Tyler Cameron Kristin Cavallari Dating, What’s Going on Between This Couple?

This week, Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari sparked dating rumors with the release of a sensual, wedding-themed video campaign for Cavallari's Uncommon James jewelry line.

In April, when they were photographed filming the ad, the former Bachelorette contestant and the celebrity jewelry designer ignited rumors of a connection. The photographs surfaced only one day after Cavallari announced she was ready to date following her April 2020 divorce from Jay Cutler.

Tyler Cameron Kristin Cavallari Dating

Is Kristin Cavallari Single?

Following her April 2020 divorce from Jay Cutler after seven years of marriage, Kristin was linked to several men. The former Very Cavallari actress had brief relationships with comedian Jeff Dye, country singer Chase Rice, and Summer House actor Craig Conover.

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Tyler said that Kristin is in a “wonderful place” romantically following their sexy photo shoot. The founder of ABC food tours remarked, “She is doing her thing.”

The former reality star also provided a significant relationship update via Instagram Stories. When a fan inquired about her relationship status, Kristin stated that she is “finally” ready to find love again.

Tyler Cameron Kristin Cavallari Dating

In April 2022, she wrote, “I've required the previous two years to go through some hard issues.” “I dated sporadically, but never anyone significant. I am finally in a position to begin a relationship. And yeah, I realize that didn't really address your question… let me just say this: “It's surprising what you'll begin to attract when you finally finish a chapter.”

Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron Are Dating, Correct?

In April 2022, after Kristin and Tyler engaged in PDA during a picture shoot, rumors of their romantic relationship began to circulate. However, they maintained professionalism throughout.

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Kristin remarked to Entertainment Tonight at the time, “Tyler is the kindest person on the planet, such a great guy; I was really charmed by him.” “He was recruited to portray my romantic interest in a campaign video. There are no events occurring. Great man, but I promise we're not dating.” During a photo shoot, Kristin Cavallari had a makeout session with Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron.

Why Was Kristin Cavallari Kissing Tyler Cameron?

According to the Uncommon James Instagram account, the purpose of the romantic photo shoot was to promote the company's Untamed Collection of jewelry, which debuted in July 2022. Regarding the promotional film, Tyler said in April 2022, “We had so much fun.”
The video we created together will be wild, adventurous, and entertaining to watch. The Bachelor Nation star described the project as “one of my all-time favorite shots.”  Tyler remarked, “Kristin is an absolute delight to be around. I enjoy spending time with her and learning more about her, so that was great.”

Is There Any Serious Chemistry Between This Couple?

The videos published this week provide even more romanticism, including a bridal dress scene and multiple makeout sessions in the desert. The comments area was crowded with hopes for a blossoming romance, including this one: “Are these two a couple?” Because this is some severe chemical!”

Tyler Cameron Kristin Cavallari Dating

Nonetheless, a source exclusively tells ET “Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron are just pals. They had so much fun working together on this session, their chemistry was fantastic, and Kristin is eagerly anticipating the release of her latest Uncommon James collection.”

Frequently Ask Questions

Are Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron Together?

The photographs surfaced just one day after Cavallari announced she was ready to date again following her April 2020 divorce from Jay Cutler. A source has told ET exclusively that Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron are only friends.

Tyler Cameron's search for love is not yet complete. The Bachelor Nation star, who previously dated Camila Kendra and Gigi Hadid, stated on the April 21 broadcast of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “I'm really single right now, every single.”

Cavallari describes how she was seen kissing Cameron for a campaign for her jewelry business Uncommon James. She insists, “He is truly the kindest person on the planet. I mean, he is comparable to love.