Top 10 Romantic Places To Visit On Valentine’s Day

top places to visit with valentine

Travelling is fun to do and when you are with someone special it becomes more special and romantic. I’m sure that you always wanted to travel with your partner but can’t come up with a good place. In 2020, there were a lot of ups and downs in the world. With the breakout of Covid-19 and all those lockdown and Quarantine, every person was trapped inside their place. Man is a social animal and it’s necessary for him to roam. Since everything is coming to normal and travelling is again getting it’s original pace, we want you to become happy. From giving gifts to Amazing morning greetings, you should spend your whole day with them. Valentine’s day is going to come soon and I know you are all excited for it. If you are wondering how to make it more special then we’ll recommend you to travel somewhere with your partner. 

Now where will you go with them? Don’t worry because A list to travel on Valentine’s day is something you are looking for. In this article, we’re going to discuss top places to travel on this Valentine’s day.

Taj Mahal (Agra, Uttar Pradesh)

The list of Romantic places should start from the symbol of love, Taj Mahal itself. Every year thousands of people visit this beautiful place to share the amazing historic values. On this Valentine’s day, travel to Agra with your partner and enjoy the world’s best monument. People from all over the world come here to see this amazing monument which is made by a ruler for his lover. The view of Taj Mahal is amazing and while living in India you must travel here because this is something worth it. The world famous monument which every Indian proud of, is your stop point. 

taj mahal

Furthermore, there are other beautiful places on Agra and once you visit there you’ll find a lot of things to explore with your partner. If you are a history lover, then this Mughals-constructed city will definitely catch your eyes. From amazing street food to chikankari clothes, this place is just made for lovers.

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Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Who doesn’t wanna travel to beautiful places like Udaipur? I mean isn’t the picture is beautiful. If your partner always wanted to go to a fairy land then this one will be the only place where they can find happiness. Udaipur, also known as “White City” OR “City of Lakes”. Udaipur is full of historic palaces with some of the beautiful history of kings and queens.

If you are planning to visit this place then I’ll recommend you to also visit the Fateh Sagar Lake, Lake Pichola, Monsoon Palace for sure and enjoy the whole view while sitting on the boat with him/her. 

Nainital (Uttarakhand)


A Beautiful city covered with mountains is something which is just perfect. February, the month of love is the best time to visit Nainital because this is the time when it is fully covered with white snow. Play snow fights with your partner and enjoy your weekend in this place. During the Night, the place looks more beautiful with all the lights and of course the lakes. The best part about this place is that it is not as expansive as it looks. If you wanted to travel somewhere low on Budget, then Nainital would be a great option.

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Golden Temple (Amritsar)

Visit this holy place and have peace in your body and mind. The famous “Golden temple” of Amritsar is known for its amazing temples. If you and your partner want to visit some holy place then you should consider this place. The only thing which you’ll find here is love and only love. The people are super nice and are doing the noble work by serving over 100000 dinners to the people. The discriminations ends in this place and you’ll find what it is like to stand in the place of God. On Valentine’s day make a promise with your partner to stay as loving as you are now in this holy place. 

New Delhi

The capital of the country, New Delhi is not so chaotic and screaming as people told you. Breaking the stereotype of people, this place has an amazing place to travel. If you are someone who wants to experience old India then visit Old Delhi because it offers you some of the historic places. Front the Lotus temple to the Qutub Minar, you’ll find every type of thing here and if you are bored then eat some street food there. The city is known to have the best street food all over India and we know how crazy you are for it. End your day by visiting the old market of Chandni chowk and do some shopping with her. 

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The place which is surely in the bucket list of all the Indians. Everyone in India wants to go to Goa once in their life. If you are more like a beach person then this is what you are looking for. The Maldives of India is filled with beautiful seas and golden sands. You’ll find a great variety of variation on this south beauty of India. Enjoy your 14th February with your partner while being on the beaches of Goa. Don’t worry if you don’t know much swimming, you can enjoy the bright sun bath. 

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

The 1,500 years ago the people started craving different signs and symbol on the walls and it is still there, wanna take a look? Visit Ajanta and Ellora Caves to see the real time history of India. One of the beautiful place of Maharashtra, this would be for the couples who wanted more history kind of places. You’ll find a great sculpture of Lord shiva which will make the trip more special. 



Everyone loves Snow and the right time to enjoy it the month of January and February. The time when the Shimla is in best form. Plan a trip along this beautiful place filled up with snow. The “Mini-Switzerland of India” is not so expansive at all. The place have mountains and you can spend your day with your lover on the villas. The temperature is cold but no one ever said that we can’t have fun in snow. There are lot of attraction point in shimla and it will always be fun to explore the city. We recommend you to visit Mall road, Botanical Garden and yes don’t forget to eat Maggie. 


Stuck in the beautiful foothills of The great Himalayas, this is the perfect location to reduce all the noises of the city. While living in a City, you might feel to go to somewhere peaceful then this is the place. Take your partner to the amazing trip to the amazing trip of Darjeeling. Taste the world best class tea right in there because this is what it is most famous for. But there are surely a lot of places to go and enjoy. Visit to the famous Tiger hills, Peace Pagoda to enjoy your Valentine’s day perfectly. 

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The city which is since the British empire. Mostly monuments will be from the British era and you’ll get to see a great masterpiece of architecture. The city will take you to the Colonial-era and it is worth it. With the awesome looking monuments, you’ll find the things which aren’t available in other parts of the country. Kolkata is also known for it’s sweets and there are tons of different varieties of sweet available. If you are a sweet-tooth person then just go there.


Travelling with you lover is always a fun idea. Valentine’s day is just few steps away from you so you better find something to make it special. If you are already planning a fun trip then these places are something really beautiful and perfect for your day. Spend a whole day with your partner and tell them how much they meant to you. You better check these out and let us know your favorite one from the list. 

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