Triad Princess Season 2 Release Date: Renewal Status & Cancellation in 2022!

Last Updated on January 29, 2022.

The popularity of Asian dramas are getting to the people day by day and we can’t ignore the fact the people are loving these shows more than anything else. Romantic series are always ranked top and are one of the first choices of the people. If the show has romance plus another genre like action suspense, thriller and fantasy, it becomes more demanding for the people. The popularity of K-drama and K-pop is something worth mentioning here. Most of the Asian fans are due to the k-drama and when they start to look for similar content they end up getting Chinese Drama and Taiwanese drama. If you are also a fan of Asian drama then we have something for you. Triad Princess is a popular Taiwanese TV show and the show gets famous not only in Taiwan and also around the world. If you are a fan of romance then this would be your go to series.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the Triad princess and everything related to it. If you are interested in this series and want to know everything about it then read this article till the end. 

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Triad Princess – What is it?

The Netflix original series which reflects the Taiwanese drama is popular show for the romance lover. After Nowhere man, this series is the second Netflix’s Taiwanese series which is exclusively available on the Netflix. The series was first released on 6 December, 2019 and became popular among the people. The show focuses as a main cast. 

Talking about the show which receives lots of love from the people because of its storyline. If you are wondering that this show will have action, drama and suspense then you are wrong. I’ll rather termed this series as more of romance and a little bit of all these things. The first season has already ended and now it’s time for a sequel. Fans are hoping to see another Season of Triad princess so that they can die in satisfaction. The first season consists of only 6 Episodes and the fans are not satisfied with only 6 episodes. 

This series is a living example of the superiority of “idol drama”. If you are wondering what it is? Then let me tell you. Idol dramas are those dramas which follow popular actors and idols. These stars are mainly in their young age and even more popular among the people. That’s the reason why Triad princess is a popular tv show. The popularity of this show makes people believe that there will be season 2 of this Netflix’s show, But will there be? Let’s find out in the next section.


Triad Princess Season 2 – Is it really happening?       

Traid Princess season 2 If you are already a fan of Triad Princess then you must be wondering about its second installment. The first part was hit among the people and the people love this series. If you are already bored with all these series which captured the dark, fantasy and criminal series then this one’s for you. The light romantic series which will set your heart in the romantic manner. The series focuses on the basic human nature which involves love, friendship and support from them. 

The best thing about this series is that it reflects the true mirror of the society. Being a Netflix original series, this one is already popular. Now people are not satisfied with only 6 episodes. The show admirers are hoping to see more of the storyline. But there is nothing officially announced yet. Netflix has not released any official statement regarding the series, Traid Princess. But there are pretty much possibilities of this series to get renewed. If everything goes as plan, we might encounter the second season in the next couple of years. 

Moreover, if there will be any official statement regarding the series then we’ll update this section. 

Traid Princess Season 2 – What will be the storyline of this show?

Traid Princess

The storyline of this series is like every Wattpad story. The main character of this story is Angie, who is the daughter of an traid boss. The girl belongs to the family which involves illegal work like smuggling and underworld work. While living her life as a daughter of a triad boss, Angie was bored, bored with the way of her lifestyle. She thought of doing something interesting and making her life worthy. And that’s how she ended up getting a job as a bodyguard of an actress. 

Life became pretty exciting for Angie as she started to explore more the glamour word. She even meets with Xu Yi Hang who is her celebrity crush. The show started to take the romantic place after this. Xu Yi Hang is an actor who is living his actor life which is not as true as it conveys in the television. Angie started to know about her and Xu Yi Hang became comfortable around her. He begins to show his true self in front of her. Soon after this, Xu Yi Hang started to adore the presence of Angie in his life. His kind and generous behavior made him fall for her. The love starts but there is something a little tricky waiting on the way. 

As the love starts, the family of Angie was not that happy with it. They know that eventually the media will find out about these, which will expose their underworld work and other illegal work. Afraid of all these, Angie’s father decided that these two couldn’t live together. 

In the next season we’ll see what happens between these two couples because everyone wants a happy ending and somewhere we all want to see Angie and Xu Yi Hang together. 

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Triad Princess season 2 – Who is going to be cast in it?

Traid Princess Season 2 updates

The main character of this Taiwanese drama is Angie and Xu I Hang and every Traid Princess’s fan hopes to see Eugenie Liu and Jasper Liu as Angie and Xu Yi hang. It is pretty obvious that the main cast will remain the same in season 2. There is rarely any Asian TV series which have changed their main character. They either changed the character because of the conflicts and any issue but we know there isn’t such things like that till now. Other than that the other cast will be the same. With Chang Zhang-xing acting as Lin Gui and Hung Yan-siang as Ding-ding.

The show has many guest characters and if there will be season 2 we might get more of them. Till now, there is no official statement regarding the new character. If there will then we’ll update you. 

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Where is the trailer of season 2?

There is no official trailer of season two out yet. But if you are new to this series and haven’t watched the first season then here is the official trailer of season 1. Hope you like it. 

Show Triad Princess
Genre Action
Release Date 2019
Directed By Neal Wu
Produced By Tung Ting-an,Lek Mei-zhen


Final Words

The triad princess was first released on 6 December, 2019. The Drama is popular among the people of the world. The Asian dramas are already popular and Taiwanese dramas are already getting names in the list. The people are hoping to see another season but there is nothing officially released by Netflix yet. The show is the second Taiwanese drama by Netflix and the season 1 contains only 6 episodes. The story is incomplete and everyone is hoping to see a happy ending. The first season ended in a cliffhanger and everyone is waiting for season 2. 

If there will be any updates regarding the second series then we’ll let you know.

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