Top 10 Thriller Movies of All the Time | Latest Updates 2023!

What characteristics distinguish a good thriller? It can be challenging to pinpoint the solution, in part due to the dynamic nature of what constitutes a thriller. While some thrillers are also excellent action films, others could be categorised as excellent horror films or at least horror-related films.

Thrillers sit in a murky area in the centre; they’re frequently entertaining to watch, but not the same thrill ride that many action movies are, and they’re also uncomfortable without being terrifying. The best thrillers actively contribute to the genre’s definition, which is what makes them so exceptional.

But the best thrillers are engrossing right from the start, which is what makes them all the same. They frequently relate tales of shady underworlds or illegal activities, and they frequently aren’t hesitant to be raunchy when necessary.

As you leave the cinema for a good thriller, you should still have some unanswered questions. The thrillers we’ve chosen on this list all perfectly meet that description and have proven to be classics of the genre over time. The top thriller movies to watch are listed below, along with useful streaming advice so you can watch them.

1. The Dark Knight

top 10 thriller movies

The Dark Knight provided audiences with the gritty superhero movie they’d been craving and is presently IMDb’s top thriller film. It is frequently regarded as the best entry in Nolan’s self-titled trilogy. Batman collaborates with Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to fight crime in Gotham City, but the Joker, a mysterious criminal, quickly thwarts their efforts.

There are many reasons why fans adore this film, including its gripping stories and unexpected turns. Having said that, it is renowned for its spooky portrayal of the wicked Joker, whose quotable lines (such as “why so serious”) and memorable scenes (such as “the pencil scene”) make him a compelling opponent in the suspenseful movie.

2. Inception

A team of “extractors” led by Dom Cobb, a professional thief who can invade the subconscious to steal information, are the subject of the mind-bending sci-fi movie Inception. They are assigned on a daring mission to plant an idea in the subconscious of a target, but Cobb’s troubled past and an expensive protection system quickly make their voyage challenging.

The acclaimed picture, which Christopher Nolan directed, tells its marvellously intricate tale with the use of spectacular visual effects. The stakes keep rising the more the extractors penetrate the subconscious, making it a thriller unlike any other.

3. Se7en

top 10 thriller movies

Dark mystery drama Se7en by director David Fincher is centred on a case given to novice Detective David Mills and disillusioned Detective William Somerset. The new partners are charged with finding a serial murderer who bases and is motivated by his terrible killings by the seven deadly sins.

The crime thriller stands out from similar works thanks to the excellent storytelling that builds to a startling revelation. Additionally, viewers can sense the urgency and suspense as it builds to the unforgettable ending, which is still cited and used in memes today.

4. The Silence of the Lambs

No introduction is necessary for the genre-defining movie The Silence of the Lambs. The young FBI trainee Clarice Starling consults Dr. Hannibal Lecter who is incarcerated because she thinks he might offer insight into apprehending the serial killer Buffalo Bill in the psychological horror movie.

The classic movie, which was directed by Jonathan Demme, is best known for its eerie yet brilliant antagonist, Dr. Lecter, a cannibal and a psychiatrist. He and Clarice have spooky chats, which have an impact on the film’s hair-raising turns and twists near the end. It has stood the test of time well and is still entertaining today.

5. The Departed

top 10 thriller movies

The Departed, a film by Martin Scorsese, centres on an edgy undercover officer’s daring infiltration of the Irish Mafia in South Boston. Sadly, the criminals have the same idea and send one of their own undercover agents. Once it is understood by both parties what is taking place, a race to identify the representatives starts.

The critically acclaimed movie is a tutorial in what a great thriller should be, with its quick-paced scenes and frenzied camerawork. The audience is taken on a tense journey filled with expertly timed pictures and action situations.

6. Parasite

When it originally debuted, the film Parasite by director Bong Joon-ho immediately rose to prominence around the world. Its plot centres around a low-income family’s attempts to break into an affluent couple’s home by pretending to be skilled employees, which gives it a deceptively straightforward basis. It quickly develops into a compelling genre-buster that engages viewers and delivers a clear message.

The suspenseful film is renowned for its mind-blowing halfway twist, which alters the mood and key scenes. It has received multiple awards for its entirely unique plot, outstanding acting, and provocative message on injustice and class dynamics.

7. The Prestige

top 10 thriller movies

The Prestige, which was adapted from Christopher Priest’s 1995 novel of the same name, centres on the rivalry between Robert Angier and Alfred Borden, two stage magicians. The end of the 19th century, when the two protagonists find themselves battling in more dangerous ways, is the setting of Christopher Nolan’s film.

In the underappreciated psychological thriller, the two magicians’ fatal competition for bigger, bolder, and wilder performances is explored. Viewers will be intrigued and alarmed to witness where their fixation with winning leads these competitors, who have no other goals than to win.

8. Léon: The Professional

The unique bond that forms between 12-year-old Mathilda Lando and the titular hitman, who takes her under his wing after she loses her parents in a dubious DEA raid, is the focus of director Luc Besson’s film Léon: The Professional. When Léon teaches Mathilda how to handle weapons, her drive for retribution quickly returns.

The strange relationship between the reluctant Léon and the immature Mathilda is a key component of the action-thriller movie. When viewers discover more about how similar their tragic pasts are to one another, it is tough not to root for them during the violent action sequences.

9. Psycho

top 10 thriller movies

Psycho, arguably Hitchcock’s most famous film, centres on a bizarre encounter between fleeing embezzler Marion Crane and odd motel owner Norman Bates. The situation in the motel is strange, and Marion quickly learns in the worst possible manner that things are about to get a lot worse.

The black-and-white thriller challenged taboos and created memorable scenes like the shower scene. It helped define the genre. Despite having been released more than sixty years ago, it continues to rank among the highest-rated movies on IMDb because it is a significant and rewatchable masterpiece.

10. The Usual Suspects

Legendary drama The Usual Suspects features an unreliable narrator named Verbal Kint. The enigmatic Keyser Soze, who has been connected to a recent explosion in San Pedro harbour, is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the authorities. Verbal claims that Keyser is responsible for the daring heist and that he involved himself and four other people in the heinous crime.

The Bryan Singer-directed classic movie is best enjoyed without having any prior knowledge of its clever narrative and surprising twist. The suspenseful flashbacks and the detectives’ methodical approach to piecing together the mystery will keep viewers riveted to their screens until the famous conclusion.

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