Tokyo Ghoul Season 5: Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Fans are making a lot of discussion regarding its fifth season. Here is everything you need to know about the popular anime.

Last Update On 25th January

I remembered the first time I decided to watch Anime series and I think every one do. I was not really an anime person and have watched only anime like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon because they used to be popular when I was a little kid. In high school, I met with some people, who later became my friends and are great anime lovers. They recommend different series like One Punch Man, Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul. I started to watch it without any interest but later they got me. Now, I have already finished watching these three and of course many more. And today we’re especially going to discuss Tokyo Ghoul and it’s Season 5. 

Tokyo Ghoul, which already has millions of fan base all around the world, is a great anime series. If you haven’t watched it yet then you should definitely check it out. In the next few minutes we’ll be focusing on this series. Stay till the end to know everything about it. 

Tokyo Ghoul – What should you need to know?

Tokyo Ghoul

Based on the manga series of the same name, this popular manga series was written by Sui Ishida. Soon after the release of it’s manga version, this series became one of the top selling manga series not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world too. The popularity of the manga led to its light novel version and also its anime version.

The first episode of this dark fantasy anime was released in July 2014. As the manga version was already famous, the anime one also blew up. Tokyo Ghoul received a lot of appreciation and popularity from the people and that's the reason the producers released its another season within a year. After some time, Tokyo Ghoul came up with Season 3 and Season 4. The last season was Season 4 which received a lot of criticism by the critics but that doesn't mean there is no one to love it. 

Despite the negative remarks from the critics, people loved this series and that’s the reason why they are asking for Season 5, but is it really happening? 

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 – Is it really Happening?

Soon after the Season 4 releases, it started to receive negative reviews and the show came under controversy. Everyone thought season 4 would be the downfall of Tokyo Ghoul and the audience would not praise it but they were wrong. The fans accepted the show and it attracts the same number of audience as it does before. But somewhere the producers know that the season 4 will be the last and they packed the show only in 24 episodes which originally were 179 chapters

Season 4 was not as satisfying as the other season and the fans were not that happy with it and demanded season 5. However, there are many people who believe that the season 4 was great and the producers shouldn’t extend the series anymore. 

Looking at the storyline, the show wrapped up in a perfect ending making all of us die in satisfaction. Even Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima have parted away their ways in a happy ending, which we all want. 

Not only this but the Ghouls and the humans have left into their own world and are living in peace. With all these things going on, I don’t think that we’re seeing any season 5 of Tokyo Ghoul soon. The future of Tokyo Ghoul is not bright enough to watch us and we haven’t received any official statement about season 5. With all this we can conclude that we’re not getting Season 5. As per this Youtube video there is no confirmation that the release date will be announced.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 – What is the release date?

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5

Nothing is officially confirmed and for now we think that season 4 will be the finale and the last episode of Tokyo Ghoul series. The producing studio hasn’t released any statement so far and we don’t know if we will get a spin off series or not but fans want more. 

However, For now there is no release date of Tokyo Ghoul. 

Anime Name Tokyo Ghoul
Category Dark Fantasy 
Release Date Canceled
Director Shuhei Morita
No. of Seasons 4

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 – Can we expect it to come in Future?

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5

The publishing studio isn’t sure about Season 5 and we’re not sure if it is ever going to happen. Many people are believing season 4 as the last and final season. But there are still people who aren’t over with it. There are a lot of hashtags going around in Twitter like #savetokyoghoul, #tokyoghohulseason5 and many more. We have already witnessed how the fans can re-start the show by their power and if the show admirers get together they might get back this show too. There are already petitions going on for Tokyo Ghoul, so anything can happen. 

Additionally, the show has already packed up and its manga version has also ended, if there will be any more seasons than it is totally dependent on the writer Sui Ishida. 

However, there is no official announcement so far but if there is we will sure update this section.

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Where is Sui Ishida?  

If you are wondering where Sui Ishida is? then we would like to tell you that he is probably Busy, busy in his own world, busy in writing another manga series. Yes, you heard it right. The writer of Tokyo Ghoul is currently writing a new manga series called Jack Jeanne. This is officially confirmed by the ANN and now there is no hope for season 5. The writer is already busy with his new manga series and we think that currently he’ll be all focused on it. 

In future, if he tries to write anything about Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 we'll update you. 

Final Words

Tokyo Ghoul, one of the famous dark fantasy anime has come to an end but there are a certain class of people who want more from this series. With the original writer of its manga version being busy, we don’t think that there will be season 5 of Tokyo Ghoul. If there will be any update we’ll surely notify you and for that keep checking or website Keeperfacts