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Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World: Where Do the World’s Richest Live?

Using a city’s Gross Domestic Product, one can determine its wealth (GDP). GDP refers to the total value of goods and services produced in a specific region. Therefore, the bigger a city’s GDP, the more prosperous it is. Some cities are more prosperous in terms of population, while others are more prosperous in terms of money. Greater human resources result in greater production, greater economic efficiency, and a higher GDP.

Here is a list of the top ten most popular and Richest cities in the World:

Tokyo, Japan

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

With a gross domestic product of $1.52 trillion, Tokyo is the most prosperous city in the world. In terms of GDP, Tokyo has the greatest urban economy in the world. In addition, it is the largest industrial hub in Japan. Consequently, it has a large market with complex requirements. Tokyo is not only a leader in the industry but also in research and universities.

The population is estimated to be approximately 1,300,000. Automobile ownership and housing costs are relatively high in Tokyo. Tokyo’s business climate is well-balanced, which explains why the city is home to a variety of industrial and corporate organisations.

Tokyo has been the largest metropolis for more than five decades. In Tokyo, family financial assets have grown in size. According to the global power city ranking, Tokyo is the most powerful city in Asia. There are over 1500 financial institutions in Tokyo that offer advanced services. The Tokyo stock exchange is prosperous. The daily value of the Japanese stock market is $3 trillion.

Tokyo has a strong industrial foundation. To represent the entire world in medicine, machinery, and vehicles, Tokyo concentrates on industrial industries. In addition, this city features a dependable public transportation system and a highly educated workforce.

New York City, USA

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

New York’s economy is the most developed in the United States. It serves as the global financial centre. With a gross domestic product of $1.21 trillion, it is the second-wealthiest city in the world after Tokyo. New York’s gross domestic product shows the city’s economic health (GDP). It is a self-governing city with an estimated 8.8 million inhabitants.

New York City is the central employment hub for banking, finance, and communication in the United States. It is also a technologically advanced manufacturing centre. New York Stock Exchange is the most influential stock exchange in the world. The industries of educational services, healthcare, and social care contributed $135 billion to the state’s gross domestic product. More than 941,000 New Yorkers are employed in more than 77,000 retail companies.

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This city exports a vast range of manufactured goods to both global and domestic markets. Consequently, technical manufacturing in this city has grown at a comparable rate. In addition to attracting new talent to the educational sector, working in the Fresh York corporate environment attracts new talent to the corporate sector. As a result, the New York private school market is booming.

Los Angeles, USA

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

Los Angeles ranks third with a $789.7 billion GDP. 13.3 per cent of the population is impoverished. The projected population is approximately 10,1 million people. The city is recognised as the world’s entertainment hub. Los Angeles contains more than two hundred museums.

It has a robust economy with high-tech sectors that are expanding rapidly. With a dozen major sectors, it is the creative capital of the nation. In terms of the volume and value of goods handled, it is the largest port in the country. More than 100 foreign and domestic banks had branches in Los Angeles. Additionally, it is a major tourist attraction. Tourism employs about 46,000 people in this region.

The economy of this city is mainly dependent on international trade. As a result, it offers a vast array of employment prospects as well as considerable education and skills to aid in the expansion of businesses.

Seoul, South Korea

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

With a gross domestic product of $779.3 billion, Seoul is ranked fourth on the list. It has a population of ten million, making it a powerful city.

Manufacturing is a key industry in the city. The service industry employs the most people. It is the economic centre of the nation. In a global assessment of startup activity, it ranks sixteenth out of 280 cities. The three foundations of Seoul are business, technological innovation, and transportation infrastructure. The economic contribution of the city to the national economy is 67 per cent.

Sharing city Seoul is a project that encourages the combined use of public and private resources. It aims to reduce waste in the city and increase economic opportunities.

London, United Kingdom

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

London has the most developed economy in Europe. London’s gross domestic product is 731.2 billion dollars. It is the most populous region in the United Kingdom, contributing 22% of the country’s GDP. 18% of the total is contributed by the professional and scientific sector, while 15% is contributed by the construction sector.

The service sector dominates the London economy. It is known as the command hub of the global economy. About one hundred millionaires reside in the city. However, London has historically been an affluent city. Primarily, London’s economy is a well-developed social market and a market-based economy.

Paris, France

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

With a GDP of $669.2 billion, Paris occupies the sixth position. Paris has a population of eleven million. It focuses mostly on business and service. It accounts for over one-third of France’s gross domestic product (GDP). Six of the top twelve French enterprises are in the insurance industry, with their headquarters located in Paris Banks.

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Paris is renowned for its luxury items for the affluent. Fashion labels contribute significantly to the economy. It is an affluent city with a 60% higher family income than the other.

Osaka, Japan

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

With a GDP of $654,8 billion, Osaka is the most significant economic hub in Japan. Due to the numerous industries, the population density is great. The population is approximately 24.65 million, according to estimates.

Osaka is responsible for 3.6% of Japan’s gross domestic product. Foreign investors will find Osaka to be a fantastic place to invest alongside local partners. It is home to skilled manufacturing, machinery, chemical, food, and construction sectors. Osaka has a market equivalent to that of a developed nation, with a wealth of business options.

Moscow, Russia

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

With a GDP of approximately $529.1 billion, Moscow occupies the eighth position on the list. Nevertheless, 12 million people resided there, according to reports. Thus, Moscow’s economy is somewhat diverse. It is rich in natural resources, including oil and gas. It exports machinery, autos, medical equipment, and metals, among other products, to foreign nations. Moreover, its vast geographical region plays a crucial role in its economic development.

Chicago, USA

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

Chicago’s total economic output is 524,6 billion dollars, placing it third in the United States after New York and Los Angeles. The primary industries of Chicago are food, metals, and plastics. In addition, this city’s central location makes it a major industrial city.

The city is an economic powerhouse that has been effectively administered. It has the headquarters of around 400 major enterprises. As a result, the city is a key factor in the advancement of healthcare technologies.

Shanghai, China

Top 10 Most Richest Cities in the World

Shanghai is in last place, with a gross domestic product of approximately 516.5 billion dollars. The city’s economy is changing from industrial to post-industrial. The primary industries are wholesale, retail, transportation, construction, and manufacturing.

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It is believed that Shanghai is “a showcase of China’s booming economy.” The city is a global centre for finance and innovation. It has the second-highest number of billionaires after Beijing. The Shanghai Stock Exchange has a market capitalization of $4.02 trillion. Consequently, it is the largest stock exchange in China.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measurement of economic growth. If the GDP is growing, the economy is thriving. As a result, the nation is advancing. Economists measure a city’s development by its GDP. If a city or nation wishes to be rich, it must have a greater GDP.