Travelers Season 4: Canceled Or Renewed?

Travelers Season 4 is making fuss among the fans, know why?


Updated on January 26, 2022.

Travelers is a Canadian-American sci-fi television drama series created by Brad Wright. Netflix and Canadian specialty channel Showcase co-produced the first two seasons, while Netflix solely produces its third season. The series focuses on the life of Five agents who live hundreds of years from now. They find out a way to send the consciousness back through time in the body of people of the 21st century. As a fan, you must be wondering about Travelers Season 4.


The agent had to perform the task of saving the world in a team while maintaining the life of the people whose bodies they have entered. The series first season hit the screen in Canada on October 17, 2016, and worldwide on December 23, 2016. A second season was released in 2017 and a third season was released in 2018. Now the fans are eagerly waiting for the next season. If you are one among them then this article will help you. Here is everything you need to know about the series.

What will be the Potential plot of Travelers season 4?

As we know, Netflix has officially canceled season 4 of the series, we do not know what will be the plot for season 4. However, we can predict that the fourth season will likely be about the second version of the Traveler Program as the first version of the program was completed in the season 3 finale. Since the series has yet to be renewed, we can only hope for its renewal.


What will be the potential cast of Travelers season 4?


As there will not be season 4, there is no question of the cast. However, by any chance, if Netflix decided to renew the series, we may expect the following characters in the series.

Moreover, Jared Abrahamson as Trevor Holden (Traveler 0115), Mackenzie Porter as Marcy Warton (Traveler 3569), Reilly Dolman as Philip Mailer (Traveler 3326) McCormack as Grant Mc Laren (Traveler 3468), Patrick Gilmore as David Mailer, and Nesta Cooper as Carly Shannon (Traveler 3465).

What Will be The Release Date of Travelers Season 4?


All the seasons of the series hit the screen in December. If we go by the previous production cycle, the series should have been renewed now. On the other hand, the premiere of the series would have been somewhere around December 2020.

However, given the situation of the global pandemic and the news about its cancellation, we can expect its release by the end of 2021, if the series is ever made.

Does Travelers Season 4 Get Canceled?

Well, the answer to the above question of Traveller Season 4 getting canceled seems yes. Star Eric McCormack has released a hear-touching video on tweeter about the cancellation of season 4. He announced that the show will not be returning for the next season.

What Is The IMDB Rating Of The Series?

The series is widely popular across the globe and has a glorious rating of 8.1 out of 10. The series is nominated for several awards and has won some of them like it has won the Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Action Program in Banff Rockie Award in 2017.

Drama Name Travelers
Category Sci-fi
Release Date cancelled
Creator Brad Wright
No. of Seasons 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we watch the Travelers series?

Traveller Season 1, 2, and 3 are streaming on Netflix to watch. You can also watch it on Amazon Prime.

How many episodes are there in the Traveler?

There are 46 episodes in total, 12 episodes in season 1, 12 episodes in season 2, and 10 episodes in season.

Why does Traveler Season 4 get canceled?

Well, Netflix has not announced any reason for the cancellation of the series. However, Netflix had canceled back in the year 2018.


Final verdict

This time travel series is unique and distinct from other time travel series. The script and presentation of the series are quite impressive. The actors did a fabulous job. It is high attention gripping as it's every episode is so subtle but intense and can engage your brains for hours. If you love the time travel-travel show, it is must watch for you.

The fans are crazy about the series, as when the fans heard about the cancellation of its season 4. Fans are also using hashtags like #SaveTravelers and #RenewTravelers.

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