Tokyo Ravens Season 2: What Fans Want to See?

“Will there be a Tokyo Ravens Season 2?”

Many of you might suppose that there be a season second but the declining profits from the series are the main reason to worry. The fewer values are the reason that this show will never happen. Let’s talk a bit more about the anime and its production hands.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Tokyo Ravens is one of the Japanese Light Novel series. The main person behind Tokyo anime is Kōhei AzzanoHe is the writer of the series. Azzano’s work arrives on our television screens on October 9, 2013, and runs for approximately five months ended on March 26, 2014. The anime is dispatched by Funimation, it is also available to read in ebooks.

The first season stands up for a total of twenty-four episodes which are taken from the sixteen+ four additional novel volumes. The director of the show is Takaomi Kanasaki whereas its original tv networks are Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS, tvk, TV Aichi, and AT-X BS11.

This is a story of Onmyodou Magic, the magic is so much power which is the reason it is used during World War First. The anime is full of magic, potions, spirits, and evil in it which is the main reason fans admire this anime.

Tokyo Ravens has given 8.5/10Rating Graph and 7.5/10IMDb which is not bad but what about the season second?

Are creators working on this or not?

Do you want to know the precise answers then proceed reading…

Are Creators Working On Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

No, they aren’t working on the Tokyo Ravens 2. The main reason they clarified the delay is the source element. As stated above the anime is adapted from the Light Novel series.

The sales are low for the series which are concerning them. If the sales increase or show some amount of benefits, then after that we could only hope to get the season second somehow in 2022 but not before that.

Is Tokyo Ravens Cancelled For Its Second Installment?

We aren’t sure about that because originators haven’t declared or clarified anything about the following slice. Many believed that the anime is canceled because of the low profits but this is not an official announcement by the executives, so we couldn’t say anything so quickly.

When we get exact statements, news, and tweets regarding the cancellation or renewal then we will update more in the same post, so don’t disremember to bookmark us.

If There Be A Season Second Then Whom We Gonna Meet?

The characters will persists the same in Tokyo Ravens Season 2. The list of the personas are as follows-

  • Natsume Tsuchimikado-

Natsume is the main character of the story which is voiced by  Kaito Ishikawa. He is the son of a branch family who belongs to the Tsuchimikado clan. The clan’s members are very powerful but he is the only exception because he is born without magic.

  • Touji Ato-

Touji is the character in the anime who always wears a green Bandanna. He is the one who can easily smell out the spirits or supernatural powers near him.

  • Suzuka Dairenji-

The girl is innocent looking but has a wicked mind in fact in the anime she is an unlawful-wanted criminal.  She only wants to catch Tsuchimikado in order to use his powers for her own sake.

  • Kyouko Kurahashi-

Another main figure of the anime. His name is listed as the main and top-achieving scholar in the classroom.

  • Tenma Momoe-

Tenma is the new student who becomes befriends with Harutora and Touji during the initial day of their training in the academy.

The above mentioned are the main characters of the anime some other side figures are Akino Souma, Harutora Tsuchimikado, Jin Ohtomo, Miyo Kurahashi, and Mako Fujino. Moreover, some additional voice artists could be there in the anime with some new characters.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Is there any trailer for the Tokyo Ravens Season 2

We have lots of fan-made editions but don’t confuse themself with the actual trailer because they are not Official Teaser but are pretty good to watch if you want to cherish your old Raven’s memories.

Last Lines

At this time the creators are lip-locked regarding the Tokyo Ravens Season 2. We could hope for some official statements by the creators soon.

At this time we can stick to the conclusion that the series will happen in the upcoming years.

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It’s time to end this post with this old quote, if you have any query then you can ask us anything right below in our comment section, we would love to give you an instant reply.

“It’s Not A Matter Of Talent, It’s A Matter Of Will.”

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