Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See!


At the age of 29, Adrien Brody, an actor whose ascent to critical acclaim has been unceasingly rapid, became the youngest performer in Academy Awards history to win the Oscar for “Best Actor.”

There are great movies and there are great acting performances, but when they clash, things become more difficult. In some not so great (or downright horrible) movies, Adrien Brody has provided remarkable performances. This is true of his lengthy filmography. And yeah, on a few rare occasions, he was unimpressive in a good movie.


These top 10 films are instances where a terrific performance in a great (or at least good) movie was like lightning striking.

1. The Pianist

Ranking The Pianist first among the top Adrien Brody films may be a bit of a given. He became the youngest recipient of the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Work because to this, which is also perhaps his most well-known and lauded role (some predict Timothée Chalamet may unseat him this year).


Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

The Pianist accomplished the Oscar-bait triplet: he portrayed a real person (Polish pianist and composer Wladyslaw Szpilman), underwent a dramatic physical transformation, and the movie was set during World War II. More significantly, both his acting and the movie are faultless. It's still puzzling that Chicago won Best Picture over it.

2. The Darjeeling Limited

In The Darjeeling Limited, Brody played Peter Whitman, one of three estranged brothers trying to reunite a year after their father's funeral.

The picture is rich in vision and style, allowing Brody, Wilson, and Schwartzman to shine. The film is among Anderson's best visually.

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

New York was my hometown. I thought New York was unpredictable, but India is different, Brody added. “Letting go and going with the flow, so to speak, is crucial. It made me more present. There, you realize life's fragility and value.

“It was a narrative about three brothers reconciling and friendship, and I had a similar trip here. I relive my travels with Jason, Wes, Owen, and Roman while watching the film. More parallels than usual with roles I'm less like. It was meaningful in many ways.”

3. Midnight in Paris

In Allen's Midnight in Paris, Brody portrayed Salvador Dali with poise and delivery. Brody‘s part in Allen's Best Original Screenplay-winning picture stood out for capturing the surrealist painter's madness and genius.

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

Given the abuse allegations against the film's director, Brody would be forced to discuss them. Brody has always avoided answering. Brody: “I don't read about these things.” “I'm not a lane-keeper. I avoid such fodder. This world is full with calamity, brutality, and negligence. It's bad what people say and do, but it's not something to focus on.

Brody said, “Life's complicated.” “I desire to work with artists and to be treated without judgement. Polanski had a tough and challenging life as an artist. It would be unfair of me to go into the media-discussed past.

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson, is a lovely film that nevertheless features some dark humor (as is the case with most Anderson works). It is interesting and entertaining to see. Repeatedly.

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

Ralph Fiennes has, admittedly, portrayed some frightening men, so it's a pleasure to see him portray someone as endearing and innocent as M. Gustave H. Adrien Brody's performance as mustache-twirling bad guy Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis is equally satisfying.

The character who would be tying a damsel in distress type to train lines in an old silent movie comes to mind when thinking of Brody's Dmitri. You both love him and despise how much you do. The audience will like this persona much more because it is clear Brody enjoyed playing it.

5. Summer of Sam

In Spike Lee‘s interpretation of the historic Son of Sam killings, Brody plays Ritchie, a punk freak and buddy of the main character Vinnie. John Berkowitz, a known murderer, is always patrolling the streets and interacting with the locals in this North Bronx neighborhood.

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

As Ritchie, a young Brody gives a subtle performance, assuming the role with the vigor and zest that would soon land him leading roles.

He subsequently stated of the project, “If that movie had come out after The Pianist, there'd be a lot more celebration of the audacity and the originality of the character.” You are unaware of the actor's identity and the fact that punk culture had no impact on him at all during his life, forcing him to invent something wholly unrelated to himself.

6. Detachment

Detachment is regarded by Adrien Brody as his most underappreciated picture, which is a fair judgement. Brody would have had another Oscar nomination if this film had gained greater notoriety and/or had the funding to launch an effective marketing campaign.

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

His performance is simply outstanding, and the movie itself illuminates the flaws in our educational system, families, and people in general. A “interview” with his character at the beginning of the movie contributes to the sense of reality that permeates his portrayal of substitute instructor Henry Barthes.

It may have its origins in the cliché of the “teacher goes to a problematic high school,” but it develops into something wholly unique and unexpected. The film's director, Tony Kaye (of American History X fame), performs a fantastic job, as does his daughter Betty, who plays Meredith, the unstable teacher's pet.

7. The Jacket

The Jacket is a unique film, to say the least, with imagery and a plot that are open to interpretation, almost like a David Lynch piece. It covers topics including time travel, love, forgetfulness, mental illness, and psychological experiments. And that's just Jack Starks, Brody's character.

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

He did a fantastic job and clearly dedicated himself to the physical demands of the part, which included losing weight and spending extended amounts of time imprisoned in a morgue drawer. He employs the procedure. They always do it.

If you're a fan of Daniel Craig, you'll appreciate his superb (and almost unrecognizably different) performance here. In this movie, the chemistry between Craig and Brody is superior to that of Brody and Keira Knightley. It's kind bit strange, but The Jacket is absolutely worth watching… or twice.

8. Restaurant

Chris Calloway, a playwright and bartender from New Jersey, is played by Brody. Elise Neal, Simon Baker, Jesse L. Martin, David Moscow, John Carroll Lynch, and Lauren Hill are just a few of the actors who are strewn around the restaurant.

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

The movie, which was directed by Eric Bross, touches on subjects including alcoholism, infidelity, racism, and sexual politics. These subjects are somehow covered in dramatic and humorous sequences without coming off as preachy or like an after-school special. Brody is fantastic in it, and it's a terrific little independent gem.

9. The Brothers Bloom

Watching Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody in a film that is similar to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is entertaining since they are two of the top actors in the business right now. Brody portrays “Bloom” (no first name is ever disclosed), Stephen Bloom's younger brother and hesitant confederate.

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

In their various roles, each performer excels, charming their way through the material. Additionally likeable actors in this film include Rachel Weisz, Rinko Kikuchi, and Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid from the Harry Potter series).

Prepare yourself… Rian Johnson, the infamous focus of fanboy/fangirl anger for his work on The Last Jedi, wrote and directed The Brothers Bloom. While there are a few clunky places here and there, he did a good job overall.

10. King of the Hill

King of the Hill was directed by Steven Soderbergh, who also wrote the screenplay based on an autobiography by A.E. Hotchner. The story revolves around Aaron, a little child with a creative imagination who lives a less than ideal life in Missouri during the Depression (played to perfection by Jesse Bradford).

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies You Must See

Aaron learns the majority of his life lessons from a neighbor named Lester because his father lacks any sort of fatherly instinct and his mother is quarantined due to an illness (Adrien Brody). Lester is a remarkable figure who serves as the story's symbol of optimism more than just Aaron's tutor. When this, his fourth feature, was being made, Brody was 19 years old and already displaying greatness in the making.

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Final Words

Adrien Brody has consistently shown himself to be a very compelling and smart actor by delivering unvarnished and authentic performances. His command of audiences has garnered praise from critics, and the variety of movies Brody has been in demonstrates his skill as an actor.