Top 3 Reasons To Consider Cord Banking Vs. Costs

We can call blood as the lifeline of humans. Storing the blood is related to the safety and security of their health conditions.

Saving a human life is mostly related to blood delivery. Therefore, various clubs, unities, and organizations are always considering campaigns to collect human blood and store it for future usage and emergencies. You might face difficulty in finding cord blood. The process of collecting and storing cord blood is also very cumbersome and unique, as not many people are aware of it.

Well, cord blood can be found in the umbilical cord of a newborn baby. Maintaining a woman’s placenta and the attached umbilical cord to the newborn baby is considered cord blood. It has various stem cells which are valuable in saving human life.

As getting cord blood is hard and rare, almost 95% of the cord blood is getting wasted. This is not good news for anyone if they do not understand cord blood banking’s importance in saving human life.

What Cord Blood Banking Is?

We need to understand the importance of it. However, it’s critical to understand the importance without the basic knowledge of cord blood banking.

First, let’s check out what cord blood banking is.

Getting cord blood is hard in this current market does not mean collecting it is hard. In fact, collecting cord blood is super simple and painless. Cutting the umbilical cord of a newborn baby is common, and during that time, collecting the stem cells is painless.

Cord blood banks, whether it’s private or public, take the responsibility to collect cord blood and then keep it in the safest place in their organization to store it for years.

Why Is The Cost Of Cord Blood Banking Less Important Than Its Need?

In 1992 the first cord blood bank opened, and since then, researchers and developers are only trying to make it a convenient and reasonable process for the common people.

Storing cord blood in private banks may be considered a large amount as in the private banks, it is seen more like an investment to save the future of your family members, including the baby.

Well, cord blood banking is more affordable than you think. You can go for both an annual plan and an upfront one-time investment plan.

If you choose to go for a yearly plan, you might have to consider around $150/year, and if you choose to go upfront payment, you will save more by paying $2,795 for 20 years.

With a one-time payment of the above-mentioned amount, you will be able to ensure a 70% chance of keeping your family safe from any future health threats. Also, it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

So, comparing the cost with the need, you will get more reasons to consider cord blood banking.

Reasons To Consider Cord Blood Banking

Here, you will find various reasons here to secure the cord blood store for future usage. Let’s scout for the prominent reason to go for cord blood banking without any hesitation.

It’s A Safe, Life-Saving Process

Since 1988, we have acknowledged almost 30000 successful cord blood transplants in this world. It suggests the success of this advanced cure system. It was a life-saving approach for the people who were able to consider it.

Thus it’s important to go for a cord blood banking process as it helps many people to get out of their health issues.

Cord Blood Banking Can Cure Various Diseases

Diseases like immune deficiencies, leukemia, and anemia do not have a proper cure available in the medical world. But if you consider banking cord blood stem cells, it will help you to get rid of such diseases.

Almost 80 rare diseases can be cured through the cord blood-storing process.

It Helps proceed with Future Medical Research

Cord blood can cure various critical diseases which we know. But the research is still under process.

Additionally, future research on this process fully depends on the storing process. Unless you can store it, the research process will be difficult to consider. However, a cord blood bank can ensure you 20 years of cord blood-storing ability.

So, this is a huge opportunity for researchers to let us get rid of critical health problems in the future.