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Top 7 Best Sports Betting Apps | Which You Can Try It Once!

Do you know that the Sports betting and Lottery market crossed over 200 billion US dollars in 2019?

You are shocked, right?

I know that’s a huge number, but this figure is absolutely true…..

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is when an individual places a wager on the result of a sporting event. It is a type of gambling. Traditionally wagers were made on horse racing, dog racing, soccer, and American football. Bets in these traditional games were made through Bookmakers who were known as sportsbooks. But now, with the advancement in technology, there are sports betting apps to make wagers.

But the extent of sports betting depends on the legality regarding the same. If a country like the USA has approved it as a legal activity, you will see a plethora of online and offline betting places in the country. But in a country where it doesn’t have the legal right, you will notice that it is made by back doors.

In this contact less-era, if you want to make a wager, how would you do that?

Any guesses?

Yes, you are right; where everything is online, sports betting platforms have also made their space online. You can get a surfeit of apps to get started with sports betting, even if you are new.

Hold on to your seat, and let’s give a clear picture of the Sports Betting Apps that you can bet on:-

Canada Sports Betting app

If you want to know everything about the sports betting industry in Canada, then here is your stop. Canada Sports Betting acquaints you with all the things related to Casinos, Online Sportsbooks, the Racebook betting industry, and poker.

So if you think that you lack knowledge about any of these sports, you know where to go, right?

FanDuel Sportsbook

In the USA, this platform is regarded as one of the biggest daily fantasy sports providers. It caters to all the needs of the player to give them the A1 experience.

For the top-notch user experience, it is available on both IOS and Android.

What’s more, you can also access Fanduel’s casino in the app, isn’t it exciting?

DraftKings Sportsbook

Moving on the parallel lines with Fanduel, Draftkings is also counted as the leading fantasy sports provider. DraftKings became the first legal mobile app where the individual can make bets. Draftkings provides its mobile services in Illinois, New Hampshire, Colorado, West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Tennessee.

Points Bet Sportsbook

It was launched 4 years back in Australia, but it has been featured as the biggest betting operator since it was found. This sports betting app gives you access to over 15 different sports that cover all the major leagues. The app is able to provide an excellent user experience along with the offer to avoid clutter, and easy deposits or withdrawals.

William Hill

Since its beginning, it was established in 1934, It has done a great deed of adaptation to the technological changes in and around. It is one of the well-known brands in the sports betting category. In William Hill, you get a non-cluttered, essential display on this app for a better user experience. But when compared to others in terms of payment options, you may find fewer options here.

Fox Bet

FOX Bet has an intuitive design as well as access to many sports. It keeps on updating the live menus rapidly. There will be a smile on your face after knowing that it frequently has promos and odds boosts for its users. They have many of the crazy props which users love to use.

Bet River

This app has a solid design with a polished layout and intuitive navigation. It is not cluttered at all, in fact, it is less cluttered than the desktop version, which saves you from ad disturbance. This app is easy and smooth to use, and you have a lot of betting options in your hand. It uses the I Rush Rewards loyalty program.

Wrapping Up

There is a vast difference between mobile sports betting and web sports betting. For the user experience, you get notified of all the updates, your betting status, latest results, latest offers, etc. Mobile betting apps are convenient to be used anywhere, irrespective of your location and the event you are in.

You can maneuver the benefits of these sports betting apps, so what are you waiting for? Start with any one of them now.

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