Blade Runner – Top 10 Character From The Movie

Blade Runner was released in 2019 and soon after some time, the creators renewed the movie for its another sequel. While both of the parts have done amazing in their own space and became one of the prominent names in the sci-fi fiction world, we have more from them. A great movie brings the great cast which remains in our life forever. The same goes with Blade runner too. After the movie became popular, the fans started to connect with the character of the movie. 

Set in the old classic way of 1982, Blade runner has achieved great heights and appreciation for its amazing story. The cast, visuals, and actions are worth catching on to. But what about the characters, who made the movie popular? Here are the top 10 characters of Blade runner from the movie which everyone loves. Check out the list and see who made it to the number one position. 

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10. Bryant

Blade Runner

The different character from what we saw in other movies is Bryant. Sometimes, he makes human morals questionable through his attitude in the show. Characters like Bryant are now be seen in many movies as a trend to follow. He is one of the favorite characters of the audience as his acting makes them really love him. That’s why we have him in the number 10th position.

9. Sapper Morton

Sapper Morton Blade runner

Sapper Morton, the old retired officer of Blade runner is yet another loved character. The role was played by Dave Bautista. Seen in the major role of the show, he has been in the “hiding the miracle baby”. After getting retired, he went to the countryside and started his protein farming. 

While his old and strong physique can be misjudged as a violent replicant, in reality, he is sweet-hearted. He prefers talking and is actually a nice guy who is obsessed with antique books. 

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8. Niander Wallace

Blade runner

The antagonist of the show is obsessed with artificial intelligence and always busy with mankind’s new inventions. His character is seen to be a smart and intelligent guy who is popular in mankind, the replicant in the show. He is introduced as Blade Runner 2049 in the story who is taking the initiative in making replicants. 

However, his invention isn’t satisfying his own desires and he was disappointed by it. He is also an arrogant person who loves to torture others. Being an antagonist, he will be seen as destroying and killing the replicants and he enjoyed doing it. The character of Niander Wallace is played by Jared Leto, the guy who hasn’t left a single complaint in his amazing performance. 

7. Lt. Joshi

Lt Joshi

The officer and the head of the company will give you the “Boss” feel. Officer K always works under her and is like a colleague to her. While she was seen to be satisfied with his skills in the story but still couldn’t believe him as he was a replicant. Her thinking sometimes hinders the show. But in the later episodes, she seems to be a kind person. When Luv asks her about K, she denies and doesn’t give his location. This made the audience and we put her in the 7th position.

6. Detective Gaff

Detective Gaff

The popular character of Edward James Olmos may be different for every person but after seeing him as a Detective Gaff, you might slip on it. He has amazingly shown and proven his acting skills and that costume and cowboy hat makes him more ideal for the role. 

His first interaction in the show makes the whole story U-turned in Blade Runner 2049. The unforgettable scene when K arrives in the hospital to ask about Deckard will be iconic. 

Moreover, his detective ability is the major suspense in the movie. The character of Detective Gaff is played by Olmos perfectly. 

5. Rachael 


Another replicant can be seen as an important part of the story. Her personality was misguided by the characters of the story and also by the audience in the first loo. She was seen as a violent and dangerous replicant but later revealed that she wasn’t that dangerous as she is seen to be. 

The story turns majorly when Deckard starts to fall for her. He realized that Racheal is actually not like other replicants and this made him free her from his life. All these things couldn’t make sense to many people but as we move to the further parts, you will realize that Deckard has done a great job. As he loves her, this makes it more appropriate for him to take this decision. 

4. Officer K

Officer K

The other main character of the movie, Blade Runner, is popularly known as Officer K. Ryan Gosling has played the main role in the story and he has already got appreciation from the audience. Being the main character of Blade Runner 2049, he started to doubt Rick Deckard. K thought that Rick might be a replicant who is acting like a human for his own sake. 

On the other hand, Rick also suspected him of being a replicant. K also has an A.I. girlfriend and she decides to change his boyfriend’s name from K to something else. As “Officer K” sounds more fake and a replicant to many, he started to call him “Joe”.

3. Joi


The famous character of Runner Blade and also the girlfriend of our beloved Officer K is Joi. She was the one who thought to name his boyfriend Joe because the people around him started to suspect him as a Replicant. Ana de Armas has amazingly played the role of Joi and received many great comments both from the critics and the audience.

Being an Artificial Intelligence robot, she was brave and smart in many ways than the rest of the world. Officer K treats Joi more like a human and less like a robot. They both have amazing relationships throughout the story of Runner Blade 2049. 

But we can’t say if Joi has a genuine feeling because he is just a robot with more advanced features. Officer K has himself designed her and programmed her to love him. I personally feel that he is more progressive and desperate to get love, that’s why he designed her. 

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2. Rick Deckard

Rick deckard Blade runner

The rik character is one of the most prominent and loved characters of the movie series. Whether it is the sequel or the first part, Harrison Ford has shown her amazing acting skills in the movie. In the movie, his character starts to suspect all the replicants and hunt them down. He also doubts throughout the movie about being a replicant. But is he a replicant? Well nobody knows. The answer to his being a Replicant is still unknown to the audience. 

Rick Deckard has been the main cast of the show and makes his role as prominent as the actor is.  

  1. Roy Batty

Roy Batty

We have always seen the main protagonist being the top-ranked in the category but not this time. Rick Deckard has done his role but still, the first place is handed to Roy. The main antagonist of the story, Roy batty has proven his villain skills in the show. 

However, the fans of Roy have always loved his villain character in every movie or show he has played in his life. The “Tears in rain” have shown his skills more beautifully than ever. 

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