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Tom Schwartz Says “Relearning How to Be Single” While Going Through a Divorce.

Schwartz and Maloney were dating prior to the 2013 premiere of Vanderpump Rules. They wed in 2016, however, it was later discovered that they were not legally wedded. In July of 2019, the couple finalized their union by exchanging vows for the second time in Las Vegas.

Maloney discussed the end of their 12-year relationship and her recent decision to file for divorce during an appearance on Lindsey Metselaar’s We Met At Acme podcast on Sunday.

Tom Schwartz is a fairly laid-back individual, although he is apprehensive about Season 10 of “Vanderpump Rules.”

The Bravolebrity, 39, told Page Six exclusively on Tuesday at Schwartz & Sandy’s, the Los Angeles cocktail lounge he is about to build with his best friend and co-star, Tom Sandoval.

He hasn’t even had the opportunity to be single! Sandoval, also 39 years old, interjected and remarked on how busy the two had been working on the new residence. (They also own a portion of Lisa Vanderpump’s TomTom bar in West Hollywood.)

Tom Schwartz Divorce

Schwartz couldn’t contain his excitement as he prepared his first official drink for Schwartz & Sandy’s.

Regarding his most recent business endeavor, he remarked, “This has been a fantastic focus.”

Katie Maloney, the estranged wife of Schwartz, filed for divorce in March. At the time, he stated that the word “divorce” was “extremely traumatic” and that it took him one month to cease wearing his wedding band.

However, Maloney and Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, were present for Tuesday’s soft opening for family and friends.

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Maloney, 35, and Schwartz, who was busy schmoozing and did not interact much, appeared to be on cordial terms.

Despite the hardship that operating a pub with your closest friend might place on a friendship, the Toms are stronger than ever.

They quipped that the “lowest point” of Schwartz & Sandy’s was the name-related controversy that dominated Season 9 of the reality show.

“Seeing how it’s all come together and all the work we’ve put into it, it sort of blossomed into the name — exactly like you said it would,” Schwartz revealed to Sandoval, who exclaimed a triumphant “yeah!”

Tom Schwartz Divorce

And even though Schwartz was the one going through a recent split, Sandoval informed us that he depended greatly on his friend during times of extreme stress.

“[Schwartz] always made up for it,” Sandoval recalled. “I went through phases of escapism, whether it was with my band or other things in my life, and he always compensated for it.”

Even though both men were concerned about the COVID-19 recession, they persisted and balanced one another along the way.

Sandoval, according to Schwartz, “campaigned vigorously for last-minute adjustments,” such as ensuring that the entire room had adequate lighting and installing enormous circular mirrors on the wall behind the bar to break up the patterned wallpaper.

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Schwartz commented that he, too, desired the reforms; nevertheless, he “did not believe [they] had the time or money”

However, they discovered a method to make it work and realize their psychedelic mushroom trip vision.

Now, they have only one option remaining.

“We’re still trying to determine our uniform strategy,” Sandoval remarked.