Tutor John W From DoMyEssay Shares 7 Writing Project Ideas for Students


7 Writing Project Ideas to Nurture Writing Skills in Students

Writing is an excellent mode of communication. The ability to express oneself through written words, be it for professional, personal, or academic purposes, can make people go places. However, many students find it a strenuous and boring task. As a result, they often search for an essay helper online to avoid such assignments.


This lack of interest gets reflected in their performance. No matter how brilliantly they grasp their lessons, the moment they hold pen and paper, things turn upside down. To help such students, teachers assign different types of writing projects throughout the academic year. The purpose of such assignments is to develop this core skill among the students.

Here are seven writing project ideas that will make your students fall in love with the process of writing.

7 Written Assignments Every Student Should Try



Journaling has been around for quite a while. Historical figures like Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Marco Polo, and many others used to have a journal. These journals made it possible for the world to learn so much about these famous personalities.

Journaling refers to the process of outpouring whatever comes to your mind on the paper. One can also record one’s daily experiences, gratitude, or any specific event that has changed one’s life or perspective about it.

This can be an interesting writing project for students during their academic breaks. Encourage them to create aesthetic journal entry books and chronicle their experiences, such as a field trip, a family get-together, or random things they think about. Assure them that they can choose whether or not they want others to read it.

Debate Argument

Debate competitions are commonly organized in schools and colleges. The content of the debate should be impactful enough to compel the listeners to think. However, not every debater can come up with good content. In those cases, teachers often instruct capable writers to write unique and thoughtful content for the debaters.

You can assign a specific topic to the entire class. Ask students to write either in favor or against the motion. Writing debate arguments teaches students to research, organize, and present a meaningful thesis. And if they are stuck with too many assignments, they can ask a professional to do my essay for me while they work on enhancing their writing skill.

Classroom Newsletter

Brands use newsletters to promote their businesses and keep their subscribers updated about the latest events, offers, and discounts. Utilizing digitization, you can start your very own classroom newsletter.

Ask the parents of the students to subscribe to this particular newsletter. It is up to you as to how many newsletters you wish to send out to the parents every month. To keep it simple, initially, you can send out two newsletters per month. Instruct the students to create newsletters that keep the parents updated about the latest programs and events in the school.


A travelog is yet another interesting project idea. Most students plan trips with their friends or families to faraway places to make the most out of the academic breaks. Why not convert these trips into a writing project?

Instruct them to jot down every detail in an artistic manner. However, you have to guide them with the formats and tonality of it. Sharing a sample or two might also be beneficial.

User Manual

From electronic gadgets to cosmetics, every product that you use comes with a user manual. The purpose of a user manual is to acquaint you with the application and usage of the said product.

Writing user manuals can be a great writing activity for students. Give them a few options to choose from, such as a gadget, a utensil, or a beauty product. Instruct them to blend creativity with practicality so that the user manual content seems relevant and interesting to read.

Writing content for user manuals will help students understand consumer psychology. Also, they will learn about technicalities, like content readability and tonality.

Ad Copy

The marketing world today is driven by innovative and effective ad copies. From billboards to digital ads, you and your students come across dozens of these every day. So first, you can teach your students the significance of advertisements in marketing. Then go on and allocate ad copywriting projects to each of the students.

Help them draw inspiration from various types of advertisements. Encourage them to think from a consumer’s perspective and articulate fun and compelling ad copies. Writing ad copies will enhance their observational and imaginative skills.

Personal Blog

Bloggers are earning big using their words most ingeniously. Gen Z loves reading personal blogs that discuss lifestyle, hacks, and different ideas. So, when you allocate them personal blog writing projects, they will happily oblige.

Choose a few topics they can use to create original and informative blogs. For instance, health and fitness, social issues, food and beverages, and technological advancements can be good starters. Decide the maximum word limit. Ensure that each student maintains their authentic touch in their blogs.

To Sum Up

The ability to write exceptionally well is a skill every student should possess. Unfortunately, not everyone is a born writer. However, teachers, professors, and parents can inculcate the habit of writing in the students by assigning them different types of written activities.

If you are running out of fresh ideas to enhance the writing skills of your students, choose a few of the aforementioned writing project ideas. They will certainly love spending time with pen and paper when the projects seem relevant to their lives and personal experiences.