Tom Verlaine Death: What Was the Death Cause of Frontman of U.S. Punk Band Television?


Tom Verlaine, who played the guitar and was the lead singer of the rock band Television, died at the age of 73. After only a short time sick, the musician died in New York City with some friends by his side.

Television was started by Verlaine, Richard Hell, and Richard Lloyd in the late 1970s. It grew out of the underground punk rock scene in New York. During their career, the rock band put out several albums and singles that were at the top of the charts. Learn more about Verlaine's life by reading on.


How Did Tom Verlaine Die?

Tom's daughter, Jesse Paris Smith, told the world about his death. Jesse is the daughter of Patti Smith, who worked with Tom for many years. She posted an old picture of the singer on Instagram with the words “Dearest Tom. This love is huge and will last forever. My heart is too full to say everything right now, and it's too hard to find the right words.

Tom Verlaine Death



“The feeling inside is so heavy, but your spirit is light and lifted, and it is everywhere, completely and truly free. What a blessing and a gift it is that I get to spend my time on earth with you. I'll be thankful for you until the end of my life, and we'll see you again after that, wherever you are. “Thank you for being a leader,” she said next.

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The guitarist's publicist also confirmed his death and said, “He was known for his angular lyricism and pointed lyrical asides, his sly wit, and his ability to shake each string to its truest emotion. We will miss his ideas and his creativity.”

About Tom Verlaine

The musician, whose real name was Thomas Miller, changed his name to “Verlaine” after the French poet Paul Verlaine gave him ideas. In 1973, he and his high school friend and punk legend Richard Hell started the band Television. The band's first album, Marquee Moon, came out in 1977. It is still thought to be one of the best albums from the punk era.

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The next year, they came out with their second album, Adventure, which also got good reviews. But in July of that year, the band broke up. After that, Verlaine made a dozen solo albums and worked with a number of other artists. Around, his last record came out in 2006.

Tributes Pour in for the Guitarist Tom Verlaine

There are now a lot of tributes to the musician on social media. “R.I.P. Tom Verlaine of Television, who could make a guitar sound like lightning striking itself, a virtuoso of restraint and the negative void, a spare and elegant lyricist like his symbolist namesake. Otto Von Biz Markie, a record producer, said in a tweet that his stage name, band name, and style were what made punk cool.

Tom Verlaine Death

“A true original. No one before or after Tom Verlaine played the guitar as he did. At Roskilde, he played in Patti Smith's band while sitting cross-legged on the floor on his side of the stage. That was as close to perfect as you can get. A sad sad day. “Rest in peace, Tom,” a fan wrote.

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DJ Joe Donnelly also wrote on Twitter, “He had a lot of talent. I remember asking the Edge who his guitar heroes are, and he said, Tom Verlaine. I don't want to sound like a twat, but it's true. At the time, I couldn't forget it. He said it straight out. RIP Tom Verlaine.”

We are sorry for Tom Verlaine's friends and family. Mat his soul rest in peace.