Unexpected Season 5 Release Date: What to Expect From This Season?


“Unexpected” has given the type of drama that keeps reality shows going for four seasons. The show, which follows adolescent parents as they prepare for the birth of their infants and later after their children are born, also collaborated with Power to Decide on its fourth season, intending to spark dialogues around unplanned pregnancy with its viewers.

Over the first four years, the show followed a range of young ladies and their partners, as well as the parents of the couples. Although it is frequently entertaining, “Unexpected” has also been frank about the toll that these unwanted pregnancies have made on the lives of the young females who opt to bear their children.


The series does not minimize the challenge of parenting a child before the age of 20.

Many people are now anxiously awaiting the fifth season of the TLC series, and they're wondering who the show will select to follow and when the new season will be aired. Here's what to expect from “Unexpected” in the future.

What is the Release Date of Unexpected Season 5?


Unexpected Season 5

Season 5 of “Unexpected” doesn't have an official release date yet, but if the past is any indication, we can probably expect it soon. IMDb says that Season 1 started in November and Season 4 started in December.

In August, both Season 2 and Season 3 started airing. Since it's already late August and there's still no word on when Season 5 will be out, we can probably expect it by the end of the year. Season 4 didn't start until December 20, so you still have a lot of time.

“Unexpected” used to air on Sunday nights, but for Season 4, it started airing on Mondays. Right now, it seems more likely that Season 5 will stay on Mondays instead of going back to Sundays, but in this crazy world, anything can happen. Season 5 might have to move to a different night.

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Who Would be the Next Cast of this Season?

There is no way to tell who the program would choose to follow next season if it is renewed because there has been no formal announcement of a fifth season. Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson, who were introduced in Season 3, and Lilly Bennett and James Kennedy, who we initially saw in Season 1 and returned to the program in Season 4 for the birth of their second child, are all expected to return.

Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright made appearances in recent episodes, as did newcomers Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra. Reanna Cline and Taron Ward made their first appearance in the fourth season, and all five couples might return for another round of “Unexpected.” The show's producers may even go back to the well, bringing some of the couples from prior seasons if their latest pregnancy tests reveal another surprise.

Is McKayla Coming back?

Many people are curious whether McKayla Adkins will return for Season 5. McKayla and her children's father, Caelan Morrison, did not appear in Season 4 despite being regular cast members for the previous three seasons, according to TV Shows Ace.

She was not named in the rumored Season 5 cast, but some fans remained hopeful until she confirmed in May that she was pregnant with her third child and getting married to Ethan Tenney, according to Starcasm. According to the publication, McKayla said in a now-deleted TikTok video, “Married in 2 weeks and kid in 9 months, life couldn't be more perfect,” admitting in the video that she was five weeks pregnant.

McKayla's comeback to “Unexpected” is improbable since she declared in June that she was abandoning social media, according to Starcasm. McKayla started her rationale in a lengthy, since-deleted Instagram post.

“I can't say anything without having it questioned or challenged, and I can't publish anything without being judged. It's dreadful “She penned a letter. She also stated that she will be leaving her OnlyFans in January, maybe sooner since the site has banned explicit content. McKayla used to be active on YouTube, with 278,000 followers, but she hasn't posted there since March 2020.