Trinkets Season 2: Cast | Plot | Review & Ending Explanation


Trinkets,' a Netflix original film, tells the story of three teenage girls who meet at Shoplifters Anonymous and become inseparable.

The first season takes its time developing the girls' relationships and their individual relationships with others.


The second season takes things a step further, with each character confronting issues that they had largely neglected in the first season. Elodie, Tabitha, and Moe, the primary trio, are forced to face the repercussions of their actions and make some difficult decisions if they are to help themselves and others go forward. When she gets home, everything are quickly restored to their previous state.

Trinkets Season 2 Cast

  • Brianna Hildebrand as Elodie
  • Kiana Madeira as Moe
  • Quintessa Swindell as Tabitha
  • Odiseas Georgiadis As Noah
  • Henry Zaga as Luca
  • Brandon Butler as Brady


Trinkets Season 2 Plot Summary

Season two actually took place in the fall and starts only a few days after season one ends. We observe as each individual strives to repair previous wounds, especially around trust, and prepare for their future throughout the film. For Elodie, this involves reconciling with her father and his new family once more, as well as letting go of her need to steal. Meanwhile, following a turbulent relationship with Sabine, try to find love with Jillian, who is considerably less complicated.

What about Tabitha? Dealing with Lori and Whit, her parents, is only a small portion of her trip. She mostly concentrates on trying to establish herself as a person outside of her parents and prospective romances, as well as attempting to completely remove Brady from her life. This is a difficult assignment for him since he feels her reunion with Moe is only a blip on the radar.

Moe, the great and mighty, has been left behind. She appears poised to live up to her family's reputation until her brother, Ben, returns home, despite the fact that her academic position is threatened, if not lost. Someone who, like you, are looking for a direction in life yet appears to be drawn to the culinary arts. While things are well with Ben, Moe's attention appears to be on forgiveness and learning how to let go of a grudge as she attempts to move on between Noah and the arrival of Moe and Ben's father Danny.

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Trinkets Season 2 Release Date & Streaming Platform

The Second season of Trinkets released on 25th August,2020. You can watch Trinkets Season 1 and Season 2 in Netflix. Both seasons are streaming on Netflix.

Trinkets Season 2 Review

Trinkets is back for a second (and last) season with ten new episodes that shake up the game. Trinkets doubles down on its melodrama this time around, with less comedy. The end effect is something that is a bit more serious and introspective, but it still fails to carve out a unique chunk of the teen-drama pie once again.

The plot begins up shortly after the first season's events. Elodie is on the road with Sabine, but she soon realizes she's made a grave error. Instead, she chooses to return home. After reuniting with the daughters, Elodie's parents established a tight routine for her, trying not to allow her to fall into negative habits. This regimen takes her to the school band, where she meets the love of her life.

However, Brady accepts responsibility for the sinking automobile, which raises suspicions, especially given how polite he is to Tabitha.

Moe begins to fall into thrill-seeking thievery crazes, but she also has her own marital issues. Moe's newfound Robotics Club mate Chase kisses her while she and Noah struggle… which is captured and causes a slew of issues.

All of this culminates in a thoughtful final episode in which the character arcs are completed and our heroines prepare for what lies ahead. It's all a bit clumsy and theatrical, but it's also nothing that truly pushes the envelope.

Of course, the program will find an audience, and fans will certainly be delighted. For the rest of us, Season 2 just exacerbates the issues that existed last year. This is another teen drama about coming of age with little to say. There's some wonderful presentation, but it all feels empty, missing creativity and flare to really stand out, like a well-rehearsed speech full of clichés.

There's nothing inherently awful or horrible about this program, but there's also nothing necessarily wonderful or memorable about it. The ten episodes provide a nice enough trip, and the story's climax makes the voyage worthwhile. It's also one you're unlikely to repeat any time soon.

Ending of Trinkets Season 2 Explanation

When Brady arrives, he notices all of the posters depicting his texts and the abuse. Kayla informs him that the game is ended. Noah warns Brady that he made a mistake by messing with the wrong girls. He's left to his own devices in his well-deserved end.

Elodie sees the water for the first time; she was supposed to go with her mother, and she thinks her best friends would have enjoyed it. Her eyes well up with sorrow as she tosses part of her mother's ashes, but there's also a glimmer of joy in her expression. The three of them have a great day at the beach. Trinkets season 2, episode 10 features much of character development, but it also features a central plot in which the female characters reclaim power from their abuser. It's a powerful message that will connect with a lot of ladies all across the world. They opted to create the finale rather than letting Brady dictate the story.

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Will There Be A Season 3 for Trinkets?

With so many people following the program, many people are asking whether and when Season 3 will be released. Netflix, on the other hand, has some terrible news for Trinkets fans: After two seasons, the show was cancelled, thus the last batch of episodes will be the last.

Why Trinkets had to end after Season 2?

That's all there is to it! Trinkets, Netflix's second and final season, has come to an end. Netflix sought to address complaints that it cancels too many series too soon by informing viewers that Trinkets was coming to an end. Trinkets is based on Kirsten Smith's 2013 novel, and Season 2 finishes the tale portrayed in that book.

Final Thoughts

When compared to the first season, the second season loses some of its wit and takes a more serious tone when it comes to the problems addressed. Though the story still has heartwarming moments, we watch it evolve in a way that allows us to observe the characters' growth as well. We witness children mature into adults who must accept the things they wish they could change and accept responsibility for their actions. The season also provides a satisfying conclusion to the tale, opting to conclude it on a high note rather than dragging it out until there is no other alternative but to axe it.

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