4 Promising Netflix Anime Scheduled for 2021

In recent years, Netflix has upped its game against popular anime streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Funimation.

Every month it adds new anime show & movies to its library. It’s evident, Netflix is trying hard to attract anime lovers in western & Asian countries.

That’s why, there’s a long list of Netflix Original anime yet to release on the streaming platform.

Now, the question is, do you want to know about them? Well, then let’s jump straight to the 5 most promising Netflix Original anime scheduled to release in 2021.

Blue Eye Samurai

1st anime in the list is Blue Eye Samurai. It tells the story of a swordmaster. To hide his identity, he has cloaked himself in the Edo era of Japan’s past.

But why is he hiding his identity? What’s the reason? Well, the Swordmaster is planning a revenge. What do you think will he be successful? Find that out once Blue Eye Samurai Season 1 releases in 2021.

Baki Season 4

2nd anime in the list is Baki. It’s a story of 17-years old boy who’s the 2nd strongest fighter in the world. He’s right behind his father. In the previous 3 installments, Baki exhibits his power by defeating martial arts grandmaster, death row imamates and everyone who challenged him.

Baki Season 4 will the pick up after the previous story, Son of Ogre. It’ll follow the arc of The Great Raitai Tournament Saga where he’ll finally come face-to-face with his father Yujiro Hanma.

And when that happens, it’ll be the biggest fight sequences ever made in an anime series.

By the end of Baki Season 3, the five death row inmates were seen trying to escape from their jail cells once again. And by the opening of Baki Season 4, I expect them to break free from their holding cells.

If everything happens as per my expectation, Baki is all set to face trouble in the upcoming season as the death row inmates might join hands with Yujiro to take their revenge.

What do you think will happen then? Will he get defeated by his father or somehow, he’ll get triumph over him?

Well, this we’ll know once Baki Season 4 releases on Netflix in Spring 2021.

Kingdom Season 3

3rd anime in the list is Kingdom. The anime series tells the story of a slave boy Xin. Just like me & you, he has the dreams, he wants to fulfil.

He desires to become a great general for the state of Qin. Then on his lucky day, he meets Ying Zheng, the young king of Qin State who need his help in his personal affairs.

Similar to Xin, the young king has his own desires. He wants to rise to power by unifying China. Now, as for the release of Kingdom Season 3, it was returning in 2020 after 7 long year. However, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the showrunner didn’t want to take any risks. So, they rescheduled its shooting to Spring 2021.

EDEN Season 1

The 4th anime in this list is EDEN. Initially announced to release 4-episodes series in Fall 2020, EDEN season 1 is postponed to May 2021.

As for its storyline, the Netflix Original anime follows the story of a city EDEN 3 that’s set 1000 years ahead in future. The city is completely inhabited by robots. At EDEN 3, you won’t see any human population whatsoever. Then one day 2 farming robots discovers a human baby girl. And that’s when they realized, the ancient myth, humans are indeed real.

So, they start raising the human kid right outside of Eden City.

Final Words

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the primary culprit behind the delay of many Netflix Originals. And this list, includes some of the them. The way coronavirus is spreading, you can’t be sure that the anime shows will release in 2021.

How do you see the consistent delay in the release of most anticipated Netflix Original anime? Do share your thoughts on this via the comments section given below.