You Must Watch Top 5 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix 2022!

Everyone can find a zombie movie they like. The dead aren't just for people who want scary films. Do you like to do things? There is a movie about that. Like a bit of romance or whimsy with your chaos of the dead? There is a movie about that. The zombie genre has no limits, whether you like slow-burning horror trips or fast-paced thrillers.
It helps that the idea of zombies can be used in many different ways. Whoever decides who “counts” as one of the “walking dead” should be treated with the utmost suspicion and not let into your gang's well-armed apocalypse bunker, guarded against the outside.
Zombie bodies come back to life? Or do people who have a disease that makes them want to eat other people count? We say, “Why to pick nits?” When you see a zombie, you know it. And we'd like to think that, like the zombie horde, we can be open to people of all religions.
Why should we? Diseases that make people act like zombies don't pick and choose. But now that you've set out such a wide net (or trip wire, or whatever zombie-catching trap you prefer), how do you pick the best zombie entertainment?


top 5 best zombie movies on netflix 2022

A South Korean gamer named Oh Joon-woo is alone in his family's house when a mysterious disease strikes his apartment complex and turns the sick people into violent cannibals. As the horrible virus spreads through the city, the streamer stays locked in his apartment, cut off from the outside world with few ways out but a strong will to live.
If you've ever thought that a zombie apocalypse could spice up #stayathome, “#Alive” has you covered. It turns out that Twitch streamers who have a lot of ramens are ready for the end of the world. If you didn't like the CGI-heavy sequel to “Train to Busan” set in 2020, pretend it never happened and watch “#Alive” instead. Don't be confused by the terrible hashtag title.

Army of the Dead

top 5 best zombie movies on netflix 2022

“Army of the Dead” is a spiritual follow-up to Zack Snyder's first movie, “Dawn of the Dead.” It's what happens when a heist thriller and a zombie movie get into a car accident. After a military highway accident lets a zombie out, the infection spreads quickly through Las Vegas, and the government has to put the city in quarantine.

Six years later, a group of mercenaries is hired to go into the quarantine zone and get $200 million from a casino vault before the military uses a nuclear bomb to destroy the city and all of its zombie residents. It is a ridiculous movie, and it knows it is silly.

How can you not like the idea of undead showgirls and a tiger that has turned into a zombie? Heck yeah! “Army of the Dead” is a cross-genre movie with unique stakes and exciting set pieces.


top 5 best zombie movies on netflix 2022

A significant new tower rises over a Dakar, Senegal suburb, and a young woman named Ada falls in love with a worker on the building named Souleiman. But she's already promised to another man, and she's heartbroken when the unpaid construction workers leave by sea to find a better life in Spain.

Ada's wedding burns down a few days later, and a strange fever spreads through her town. Even though it's not a “zombie movie” in the strictest sense, director Mati Diop's mysterious look at the “unquiet dead” is enough to put it on this list. “Atlantics” is in many different genres, including gothic romance, and straddles many lines. The best way to experience it is to go in blind.


top 5 best zombie movies on netflix 2022

When Andy and his wife Kay seem to have figured out how to survive the zombie apocalypse, Kay is attacked while out getting supplies. Andy only has 48 hours to live, but he is willing to risk everything to get Kay to a hospital. Their car crashes on the way, and when Andy wakes up, his wife has turned.

Andy has been bitten, and he only has two days left to live. He needs to find a new home for Rose, who will soon be an orphan. Andy wanders the Outback with one goal: to make sure his baby daughter has a safe future.

He has to find his way through what's left of humanity to do this. “Cargo” is a great drama anchored by Martin Freeman's excellent performance as the main character. It is also a powerful comment on issues facing Australia's indigenous people.

Corpse Bride

top 5 best zombie movies on netflix 2022

In “Corpse Bride,” the shy and kind Victor Van Dort proposes to a dead body by accident. You might ask, “How does he do that?” He practised his actual wedding vows, which were meant for a living woman, and put the ring on a dead woman's gnarled, boney finger.

Anyone could experience it. Victor has been taken to the wonderfully macabre Land of the Dead, and he needs to get back home quickly to his fiancée, who is still alive. Along the way, Victor starts to figure out what went wrong with his bride-to-death (her body was just in the backyard, after all).

“Corpse Bride” is a gothic, spooky, and impressively animated movie that will please both the living and the dead.

I Got Killed

A severed hand gets out of a refrigerator in a lab and desperately tries to find its body. The hand desperately looks for Naoufel in the suburbs of Paris. His sad story is shown in flashbacks. Even though “I Lost My Body” isn't a “zombie” movie in the strictest sense, it belongs on this list because it expands what it means to tell stories about grief, death, and bodily rebellion.

The film by Jérémy Clapin is heartfelt and beautifully animated, and it has a great score by Dan Levy. It is also morbid enough to satisfy genre fans and tempt gore fans to try something a little more on the arthouse side of the tracks.

Ashin, the North Kingdom

top 5 best zombie movies on netflix 2022

This feature-length prequel to the hit Netflix series is set during Korea's Joseon Dynasty. It tells the backstory of the mysterious tribal heir Ashin and the origin of the strange plant that set off a chain of terrible events throughout the kingdom, including an unnatural plague that brings the dead back to life.

Don't let the fact that it has been on TV put you off, movie fans! Don't worry if you haven't seen the “Kingdom” series. “Ashin of the North” is a side-story that works both on its own and as an introduction to the horror period piece for people who want to try it out.

“Ashin of the North” is a story about revenge, a zombie action-thriller, and a war epic. Young Asian, played by Kim Si-a, gives a gut-wrenching performance that adds to the scale and grip of the story.

In the wake of a zombie-like outbreak in Quebec, Canada, rural regions are left decimated, sparsely populated, and crawling with the infected. What few survivors remain attempt to retain a sense of normalcy, even as their numbers dwindle and they're forced further and further into the woods to escape the flesh-eating hordes.

A simple tale of survival that packs a ruthless punch regardless, “Ravenous” is thick with suspense, bloodletting, and a cast of characters who grow on both the viewer and each other.


top 5 best zombie movies on netflix 2022

“Ravenous” is a simple story about survival that still packs a powerful punch. After an outbreak of zombie-like creatures, the rural parts of Quebec, Canada, are destroyed, with few people living there and crawling with the infected.

Even though their numbers are dropping, and they have to go deeper and deeper into the woods to get away from the flesh-eating hordes, the few still alive people try to keep things as normal as possible. It is full of suspense, blood, and characters who grow on both the audience and each other.

Thieves of Souls (Aka Ladronas De Almas)

top 5 best zombie movies on netflix 2022

In “Soul Thieves,” which takes place in the early 1800s during the Mexican Independence Movement, a group of Spanish outlaws hides out at a compound run by a group of sisters. Soon, the looters find out that the Cordero sisters' primary defence against looters isn't guns but zombies.

“Soul Thieves” is a rough-around-the-edges B-movie that owes a lot to Val Lewton-era movies like “I Walked with a Zombie.” It will add some bloody charm to any double zombie feature.


What should you focus on when there are so many zombie-related things to choose from? We can help with that. We went through Netflix's collection of zombie movies like enterprising scavengers and picked out the best ones. So have fun, and keep reading to find out what we think are the best zombie movies on Netflix.
Changed on 1 June 2022: Netflix has a lot of things to enjoy about the dead. But since the site's catalogue is constantly changing, be sure to come back here every month to find out about all the latest zombie news.

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