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Trinkets is an American series that is specially made for Netflix is a teen drama show. The show is amazing for people who are into comedy, romance, drama because this show perfectly balances all these within a single show.

The series has released its second season after being hit for the first one. The fanbase of this shoe is really crazy and it amazes me that the showrunners are able to make a lot of progress over just a short period of time. You are definitely a fan of this show or maybe your friend has recommended this show to you. Whichever the reason is, we are here to serve you. 


All About Trinkets 

Trinkets are actually named after a novel that shares the same name and the story quite resembles the actual novel. The writer of the novel is Kristen Smith, who is famous for her novels Ella enchanted and Legally Blonde. She has published the novel in 2013 and shortly after that, the novel became hit.

Trinkets 3 Release Date


In the year 2019, Smith decided to create this show for the audience and it premiered on 14 June 2019. The show was something unique for every viewer and plus the platform was able to marketize the series better. And of course, how can I miss the corona. Many fans of this show thanked Corona because that helps them to watch it.

Potential Release Date of  Trinkets Season 3

The show has released its second season on 25 August 2020 and it became a hit. The people were happy that the series was able to pull off another season. 

We regret to inform Trinkets lovers that there will not be a third season. The show has been declared officially cancelled, and we won't be entertained by it again. The creators of the show stated that the show has come to its just conclusion because it was based on a novel.


On social media, this announcement left some followers dissatisfied, while some supporters also backed the choice. In conclusion, Season 3 of Trinkets has been formally cancelled.

Cast : Trinkets Season 3

Even though there doesn't appear to be any chance of a third season of Trinkets, some intrepid fans continue to speculate about it and their favorite characters. We may anticipate that the main lead characters will resume their roles if the show somehow finds its way back to our screens. The following is a list of them.

  • Elodie Davis is played by Brianna Hildebrand. She plays the part of a socially awkward teenage girl and is the series' primary character.
  • As Moe Traux, Kiana Maderia She is a major character in the programme and hails from a low-income home.
  • Tabitha Foster is played by Quintessa Swindell. Along with her two closest pals, Elodie and Mux, she is the primary character of the show and they all have a habit of shoplifting.
  • Brady Finch is played by Brandon Butler. He portrays an abusive figure that frequently coerces Tabitha into a relationship.
  • As Noah Simos, Odiseas Georgiadis. He portrays himself as Moe's boyfriend, and he is highly devoted to her.

The Plot: Storyline of Trinkets Season 3

Despite the show's cancellation, some viewers are still making predictions about the upcoming season. For the upcoming season, there are numerous fan hypotheses and plots available online. However, the primary plot of earlier seasons focused on three closest friends who came from various backgrounds and had various personalities.

Trinkets 3 Release Date

When they discover they share some habits and everyday life turmoil, the novel describes brilliantly how they come to bond with one another.

Trailer of Trinkets Season 3

Prior to beginning filming and production, a programme must be renewed. Then, a few months after the film's premiere, a trailer was made available. Unfortunately, no official trailer for any next season is accessible since Trinkers Season 3 was formally cancelled. However, you can enjoy the previous season trailer below.

What are the ratings of this show?

The ratings and feedback of this show were pretty decent. The show was released recently but it was a good experiment for the people. The people adore the basic yet simple storyline. While several complain that the second part was for no good. But still, the fans were really happy about the show. 

There were certain people who wanted the third season but didn’t. Coming to the main question that is about the ratings. The IMDb rating of Trinkets is 7.1/10 and the audience rating summary of this show is 4.6. 

Final Words

Fans of Trinkets have been thoroughly amused for two seasons. They now want for the third one, but regrettably, it won't happen. The motivations behind that have already been provided by the show's creators and lead actor. However, the novel claims that some viewers agree with the verdict that the show's deserved conclusion was reached.