Trick r Treat Season 2: Michael Dougherty Confirms The Sequel| Release Date

Waiting for the "Trick r Treat"? Here is everything you need to know!

trick r treat season 2

Will There Be A Season Second of Trick R Treat Season 2? What will happen? Is it going to be more horror comparing to the first part? Who will be there in season 2?

In this post, we are going to cover the answers to all the queries that we have mentioned above, so without talking more, let’s get started…

Trick r Treat Season 2

Michael Dougherty, director of the Trick movie has confirmed in 2013 that there be a second installment “we are working on it.” In 2016 it is released that Michael and Legendary Pictures combinedly worked with AtmosFX for digital Halloween decorations that attribute Sam in it.

It’s been eight years waiting for the Trick r Treat season 2 but creators haven’t said more on this even Michael is also lip locked which is the reason numerous peoples thinks that the movie is canceled but is it? In this post, we have figured out everything related to the sequel, so let’s start.

trick r treat season 2

Trick r Treat Season 2

Trick r Treat is an American anthology horror comedy movie which is directed and written by the same name, Michael Dougherty. The movie was premiered on 9 December 2007.

Trick r is a horror movie inspired by the Halloween event. The film grasp over a place named Ohio( a town of Warren Valley). The story focuses on a short stature boy who used to wear baggy clothes, pajamas, and a burlap sack named Sam.

It takes creators a very little budget to make the movie, 12million Dollars and in return, it got $6,662,547 according to the Est. Domestic Blu-ray Sales and $5,631,356 from Est. Domestic DVD Sales.

The Total Est. Domestic Video Sales are $12,293,903 which is equal to the actual budget of the movie, so if we think from the creator’s sides then they haven’t earned their expected aggregate which might be a reason behind the delay of the “Trick r Treat Season 2.”

However, the movie is not officially canceled so we could stick with the first statement of Michael, that there be a sequel. We could hope to get the movie in the upcoming years, so let’s perch and kick one’s heels or you can simply mark us in your bookmarks to get the updation because we usually update our post, right after the official statement.

Who Will Be In The Trick r Treat Season 2?

The movie will probably have the same faces in it, starting from the main character Dylan Baker would be there as Principal Steven Wilkins with Anna Paquin as Laurie and Brian Cox as Mr. Kreeg.

While Quinn Lord as Sam/Peeping Tommy, Lauren Lee Smith as Danielle, Rochelle Aytes as Maria, Britt McKillip as Macy, Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Schrader, Samm Todd as Rhonda, and Alberto Ghisi as Chip also have chances to re-occur again.

Do We Have Any Teaser of Trick r Treat Season 2?

No! Many people think that the official trailer of Trick r TReat season 2 is available but they are just fake videos or simply can say that a fan-made version, so doesn’t stick with them.

We could hope to get the teaser right after one or two months before the official release, so once we get the dates after that we could say more about the teaser’s date, for an instant you can enjoy this former trailer of the movie.

Where We Can Watch The Trick r Treat Movie?

The is available to stream on the

Last Lines

So, we all have to wait a bit longer to meet Sam once again… You can also go to some new horror movies like Mama 2: Two Girls Vanishes In Dark Forest, Werewolf Movies, and Marianne Season 2.

Now it’s time to end this post, hope you find our platform helpful for us! If you have something to ask us,  then let me know in the comment section.

“Rhonda, calm down. It was all just a trick. Look, none of this is real. It was just a trick – A bad joke.”


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