Top 5 Prayers For Your Husband

God is the ultimate source to run the hope in our lives. No matter if we are happy or sad, we always remember him once a day. Praying before eating food or asking to take care of our loved ones is always asking for good. We are thankful for this life and the things which he has blessed us with. 

Many people ask God to take care of their loved ones because they are precious to them. A girl always prays for her husband, a mother and father always pray for their children and parents and a wife always prays for her husband. Praying is the beautiful string that connects the heart of two people together even if they are not together. It is the purest form of love anyone can ask for. If you are lucky enough then you will find people who ask for your safety from god. 

Likewise, a woman always prays for her husband’s well-being. As a wife, if you wonder what right prayer should you do to god then you are at the right place. In this section, we will discuss all the prayers which a wife can use in order for the safety of her husband. Let’s began

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Why is Prayer For a Husband Important? 

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When I had my first boyfriend, I always prayed that he should stay in my life forever. I was so childish at that time but funny how it didn’t work. But, I never lost my faith in my god. 


Remembering god can be the most peaceful thing that I discovered recently. This is the most selfless act which indicates who truly loves the other person. As I am getting elder and matured, I realized then remembering God will be the best way to spend my day. Our lord is in our hearts and we need to constantly remind ourselves of them. 

Furthermore, the prayers will give a sense of security to us and our souls. If you are stressed in your life just ask God to take care of the things. There are times when we want to get rid of many things and our heart always gets never. There are times when things didn’t go as we planned as we cried over it. Instead of feeling the nervousness, you should remember the god. 

Prayer For His Health

Husbands are always the underrated member of the family. They fulfill the demand of every member without even asking. You remember the last time you purchased a new dress, Woah! A happy memory right? And can you remember the last time he bought something for him? Well, that’s a very faded memory. Husbands receive a lot of stress from their work or home and that’s very normal. They usually hide the stress but that’s not something acceptable. As a wife what you can do is to ask for his good health. This is the very first prayer on our list. 

“Oh god! I pray for the well-being and good health of my husband. He is a wonderful man who deserves everything. You might have already been watching him and you know how hardworking he is. I can’t imagine him being sick because that will cause a lot of pain.”

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Prayer For His Career 

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The next prayer comes from his career. Every person prioritizes his career over many things and you know how much it means to your hubby. He loves doing his job because it is his passion and many of your husbands might don’t like their job but they still have to do it because their salary is able to make their lives much better. 

Whatever the reason will be just ask god that he enjoys his work and of course how can I miss the promotion *wink*

“God I pray that your blessing showers nicely on my husband’s work. May the workload doesn’t exceed his limits and he is able to make his boss happy. I pray that my husband can work freely without any stress and that prosperity never ends. May the opportunity never ends and he is able to accept everything that is good for him”

Prayer to Remove His Stressed

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In this tough time, every person is getting anxious regarding his work or personal problems. Like your husband is surely going through some tough times. Pray god to remove all his problems and ask him to make your husband’s living happily ever after.

“Oh god! I never want much from you but only the happiness of my hubby. He is already going through some of the worst days of his life. He is not that open up with many people but I can see the stress and pain in his eyes. May you bless him with happiness and take away all his suffering. He is a nice person who just deserves the world of happiness.”

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Prayer To Keep Him Motivated In Life

Overload and lack of creativity make a person lose interest in work. Ask God to keep him going in life thoroughly and the way of his success may be clear. He is already a hardworking person who is working thoroughly in his life. 

“Dear Lord, please bless my husband with creativity and motivation. May he never fail to take an opportunity and hard work. Always make ways for his success and may he never fail to make changes in his life. I ask you to always motivate my husband in his life. May your goodness and richness be totally worth it for him. Fill his life with courage and confidence which he never fails to look after.”

Pray For Your Husband’s Love

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Love is the most beautiful feeling which is only achieved by lucky people. Marriage is something that needs patience, dedication, and definitely love to keep it moving. May the love between you and your husband always brighten up. Every wife is somewhere afraid that their husband might don’t love as much as they used to in the beginning. 

While it is also important to understand that husbands are filled with responsibilities and the wife also is busy with the family and child. All these things might disturb your mind that “he doesn’t love me anymore”. In a study, it was found that many women started to feel insecure because they think that they are not as beautiful as they were before and this thing might affect their husband’s love.

It is important for you to understand that love is not always limited to physical beauty. Insecurity of not getting the love as you expected is very common but you need to understand that he loves you for who you are. 

“Dear Lord, may my husband always love me as he used to do before. Asking for love may be a lot but still, I want it. I am not being selfish here but hope we grew old together. I will always make him happy and love him till my last breath. May his life encourage him to become a good person who loves his family, wife, and children.”

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Final words

Praying is the spiritual method that allows the person to feel secure about his relationship with his partner. Everyone prays for the things they want to happen. A school kid prays that he scores good marks, a boy prays that he might get a reply from his crush and the parents pray for their kid. All these prayers are a way to ensure safety and happiness. Same, the wife also prays for his husband to achieve the height of success and loves him endlessly. He also prays that his partner will be a good father and loves their children. 

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