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Will The “Uglies” Movie Coming to Netflix!

Will Joey King is coming to play the role of Tally, the main character of the Uglies? When will the movie come on Netflix? Uglies Movie whose status is unknown is the adaptation of science fiction novel by Scott Westerfeld.

There is no official announcement about the movie but only heard that the 2005 science fiction novel story is converted into a series or the movie. What comes to your mind and what does the title “Uglies” suggest to you?

There are different words that come to your mind like horrid, beldam, hag, grisly and awful. The uglies novel is written by young adults and it also seems that it deals with the current situation also where everyone wants to become pretty and beautiful and do surgeries without knowing its side effects.

I am not saying that doing surgeries is bad but it is also not good in the hope of becoming pretty. Novel story, which sets in a future and in fiction world where all persons are ugly and they have to do cosmetic surgery to become pretty and the govt decided that everyone will do surgery when they became 16 years to look beautiful and there are two types of surgeries are done one to become middle pretty and the other is to become older from the middle pretty.

Uglies Movie

The story deals with change in physical and emotions as in they have to obey the rules when they become 16 and other guys who are ugly also rebels against the society and they runaway as they don’t want to become pretty and remain safe in the Smoke ( a secret place) as they know the consequences of that cosmetics surgery which causes lesions in the brain. This is the reason for their running from the city and are also called Smokies.

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Is There Any Information About the Release Date of Uglies Movies?

No, there is no window date for the coming of the movie and we even don’t know if Uglies is coming to Netflix. There are talks about the Uglies that Joey King will play the role of Tally ( main character) but officially there is no information about the movie.

If any update will arrive on the internet then we will also update this section to let you know more about the Uglies movie.

Uglies Movie Cast and Characters


Uglies Movie

Officially no cast and characters are finalised for the Uglies Movie or series as it was not officially announced that Uglies Movie will come and release on this date.

Here are the Characters of Uglies Novel-

Characters are divided into 4 categories and these categories are Uglies, Smokies, Specials and Pretties.

  • Uglies

In Uglies two characters are there one is Tally Youngblood and other is Shay who is the new friend of Tally.

Tally is smart and clever and her nickname is Squint and when she meets David she falls for her.

Shay, known as the Skinny, is the new friend of Tally and she is also ugly.

  • Smokies

In this category David and his family came with other smokies.

David is the son of Az who died at the time of operations. He knows how to survive outside the city and he teaches Tally all his surviving skills.

Az is the father of David and Mady is the wife of Az.

There is another ugly person in that area and he is Croy.

Uglies Movie

  • Specials

In specials Dr. Cable comes who offers Tally either to find shay or never become pretty.

  • Pretties

And the prettiest ones are Peris (friend of Tally), Ellie mother of Tally and Tally’s Father Sol.

There are three books in the Uglies series and these are Pretties, Specials and the Extra and then four new installments came in 2018 which collectively known as Imposters Series.

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Uglies Movie: Other Information

John Davis producer and 20th Century Fox bought the rights in 2006 to release the story in the film and the film is assumed to come in 2011 but the shooting of the movie is delayed.

Last year 2020 it was announced that Netflix had acquired the rights of the film and Joey King will play the role Tally the main character and also she is Chosen as the executive producer and the director will be McG.

But till this moment no Uglies movie came to the screen and it is unknown whether the movie is in post production or will come in future.

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Is There Any Trailer for “Uglies” Movie?

No, there is no trailer of “Uglies Movie but here you can check its novel trailer which is provided below-

Last Lines

There is no official information about the release date and its renewal in the form of a movie but the novel got 3.8 ratings out of 5 on Goodreads and 4.5 out of 5 on Barnes and Noble and even on Dogo Books.