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Turtle Man

Call of the Wildman which is commonly known as the “Turtle Man” is an American reality show which is debut on Animal planet. The show runs from 2011 to 2014. Being a reality show with a unique concept is the main reason why the show is loved by the audience.

The man who is called the Turtle Man is  Kentucky woodsman Ernie Brown. He is in love with the animals but he is not a rescuer in fact he catches and releases the nuisance animals in their natural habitats.

Turtle Man

Brown used to love turtles not only the simpler ones but snapping and Komodo Dragon turtles are also on his love list. The first time he introduced to the turtles is when he was seven years old. As soon he grew up he understands his intimate towards the turtle and decided to work a bit closer with them.

Brown always catches the turtles with his bare hands which is the reason his YouTube channel is quite popular. Seeing this Kentucky Educational Television‘s Kentucky Afield decided to work with Brown.

At first, they signed a show with him which is about twelve episodes. Some find the first season a bit smaller, despite the show does an amazing result. At first, the show is named “The Turtleman of Wild Kentucky” which is later changed and renamed “Call of the Wildman.”

Now the show has four seasons with a total of seventy episodes. Each episode is only thirty minutes long.

The Premise of Turtle Man-

Brown not only captures the turtles but he caught all types of nuisance animals like raccoons, skunks, snakes, venomous spiders, and possums from which generally people go away because of their different appearance.

The best thing about Brown is, the technique he uses to capture the nuisance. He never harms a single animal while catching it nor he gets harmed by them.

His main purpose in catching the animals is to protect them from being killed by other humans or animals. In order to save their life he always sends them into their wild location.

In each episode with Brown, you’ll find one more person named Neal James. Neal is Brown’s best friend and an animal lover too. He has a dog named Lolly. If you want to know more about the show then I suggest you watch the show on your own. We have mentioned some major platforms in our next section that allow the users to stream the show online for free.

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Where We Can Watch The Turtle Man?

You can stream the reality show, Turtle Man on Amazon Prime Videos, Youtube, and on its original network- Animal Planet. You can also check our latest post- Amanda on Resue, it is also a reality show from Animal Planet in which you’ll see a kind heart woman named Amanda who always seems ready to rescue the poor and needy dogs.

Turtle Man

Ratings of Turtle Man-

According to the IMDb(2011-204), the show secures a rating of 6.8 points out of 10 with such user reviews…

“I used to LOVE this show, never missed an episode. That was however until I found out they actually planted the animals where they were before the taping. When those baby raccoons died because they left them there too long without care from their mom that was crossing the line. That show should have been canceled, none of that should’ve ever happened. You’ll never see Jeff Corwin trying to hurt or kill animals for gain.”

Flipping the coin on the other side, it grades with 7.6 out of 10 by Tv.com.

Now it’s your turn have you seen the show before, wanna share your turtley experience with us? Go ahead and tell us your opinions about the “Turtle Man” with us.

Official Teaser of Turtle Man-

Those who haven’t seen this reality television till now can experience the teaser here-

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