Top 10 Most Expensive Steakhouses In America!

Steakhouses, which are also called chophouses, serve beef steaks and other kinds of meat in different ways. Most of the time, these steaks are cooked and served with sides like mashed potatoes and rolls. People have said that steakhouses are a unique part of American culture. They began in the late 19th century when traditional inns and bars were turned into steakhouses.

The best chophouses in the United States are places where a lot of time and care has been put into making a place where you can get a perfectly cooked steak. Steaks are expensive; you can’t even buy them on the street. Steak is often the most expensive thing on a restaurant’s menu, and steakhouses are some of the most expensive places to eat.

1. Mastro’s in New York 

Mastro’s first opened in 1999 in Scottsdale, Arizona. It now has 13 locations across the country, including a new one in New York. The posh and expensive Mastro’s is proud of its great service and has live music at most of its locations most evenings.

There are more than a dozen wet-aged steaks and chops, seafood towers, king crab legs, creative sushi rolls, caviar, escargot, stone crabs when they are in season, and nearly 20 sides, such as king crab black truffle gnocchi, lobster mashed potatoes, and gorgonzola mac & cheese.

The wine programme is also very good, and each location has at least 250 wines to choose from. At the New York site, the average cost of a meal for one person is $100.

2. Alexander’s Steakhouse 

This SOMA steakhouse, which also has locations in Cupertino, Pasadena, and Taipei, has a lot of Japanese flavours and is unique and interesting. Each dish is carefully sourced.

Some of the most expensive items on the menu are wagyu beef from 13 different farms, which costs between $48 and $165 per three ounces, a 15-ounce T-bone of New York strip for $96 and a 26-ounce porterhouse for $145.

The restaurant’s “experience” at Chef’s Table costs $300 per person, while the “Study of Beef,” which has seven courses, costs $248 per person. The average amount that a guest spends is $97.

3. SW Steakhouse in Las Vegas 

The 10 Most Expensive Steakhouses In America

The “SW” in SW Steakhouse stands for hotel magnate Steve Wynn, who gave his namesake steakhouse the same care he gave the hotel it is in. You can’t come here and expect to eat for free since the average dinner costs $100.

Chef David Walzog’s 42-ounce chile-rubbed double ribeye (which costs $125) is a real work of art, and the restaurant is one of only a few in the United States that serves certified authentic Kobe beef. 50 grammes of caviar will cost you $325, a porterhouse for two will cost you $130, and four ounces of that real Kobe will cost you $220.

4. Doris Metropolitan 

The Doris Metropolitan opened in 2013, bringing together elements of a traditional steakhouse and a Mediterranean restaurant. Some of the more sophisticated things on the menu at the restaurant are carpaccio, calamari, and tahini. It has been given the highest rating possible because of how beautiful the inside is. It will be well worth your time because of the food and the unique and special atmosphere.

5. Prime Steakhouse

The 10 Most Expensive Steakhouses In America

Only the best meats and seafood will be served at this wonderful restaurant, which has beautiful decor. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a big party for a special occasion, you and your dining companions can expect a meal to remember. In addition to giving great services, they have made a name for themselves in the field of interior design.

6. Jean Georges Steakhouse, Las Vegas

A meal at the Aria’s Jean Georges Steakhouse, which costs about $105 per person, is another option. The prices of the dishes are not shown on the website menu. However, the wagyu carpaccio, the A-5 certified Kobe beef, and the steaks, which include a 36-ounce porterhouse, are the most expensive items on the menu.

7. CUT, Los Angeles

The 10 Most Expensive Steakhouses In America

The CUT restaurant in Beverly Hills is a modern take on the traditional American steakhouse. Chef Wolfgang Puck came up with a variety of new ways to cook steak and seafood for the restaurant. When it’s dark, the moonlight shines through this building’s all-white interior, which is called the skylight.

8. CUT, Las Vegas

The Wolfgang Puck’s CUT steakhouse in Las Vegas is the most expensive steakhouse in the United States, with an average price per guest of $117. One of the most expensive items on the menu is a 12-ounce, 28-day-aged New York sirloin from Washington’s Double R Ranch. Another is Japanese wagyu beef from Miyazaki Prefecture.

9. Bazaar Meat in Las Vegas 

The 10 Most Expensive Steakhouses In America

The famous chef José Andrés serves a wide range of Spanish dishes and “sea meat” at his Sin City restaurant (fish to you). The menu has carpaccio, tartare, cured meats, and real beef rib steaks from California, Oregon, and Washington, including a chateaubriand from California’s Brandt Beef that comes with truffle sauce and mashed potato soufflés.

This is one of the few places in the U.S. that serves real A5 Kobe beef from Japan’s Hyogo region. It costs $45 per ounce, with a two-ounce minimum, to have the honour of eating it. On average, a lunch here costs $103 per person.

10. Bourbon Steak

At the Bourbon Steak, you can enjoy your meal while watching the fountain shows on the Lake of Dreams. This restaurant is a treat for your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Every night, the building looks amazing because it has the right 4,000 lights that show holograms and puppet shows. The 30-ounce dry-aged tomahawk chop is the most interesting thing on the menu at this high-end restaurant.