Unhuman Movie Release Date: What Is the Story of Unhuman?

Blumhouse Television and Epix worked together to make the movie Unhuman, which is about a group of high school students who go on a field trip to Hell. When zombies attack while the teens are on the bus, they have to run for their lives. Now that the trailer is out, you can see how this group of misfits is desperately trying to work together so they don’t become food for the “unhuman” monsters. The digital version of this brutal survival movie comes out on June 3.

When these poor kids go on a field trip, things start out pretty normally. Before they leave, their jerk of a principal, Peter Giles, gives a speech that basically says they’re all going to go outside and touch the grass. The bus is full of high school stereotypes, like the jock who picks on the less popular kids, the Dungeons and Dragons nerds, the popular girls, and just about everyone else. They’re all ready to enjoy their sort of day off at whatever place the school came up with that has something to do with their classes. When the principal gets attacked, they get a message from the U.S. Office of Civil Defense about a chemical attack that turns people into zombies. Everyone who is still alive is told to find a place to hide.


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Release Date of Unhuman

Unhuman movie

The trailer makes me think of Zombieland a little bit, but this movie’s main characters are given superlatives based on how likely they are to bite it. Drew Scheid’s character freaks out and throws his weapon, which makes him “Most Likely to Die First.” Brianne Tju’s character takes charge and comes up with a plan to survive, which earns her the title “Most Likely to Survive.” No matter how likely they are to kill, get killed, or kill everyone else, the group has to work together, which is easier said than done given their different personalities. By the end, it’s clear that most of the students will know how to survive in their harsh new world and take names.

Tju and Giles, along with Benjamin Wadsworth, Uriah Shelton, and Ali Gallo, are the stars of Unhuman. Behind the camera is horror writer Marcus Dunstan, who has been writing scripts for the Saw movies since the fourth one. This movie was also written by Dunstan and his writing partner Patrick Melton, who recently wrote the movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Executive producers were Alex Krueger, Jeremy Gold, Chris McCumber, and Jason Blum.

On June 3, Unhuman will be available digitally. Watch the trailer below to see how the group of oddballs try to make it through their “field trip from hell.”

Unhuman Plot

Unhuman movie

The official plot summary for the movie Unhuman is as follows:

“This club will be breakfast for the dead. The movie is made by Blumhouse Television and EPIX. It is about a high school field trip that goes horribly wrong. A group of barbarians is getting bigger, and seven students who don’t fit in must work together to stop them. In a brutal, terrifying fight to stay alive, the group’s trust in each other is put to the test. They have to kill the zombies before they kill each other.

Based on what we know, it will be a different take on zombie stories. The show will be about a group of high school students who end up in a zombie apocalypse. The point of view is very different from other zombie shows like The Walking Dead, Z-Nation, and Black Summer, where the main emotions are fear, death, and trying to stay alive.

But if it was a group of teenagers, it wouldn’t be all that serious. The next Blumhouse movie will have all of these things: humor, sarcasm, sass, fun, laughter, and friendships.

Unhuman movie

Unhuman Cast

Drew Scheid

Halloween (2018), Mare of Easttown (2021), and Fear Street: Part Two – 1978 are some of the movies they are known for (2021).

Brianne Tju

Famous for movies like “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (2021), “Three Months” (2022), and “The Cow” (2023), among others (2022).

Benjamin Wadsworth

Famous for movies like Deadly Class (2018), Teen Wolf (2017), and Your Honor (2020).

Shelton Uriah

He was recently seen in the well-reviewed slasher horror comedy Freaky Friday as the love interest of the main character (2020).

Joshua Mikel

He is known for his roles in TV shows like Creepshow (2021), Doom Patrol (2020), Ozark (2022), The Purge (2019), etc.

Peter Giles

They have made movies like Jesus (2022), Murderville (2022), and The Legend of Korra (2014), among others.


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