Top 10 Celebrities Who Came Out as LGBTQ+

You are in the right place here we will explore the people who have turned themselves into LGBTQ Community.

In this list, we will tell about the Top 10 celebrities Who Came Out as LGBTQ+.

1. Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has met her soulmate.

On June 9, the “Pitch Perfect” and “Senior Year” actor announced her new same-sex relationship with sustainable apparel firm entrepreneur Ramona Agruma through Instagram.


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With rainbow emojis, Wilson wrote: “I thought I was hunting for a Disney Prince, but maybe what I truly needed all this time was a Disney Princess. #loveislove.”

Wilson told People recently that she met her current boyfriend “via a friend” and that they enjoyed an “old school” romance characterized by frequent, in-depth phone talks that helped lay the groundwork for a “good relationship.” Earlier this year, Wilson was said to be dating Anheuser-Busch heir Jacob Busch.

Specifically, the producer of “Senior Year” has spoken out against the “gay best buddy” clichés that are common in romantic comedies.

2. Chrishell Stause

Chrishell Stause has just finished off an online clap back.

The star of Selling Sunset, Chrishell, rushed to Twitter to defend same-sex marriage and to lash out at a follower who had attacked his views.


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Equal rights in marriage!! A tweet by Chrishell dated July 19 revealed the following. “Can you believe we are still discussing this in 2022? We may as well be in the Twilight Zone now.”

It was on the same day that the House of Representatives passed a bill to guarantee the right to same-sex marriage that she fired back at them, as reported by NBC News.

Chrishell originally confirmed her relationship with G Flip on the May reunion episode of Selling Sunset. Chrishell went public with her sexuality on Instagram after the couple announced their romance by posting a video explaining her orientation.

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For her, it’s all about the individual, as she wrote on May 10. “I know some of you won’t understand this or agree with this,” she said. For them, “it’s all in the heart.”

3. Ava Phillippe

People often say that Reese Witherspoon‘s daughter Ava Phillippe looks just like her. The fact that Ava and her mother look so much alike usually gets people talking, but this time it was because Ava was being her true, independent self.

Ava Phillippe

Phillippe recently said that when she dates, she doesn’t like labels. She answered a fan’s question about whether she likes boys or girls in an online Q&A by reposting a story with a selfie and the words “I’m attracted to… people!” She didn’t say she was sorry. She also said, “Gender doesn’t matter.”

4. Janelle Monáe

Singer Janelle Monáe has publicly stated her pansexuality.

The Tightrope singer discussed her gender identity and the genders she has dated in an interview with Rolling Stone published on Thursday.

Janelle Monáe

She told the magazine, “As a gay black woman in America… someone who has been in relationships with both men and women, I consider myself to be a free-(love proponent).” “After learning more about pansexuality, though, I realized, “Oh, there are things that I relate with too.” I’m interested in expanding my understanding of myself.”

Despite keeping her sexuality a secret for quite some time, Monáe told The Guardian in February that the release of her Make Me Feel music video—which many have called a bisexual anthem—made her feel “sexually liberated.”

5. Aunjanue Ellis

Aunjanue Ellis has never been shy about her sexual orientation, but the actress is coming out about her queer identity for the first time just before Pride Month 2022 begins.

Aunjanue Ellis

Ellis, 53, tells Variety that she has always been out and proud about being a bisexual woman who identifies as queer among her friends, family, and workplace. While earning her award at last March’s 15th annual ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood luncheon, she made the announcement in her unique manner, which involves sewing messages of encouragement and identification into apparel for events and appearances.

After coming to terms with her bisexuality in her 30s, Ellis found it difficult to bring up the subject with her other actors, many of whom assumed she identified as straight and were thus comfortable sharing their own, less progressive views on queer identities.

6. John Cameron Mitchell

After “receiving a little bit of criticism” for portraying a trans role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, John Cameron Mitchell has publicly declared his non-binary identity.

The 58-year-old plays the title character of Joe Exotic in the web series adaptation of the popular Wondery Podcast of the same name.

John Cameron Mitchell

Mitchell, in an interview with Pride, addressed the continuing discussion of whether or not homosexual roles should be played by gay actors.

“I think acting implies you portray someone you’re not,” they told the media. And I played everything that I’m not, but you give it your own breath of life. There haven’t been many out and proud celebrities for a long time. The reason is homophobia, as we all know.

7. Jerrod Carmichael

Jerrod Carmichael, a stand-up comedian who will be hosting “Saturday Night Live” on April 2, has made his coming-out announcement in his brand new HBO special, which will have its world debut on Friday night.

Jerrod Carmichael

During the course of a chat with his mother in the HBO special titled “Home Video” that will air in 2019, the comedian discussed his previous sexual encounters with males by saying, “I’ve hooked up with dudes before.” However, in the story “Rothaniel,” Carmichael acknowledges that his relationship with his mother has been more tumultuous ever since he came out to her about his sexual orientation, but he still has hope for the future. “I believe in personal progress and feeling free,” he adds. “She believes in God, but I believe in feeling free.” “And I do feel more liberated.”

8. Emeli Sandé

Emeli tells Metro that she met her classical pianist boyfriend when she was in school for piano.

“She remarked, “We connected via a shared love of music, and now I’m happy than ever.” This is a fantastic sensation.”

Let’s Say, For Instance, Emeli’s upcoming album is set for release in May. “For me, genuine love and having love in your life helps everything come into place,” she enthused.

Emeli Sandé

Previous to her divorce from marine biologist Adam Gouraguine, the ‘Next To Me‘ singer was married to a college sweetheart.

They wed in 2012, but split up the following year, in 2014. Sandé has always been extremely goal-oriented, and during her time as a top-performing medical student at Stanford, she not only met but exceeded every single one of her academic objectives. She did, however, concede that something was noticeably absent.

She was a prodigy in the field of music, having written her first song at age 11 and receiving an offer for a recording deal when she was only 16 years old.

9. Amybeth McNulty

A lot of folks had a hunch that McNulty’s bisexuality allegations weren’t completely out of the blue. It all started when one of her tweets seemed to hint at her sexual orientation.

Amybeth McNulty

She finished the tweet off with an emoji of a pride flag and a heart. A lot of her followers became gay-giddy at a tweet she sent out declaring her sexuality.

Many ladies even expressed hope that they may perhaps date her. Furthermore, she received a lot of love and acceptance from people in the LGBTQIA+ community.

The post, however, was an unintentional leak. The tweet was a repost of an earlier Instagram story that one of her followers had altered with the comment “Anne Shirley is bi as hell,” referring to her Netflix character of the same name.

As she marched in a pride parade, she proudly displayed a pride flag. As a result of the tweet, many of Amybeth’s admirers have assumed that she is bisexual.

10. Becca Tilley

Becca Tilley, a former contestant on “The Bachelor,” is dating singer Hayley Kiyoko for the fourth year. Tilley announced on Instagram that she is dating Kiyoko after appearing in the singer’s For The Girls song video, a parody of ABC’s The Bachelor.


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Becca Tilley stated that she does not identify with the lesbian label on the May 23 episode of the Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad podcast.
She finally felt anything like that for a lady when she met Hayley.

Tilley further by saying she has been keeping their connection a secret, albeit only from their social media followers.

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