Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries: Check Whats Your Country Rank?

The scent and caffeine content of coffee make it one of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks worldwide. Native to sub-Saharan Africa and other islands in the Indian Ocean, coffee beans are roasted to produce coffee. It is thought that coffee originated in Ethiopia.

A national legend attributes the discovery of coffee beans to the goat herder Kaldi. Kaldi noted how active his goats became after consuming coffee plant berries, so he ground the beans and brewed a beverage from them.

In the same way that we couldn’t resist those cringe-worthy jokes, the world’s population cannot resist coffee. It is the second most imported commodity in the world after oil as of 2022. It is the world’s most popular beverage for which no identification is required.

With so much coffee being cultivated, roasted, marketed, and brewed, the question arises: who is the largest consumer? If you are as inquisitive about coffee as we are, you will be interested in the following data. Not only do we reveal who consumed the most coffee in 2022, but we also highlight several other surprising statistics.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

Coffee is such an integral part of the culture that workers are forced to take at least two coffee breaks per day. It is said that the frigid temperatures in this country are the reason why coffee is so popular. At times, the temperature might drop below 40 degrees below zero, making a hot drink essential.

Moreover, Finland has a thriving coffee culture with cafes and shops on every street corner. Interestingly, however, mild roasts have always been the most popular. Now, only medium to dark roasts are acceptable.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

Norwegians take numerous coffee breaks throughout the workday. “Fika” is the Norwegian word for a coffee break. In addition to being drunk at work, it is also consumed after breakfast, supper, and dessert.

Then there are coffeehouses. These cafes in Norway are gathering places for friends. In Norway, you will not see individuals studying, reading, or taking cups to go at your favorite coffee. You observe groups of individuals conversing, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

A “bryllupskaffe” is a wedding reception where coffee is the primary beverage. However, beans are not the only thing brewed during these times. Coffee is acceptable at breaks, after meals, and at any other time during the day.

However, Copenhagen has seen several coffee-related modifications. There is currently a surge of locally roasted and polished specialty coffees. This is a departure from the previous mania for lattes and mochas.

Additionally, Danes are less likely to visit huge coffee firms. Instead, they favor the small, independent roasters that supply the happiest city in the world with outstanding coffee.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

Iceland ranks fourth on our list of countries that consume the most coffee. It is a component of their culture that has been cherished and nurtured for decades. As there are essentially no large chains in Iceland, every coffee shop there is independently owned. The cafés are pleased to serve some of the world’s finest coffee.

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Also, coffee shops are not the only place to find a delicious cup of joe. When visiting, it is traditional to be offered a cup. The traditional response “to drop” translates to 10 drops of coffee, or a small cup.

Many believe that coffee has become the most popular beverage in Iceland since alcohol is not as readily available. Not until the 1980s was a beer made available to the general populace. Other bar beverages, such as wine, are likewise quite expensive.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

The Netherlands is another country with a frigid climate where a hot cup of coffee may do wonders for the mood. However, the coffee community in the Netherlands is not impressed with sophisticated cafes or overly-prepared beverages. They favor a plain cup of coffee with a side of the talk, which they enjoy with friends.

Possibly due to their “been there, done that” approach with coffee, there is little commotion. Keep in mind that the current state of the coffee trade is mostly attributable to the Dutch.

Dutch explorers were among the first to transport coffee plants from the Middle East to places such as Indonesia. Only after coffee had been exported from the Middle East was it introduced to Europe.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

Sweden, like the other nations on our list, has a strong appreciation for coffee. They also use “Fika” to refer to coffee, pastries, and discussion. Statistics indicate a moderate daily consumption of 1.8 cups per individual. The more accurate depiction indicates that bean brewers use 18 pounds of coffee annually. That equates to almost nine hours of “fikarast” every year.

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Sweden is home to an abundance of coffee shops, many of which are within proximity to one another. Still, coffee fans here enjoy socializing in their favorite cafés and are more likely than anywhere else to adopt new and innovative coffee concepts.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

The Swiss have a more developed palate for coffee than several of our other leading rivals. They appreciate the subtlety and sophistication of the beverage, and their cafes reflect their culture.

Switzerland is a country that not only drinks a great deal of coffee but has also developed novel methods to consume it. In addition, Switzerland is home to Nespresso, one of the most popular coffee brands in the world.

Switzerland also has an inventive spirit when it comes to coffee, as seen by the Luzerner Kafi and other fascinating concoctions. This beverage is a mixture of red wine and weak, sugared coffee.

In addition, they invented “scale,” coffee with milk served in a bowl rather than a cup. However, the most popular coffee is conventional espresso or Kaffe-créme, which is espresso with cream.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

Belgium’s coffee consumption is unparalleled. The nation is filled with coffee lounges that are packed from opening to closing. Belgians view coffee as a spiritual experience that inspires discourse, enlightenment, and exploration.

Not only do they relish every sip of the brew, but they are also renowned for their coffee-inspired dishes, such as coffee-marinated salmon. Additionally, it is served with pastries designed to complement the flavors of the beans.

Similar to the Swiss, Belgians have developed their unique beverages. For instance, Brûlot was invented by the renowned pastry shop and coffee house Wittimer. The decadent cocktail consists of espresso, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, and heated cognac. Before being served, it is ignited to provide a toasty, warm aura.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

Luxembourg has an extensive and diverse coffee culture. Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, they are one of the top ten countries in terms of coffee consumption. Each individual consumes around 14 pounds of coffee each year, regardless of the location.

Residents of Luxembourg like filter coffee at home, coffee bars on the go, and beautiful cafes. No matter how diverse the coffee shops may be, the one thing they all have in common is a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, you are encouraged to make yourself comfortable and to engage in lengthy chats.

Café gourmand and lait Russe are two of the most well-liked coffee beverages. The latter is essentially a latte, whilst the former is an espresso produced to complement the flavors of the accompanying dessert.


Top Most Coffee Consuming Countries

Canada holds the distinction of being the only non-European country in the top ten. Coffee is believed to be the most popular beverage in the United States since the average coffee drinker consumes 14 pounds per year. The long, bitter winters are undoubtedly another cause of the increased coffee consumption.

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This northern nation is home to a large number of coffee franchises and independent cafes. Both are equally popular, although an increasing number of coffee enthusiasts favor specialty beverages, independent roasts, and tiny cafes.

In general, though, Canadians prefer to consume their preferred beverage at home. It is by far the most popular location to enjoy it in the morning, after supper, or whenever a hot beverage is required.

FInal Words

Additionally, each country on our list has a distinct and distinct coffee culture. They have established their own style and frequently their own coffee beverages to reflect the heritage and atmosphere of their country. We hope you enjoyed reading this post. We recognise that the answers may have been unexpected. The next time you order an espresso at your local coffee shop, surprise coffee knowledge will go a long way in impressing the barista.