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Tommy Ford: Actor, Producer, Writer and Comedian

Tommy Ford was a well established actor who played a very funny role in a Fox channel sitcom “Martin”. He was also famous for his brilliant comic timing and was famously known for a particular phrase in the show that he often used. All the characters would make fun of him for not having a job and then say, “He ain’t got no job” .

Tommy’s character would constantly try to defend and lie asmals he would claim to have a job. It might not seem funny on paper but it used to be a very popular tagline and that in itself speaks volumes for how Tommy made an impact through his roles. 

Tommy Ford

It was also said that Tommy was always loved by his co actors and never had issues with anyone. He was also involved in the children’s books business and was also a producer. He was a successful man with a great reputation.

According to USA Today, Tommy Ford’s untimely death was caused because of an aneurysm burst in his abdomen because of which he was put on life support. He was only 52-years-old and this tragic incident did cause grief to his family and friends.

What Had Tommy Ford Been Doing Before He Passed Away?

After achieving fame through Martin and being part of the show for five years from 1992-1997, Ford was well established and then dived into the production business because of the immense credibility he achieved through his promising career and brilliant acting skills.

A few films that he produced were made to cater to the African-American people. They were “Blues for Life” and “Love Different,” which came out in 2016, the year the actor passed away.

In 2015, he made  “Every Family Has Problems,” and “Conflict of Interest.”

Tommy Ford

Ford was also known for being a motivational speaker. Along with that, he had also been trying to stay behind the camera and made a documentary called Reverse the Lynch Curse. The documentary was mainly about eradicating or breaking through the vices of distrust and the feeling of envy. 

Along with that, he was also involved in a lot of on-stage theater productions which proved the actor’s versatile approach towards his career. His path wasn’t binary and he had dwelled into everything he liked. This showed his will to live life to the fullest and not fall short or fear away from indulging into any new adventures.

What Was Tommy Ford’s Family Life Like?

Tommy had married Gina Sssso in 1997 and remained married to her till 2014 and also had two children with her. But she wasn’t the only woman in Tommy’s life. Tommy moved to Atlanta in 2015 where he was living with his girlfriend Viviane Brazil.

Name Thomas Mikal Ford
Net Worth $2 Million
Occupation Actor, Producer, Writer, Comedian
Children 3
Death October 12, 2016
Ex-Spouse Gina Sasso
Age  52 (1964-2016)

Tommy’s wife Gina became an entrepreneur and gained fame and popularity because of her husband. Marrying Tommy did lead to her living a comfortable and luxurious life and he was the reason for her success. People got to know about her through him and because of him.

Tommy Ford and His Awards

  • In 1996, Ford was nominated in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor for the comedy show Martin in the NAACP Image Awards. Because of his impeccable comic timing and the popularity his role has gained, this nomination was no surprise.
  • Tommy was then given the title of “The Pope of Comedy” for his outstanding and best performance as a comedian. 

Which Actors Paid Homage to Tommy Ford?

Martin Lawrence, his on-screen best friend from Martin tweeted and was immensely sad because of the loss of his friend.

Carl Payne was also a co-star from Martin and gave Tommy a touching tribute through an Instagram post which read: “To my brother, like no other, from another mother. I LOVE YOU AND I THANK GOD FOR SHARING HIS AMAZING GIFT….TOMMY FORD!!”

Tommy Ford

All of the cast of Martin had attended Martin’s funeral as he was loved immensely by the people he worked with and the time he gave to the show was valued. Not just the time, Tommy was a talented actor and his contribution couldn’t be limited to his time on earth. His legacy will live on as people will remember him when they will watch his movies and shows and look at the TV industries best comedian and actor.

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