Unwelcome Ending Explained: How Did the Folk Horror End?

In the new folk horror movie Unwelcome, a group of evil goblins attack an English couple in the countryside of Ireland. In the end, do they get away with murder?

The new monster movie from Jon Wright, who is best known for the 2012 monster movie Grabbers, is called “Unwelcome.”  In the movie “Unwelcome,” Hannah John-Kamen and Douglas Booth play a couple who leave the chaos of the city for the peace of rural Ireland, only to find that evil, murderous goblins are hiding in the old, twisted wood at the bottom of their new garden. Here’s what we know about this new movie.

Unwelcome Ending Explained

Daddy Whelan (Colm Meaney) and his three kids Eoin (Kristian Nairn), Aisling (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell), and Killian are fixing the hole in the roof of Maya and Jamie’s cottage. During the movie, Maya and Jamie get into more and more fights with Daddy Whelan and his kids.

In one scene, after seeing Daddy beat Eoin badly, Maya goes into the woods to comfort him, but he forces himself on her. The Red Caps help her out by stopping Eoin and dragging him away. They later leave his headless body in Maya and Jamie’s cottage.

Unwelcome Ending Explained

The rest of the Whelans think that Maya and Jamie must have done something bad to Eoin, so they break into the cottage. This starts a huge fight that gets worse when Maya drops the severed head and Aisling sees it.

Maya then runs to the woods at the bottom of their garden and goes to the Red Caps’ house, where she begs them for help. When she gets back to the cottage, the Red Caps do help fight off the Whelans and kill each of them. After all the fighting and killing, Maya gives birth to her child.

Of course, that’s not the end. The Red Caps want to be paid for helping, so they come and steal the baby. Maya chases after them and goes into their house. Inside, she finds an old woman who turns out to be Jamie’s aunt’s long-lost daughter. She was taken by the Red Caps a long time ago and is now their queen.

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Maya doesn’t want the creatures to keep her child, so she starts fighting with the Red Caps. In the end, she kills the old woman by crushing her head. The Red Caps seem to respect Maya more because of this, and they follow her back to the cottage, where the baby is now safe.

In the garden of the cottage, they dance around her and pour the blood of the dead woman over her, making it look like they are making her their new Queen. Jamie watches in shock. At the end of the movie, a close-up shot of Maya’s face shows that she is now in charge of the Red Caps.

How Did Unwelcome Actually End?

It’s not the end of unwelcome there. Instead, Maya goes into the next room for a moment, leaving her baby alone. Then she hears laughter, which tells her that the child has been taken by redcaps.

She follows them into the woods and down the steps into their cave. There, an old man is holding her child. It turns out that the old man is the kidnapped child from the picture they found earlier. He was taken when his mother forgot the old ways and treated the redcaps badly.

Unwelcome Ending Explained

Maya says, “Give me back my baby!” The answer is, “This is what happened to me.” Maya offers to trade herself for the child, but the old man says she’s too old and refuses. Then Maya starts to cry, and the redcaps laugh.

But Maya is a fighter, so she stabs the redcap and throws a rock at the man before gouging out his eyes. As Maya gets her baby back and heads home, the redcaps, who used to worship him, start to worship her instead.

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“You’re just in time, Jamie,” she says as she walks up to the house. Then thunder and lightning hit, and Maya was covered in blood. The redcaps clapped and chanted as they surrounded her.

Jamie screams, which makes sense. As the camera moves around Maya, she smiles. She is now one of them. Then the movie goes to black.