Total Bellas Season 6 Release Date & More Latest Updates

Why do Bellas sisters want changes in their pregnancies pattern?

Hello lads, a new American reality Television show is waiting to touch the hearts and souls of the fans.

Brie Bella, Nikkie Bella, Kevin Dunn, and Gill Goldsshein produced this show. Total Bellas is streaming on the screens with six seasons nine episodes each. The running time of the show is 50-60 minutes. The distributers of Total Bellas Season 6 are NBC universal television.

What Is the Plotline of Total Bellas Season 6?

Total Bellas season 6 is an American television show based on the wrestler twin sisters Brie and Nickie Bella and their family life. Today I would like to discuss season 6's fifth episode because it is my favourite.

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Brie is not confident about her new baby as her partner Bryan is going for his full-time job. Nikkie also confesses that she and Artem have to move to Los Angeles for the delivery as per the insurance. Although nobody wants to leave Arizona because of the family and COVID. After the family emotional drama, Nikkie and Artem are set to move to LA with heavy hearts.

total bellas season 6

The bond between the sisters is priceless because they think about each other. Brie calls her mother to be with Nikkie as it is the first baby of Nikkie. On the other hand, Nikkie calls her brother to help Brie, as she is freaking out about being alone.

Episode 6 is full of ups and downs for the sisters as both of them are experiencing exciting new chapters in their life.

The Bella family is thrilled to learn that Kathy has a serious problem and undergo a deadly emergency brain surgery.

When Can We Watch Total Bellas Season 6?

Total Bellas Season 6 is proved to be one of the most inspiring and effective seasons for all the Viewers. Total Bellas Season 6 when comes on November 12, 2020. no one could expect the huge success of this season in such a short period.

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You can watch the first part of the movie on the undermentioned platforms.

Names of the Characters Involve in Total Bellas Season 6?

1. Brie Bella. ( She is the wrestler and going to be a mother soon).

2. Nikki Bella. ( She is the sister of Brie, She is also going to be a mother soon with Brie at the same time).

3. Daniel Bryan. ( He is the husband of Brie, who has to leave Brie because of his urgent work).

4. John Cena

5. Artem Chigvintsev

6. Kathy Colace. ( She is the mother of Bella sisters)

7. J.J. Garcia. ( He is Brie and Nikki's brother)

8. John Laurinaitis (He is the stepfather of Bella's Sister)

9. Lauren “Lola” Garcia (She is Brie and Nikki's sister-in-law)

10. Maya Laurinaitis (She is the stepsister of Nikkie and Brie, who helped them in the time of urgency)

Where Fans Can Watch Total Bellas Season 6?

total bellas season 6

Total Bellas Season 6 has the potential to perform not only on the screens of America but all over the world. It is popular among Moms and adult girls and the most awaited show for them in 2020. E! is the Host for this show. If you want to watch this online, then YoutubeTv, HULU, and NBC are the best options.

You can stay with us for more info and watch similar genre movies and shows on the platform.

What Are the Ratings of Total Bellas Season 6?

Total Bellas Season 6 did a great job on the screens since 2016 and still doing for season 6. It is one of the best reality shows for women and mothers. The ratings of Total Bellas on IMDb are 5.9/10 for the first six seasons. Since it is for the target audience, the ratings have an effect. Otherwise, The audience loved this and showers love on it.


The bond between Brie and Nikkie is worth watching for all of us. We can learn a lot of life lessons from them and their experiences.

They stand together in every circumstance, whether it is their pregnancy or the surgery of Kathy they don't lose hope and find solutions to every problem.

If anyone likes family drama especially, women-oriented then only proceed to the show.

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