. Now, her goal is to get back to her family and find out what’s going on.

Hellraiser – In Development

upcoming series on hbo

The horror movie Hellraiser, which came out in 1987 and was written by Clive Barker, has led to a lot of sequels, comic books, and other items. Now, HBO wants to turn the franchise into a full-fledged series. Danny McBride, who has made many funny HBO shows like Eastbound and Down, Vice-Principals, and The Righteous Gemstones, will be one of the show’s executive producers, according to Deadline.

David Gordon Green, who directed the new Halloween movie that came out in 2018, will be in charge of the pilot and a few other episodes. In the first movie, horror fans met the Cenobites, a race of creatures that look like S&M and only show themselves to people after they solve a puzzle box.

Their goal is to steal the souls of people. Pinhead, who was in charge of the Cenobites, became an instant horror icon. No one knows if or when this character will show up again in the series.

Parasite — In Development

upcoming series on hbo

The movie Parasite, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture by surprise in 2020, is now being turned into an upcoming HBO show. Bong Joon Ho, who wrote and directed the movie, will also work on the series, along with Don’t Look Up director Adam McKay.

Bong Joon Ho has said that he had a lot of ideas for Parasite that he couldn’t fit into the short length of a movie, so it will be very interesting to see what he comes up with. Like the movie, the series will be about a poor family who works for a wealthy family as their hired help.

Dune: The Sisterhood – 2023

upcoming series on hbo

This prequel series to the recent movie based on the sci-fi novel Dune will be shown on HBO Max. The series will tell the story of how the female-led Bene Gesserit, who uses Dune’s spice to boost their mental abilities so they can influence powerful people in this universe, came to be. Rebecca Ferguson, who played the Bene Gesserit Lady Jessica in Dune and its upcoming sequel, has not said yet if she will play the same role in the TV show.

The Last of Us – 2023

upcoming series on hbo

The two The Last of Us games made by Naughty Dog for Sony’s Playstation have been praised by critics and sold well. HBO is now making a TV show based on the video game universe. Most of the video games take place in the not-too-distant future after a plague has killed many people and made them look like zombies.

At least at first, the series will follow the plot of the first game, in which a cynical survivor named Joel, played by The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal, is hired to guide a young girl named Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, safely through the United States after the end of the world.

Neil Druckmann is co-writing the series. At Naughty Dog, he was in charge of making both of the games. Craig Mazin is the other co-writer. He wrote the well-known HBO miniseries Chernobyl. The pilot for The Last of Us will be led by Kantemir Balagov. It could be the biggest new HBO show since Game of Thrones, with one possible exception.

House of the Dragon (Game of Thrones spin-off) — August 21, 2022

upcoming series on hbo

When HBO first said in 2017 that its most popular show would get a spin-off, it seemed like a no-brainer. HBO ordered a pilot for a spin-off that hasn’t been given a name yet. Game of Thrones creator, George R.R. Martin, helped come up with the idea. Jane Goldman, who wrote or helped write movies like Kick-Ass, The Woman in Black, and the two Kingsman spy movies, was the other co-creator.

The pilot took place a long time before the main storyline of the Game of Thrones show. Naomi Watts was chosen to play the main role. “A charismatic socialite with a dark secret,” was how this person was described. HBO decided not to make the show after the pilot was filmed in 2019.

But HBO surprised a lot of people when they said they were going to make another Game of Thrones spinoff. The name of this one will be House of the Dragon. Unlike their first plans for a spinoff, this show will go right from pilot to series. Martin and Ryan Condal worked together to make it.

It will happen 300 years before what happens in the main series. The series will show how House Targaryen rises and falls. Miguel Sapochnik, who directed a few episodes of the original show, will be in charge of directing the pilot and other episodes.

Emma D’Arcy plays Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, Matt Smith plays Prince Daemon Targaryen, Steve Toussaint plays Lord Corlys Velaryon (also known as The Sea Snake), and Olivia Cooke plays “Alicent Hightower,” and Rhys Ifans plays “Otto Hightower.” Filming for season 1 is over.

On August 21, 2021, HBO will show the first of the 10 episodes. It’s the biggest of the new HBO shows coming out.

Possible Game of Thrones Spin-offs for the Next HBO Show

upcoming series on hbo

according to reports. House of the Dragon is the only one that has been confirmed so far. Variety says that “Tales of Dunk and Egg” is being made by the network. This would be based on three short stories by Martin that happen 90 years before the first book, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” They tell the stories of Ser Duncan the Tall (also known as “Dunk”) and a young Aegon V Targaryen (Egg).

The Hollywood Reporter also says that at least three animated projects based on Game of Thrones are being made by HBO Max. There’s a chance that none of these shows will ever be made, but at least they’re in the works.

Even so, none of these shows can really fill the space that Game of Thrones left behind. But it’s good to know that there are still a lot of new HBO shows coming out in the near future. Is it enough to keep an account? That’s up to you, but even if you leave, it’s easy to sign up for the HBO Max streaming service again later.


This month, “13 Going on 30,” “A Star Is Born,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “The Holiday,” “Klute,” and Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” are coming to HBO and HBO Max. This year, House of the Dragon, Season 2 of Euphoria, Winning Time, and more are coming. Find out what other new shows and originals are coming back, and exclusive movies are coming to HBO Max in 2022.


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