Treadstone Season 2: Is Officially Cancelled!

Last updated on 29 January, 2022

Are you looking forward for the next season of Treadstone which is a Jason Bourne Spinoff series? Then answer to this question is the season has been cancelled by the USA Network after airing its one spinoff that is Treadstone season 1.

So, it simply means that there is no further season of and nothing is going to be seen in new season as it was cancelled after 1st one.

There is no particular reason but it has many reasons that show is not coming further for the new installment because of the popularity of viewers among the season falls down and the show didn’t attract high ratings and even the channel also shifts to different series.

Genre Action,fiction
Network USA network
Creator Tim Kring
Season 2 Canceled
Streaming sites hulu

Treadstone is based on the Bourne films and it is divided into two time periods. The story revolves around the CIA Agent John Randolph Bentley (Jeremy Irvine).

One day KGB came and captured him and he had done John Brainwashing (like in the Robot movie) and programmed him in such a way to work assassinations and other missions for the government.

In the present day time in the story Treadstone, it started to awake as some of the persons of the operations are turned into sleeper agents by the attitude of CIA John which is the result of a behaviour change program which is done by KGB.

Is There Any Release Date for Treadstone Season 2?

treadstone season 2

It is sadly to say that season 2 of Treadstone is officially cancelled and no new season of this is coming out after releasing its season 1 with 10 episodes.

Due to its less viewership it didn’t give guarantee to make a new show that’s why they cancelled the series for the further season. But when its first season came in 2019, it reached a larger audience internationally through Amazon Prime.

The information regarding the release date has been taken from the source

As you all know that Treadstone is not coming for the new installment so watch its Season 1 on Amazon Prime and also stream given below to know what’s the show is about

Ratings, Reviews and Viewership of Treadstone season 1

When we talk about its viewership then its first episode grap or attracts 645,000 live viewers but it comes to down in total of 1.84 millions in views by the next week.

Even when the series reached to the finale episode then its live viewers it had declined to 371,000 viewers and also it received mixed reviews due to which USA’s Network cancel this series.

treadstone season 2

IMDB Ratings

If you go through IMDB then your popularity of the show is decreasing and its received 7 out of 10 ratings which is ok to renew to further but it was considered to cancel the season.

There are more than 300+ user reviews and here I write some of the top reviews which are written by users. These are- it is an entertainment series but little bit confused series, a good watch, and well written and well acted spinoff of Bourne Origin Story.

It is one of the favorite and lovable series and let me know which is your favourite character?

Where to Watch Treadstone Season 1?

You can stream this Treadstone on Amazon Prime Video and on Hulu also.

What is the Age Rating of Treadstone?

treadstone season 2

Firstly it is TV-MA which means this series is not suitable for the young children and mainly its for adult due to its strong language and some activity which is not seen by the children.

Last Lines

Finally, the season ended only with one season and there is no further season of Treadstone. In a simple way it can be said that no new season for treadstone is coming in future.

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