Top Gambling Animes

There are animes about pretty much everything in the world now. You can watch shows about sports teams, professional fighters, spies, and almost everything that you could ever imagine. It’s no surprise that there is an abundance of gambling-based anime available for viewers to enjoy too. We’ve put together our list of the top gambling animes that you should watch – and if you’re in the mood to have a flutter, check out some of the top online casinos.

One Outs

This is a little bit of a hybrid anime. It’s a sports-based show and a gambling-based show. Of course, there is more to it than just that. It’s actually a very complex show that provides a lot of great moments. The general premise is that the best pitcher in the world also happens to be the best gambler in the world. He’s given the greatest bet ever and he’s unable to resist.

The bet he’s offered is that he transfers to the worst team in the league and whenever he is able to get someone out, he wins $45,000. Sounds like a good deal, right? Well there is a bit of a catch. Every time a run is scored against him, he owes $455,000. Surely no one in their right mind would take this bet?

It has a lot of excitement involved, especially with the tension that can be built from potential losses. Is he the best pitcher/gambler in the world or has he taken on a lost cause that is going to be his downfall? This is one gambling anime that has to be checked out.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

While visually this is a show that might be lacking when compared to some more modern releases – it is over 20 years old after all – in terms of storytelling it’s one of the very best around. It shows the story of Tetsuya who is living his life in the midst of great unrest around the world. As World War 2 has only just finished, it’s not a great time for anyone and Tetsuya is struggling more than most.

To try and make ends meet he resorts to gambling on Mahjong. You could say this is Yu-Gi-Oh but without the fantasy element! What’s so great about this show is that Tetsuya doesn’t win every game that he plays. This is a show that’s all about the journey. While everyone is too busy looking out for the end destination, Legendary Gambler Tetsuya shows people the way that he got there.

The show isn’t just about Tetsuya and his struggles though. It’s also a raw portrayal of what people in Japan had to suffer in the aftermath of the war. It’s a more honest look at the people that war really impacts. Not the politicians that start them, but the real people that have to deal with the repercussions. If you want a show that has incredible storytelling and subtle character development, then this is definitely the one for you.

Death Parade

This is an anime that could easily end up at the top of many people’s best anime lists. It’s a supernatural anime that has one of the best premises ever. Here two people who have died are sent to what is essentially limbo. Once they are there, they will have to compete against each to determine who will be reincarnated and who will be banished to the void. The gambling takes place as each person gambles on the outcome with their behaviour.

The show has some fantastic animation and uses storytelling to draw the viewer in. What’s best about this show is that it has a week-to-week feel about it in terms of each episode being a self-contained story. However, there is also an overarching story over the whole season that ties everything together. It makes it one of the most interesting anime there is. Every character in this show is vitally important and it ensures that viewers are drawn into it instantly.

The only real negative about Death Parade is that there is only a single season. This is one of those shows that as soon as you have finished the first season you will be left wanting more. If you really can’t go without a little more then you could always check out the precursor to the show which is called Death Billiards. However, if you’ve already watched the show you will recognise the episode as the plot closely mirrors that of the first episode.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

This is one of the most interesting shows on the list. It’s kind of like a cross between Battle Royale, Survivor and rock, paper scissors. If that sounds like the kind of show that will grab your attention, then Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is the show for you.

The basics of the show see people competing against each other in a huge mass game of rock, paper scissors. However, there are some additional rules in place that set it apart from the standard game. Each player begins with 3 stars in their possession. Every time they lose a game, they lose a star to that person. But, if they win a game then they get stars back. Sounds simple so far, right? This is where things get a bit more complicated.

The number of times you can use either rock, paper or scissors is limited. So, if you have used up all of your papers you will only be able to use rock or scissors in your remaining games. On top of this if you have fewer than 3 stars at the end of the night or any of your game options remaining, then you will be killed.

It’s one of the goriest shows on TV, but it is incredibly interesting and provides a whole host of fun. This show portrays people gambling their life to be the ultimate survivor.