To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

Last Updated: January 30, 2022

One of the most dark fantasy action shows – To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Anime is coming or not? The anime ended with an interesting note leaving the audience and the fans to crave more.

The people who read the anime and manga series already know about this series and it will be more interesting if season 2 of this dark anime comes out next year.

This anime series is the adaptation from the popular manga series of the same name which consist of only 12 episodes and it was the shortest anime season of the series.

The series is great due to its interesting characters and some interesting action scenes but still it receives mixed reviews. The excitement in the series rises in the ending of the episode which results in curiosity for the new season 2.

Are you also waiting and being crazy for the new season to hit the screen after the first season release in 2019?

Since 3 years have been completed but no new season of this anime comes to you. The series came in July 2019 and concluded in September of the same year.

This Japanese Anime series is also famous in the name of Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi E and it is taken from the Maybe’s manga series and the first season of this anime is produced by the MAPPA Animation Studio.

If I talk about source material then enough material is available to renew the sequel of this series.

What is the Story of ‘To the Abandoned Sacred Beast’ Anime?

To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Season 2

In this dark fantasy story conflict started in the continent of Patria after a long time of peace due to the discovery of Somnium which is a new source of energy.

Because of the discovery of new energy the country or continent is divided into two parts, one is the Northern industrial parts and southern mining part. The secret weapon i.e. the Incarnates is in the north one while south is dominated with numbers.

These Incarnates have the power to turn themselves into big monsters or beasts which help them and it also benefits them a lot.

In the end Partria were blessed with peace after doing negotiation and in this process it was thought that incarnates were destroyed.

Cain, one of the officers, escapes with the surviving incarnates and after 2 years Hank, Incarnate starts to work with a young woman in search of other Incarnates who survived in the past.

Name of the Show To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Season 2
Genre Dark Fantasy
Release Date Canceled
Created By Jun Shishido
Platform  Animax Asia

Audience Reaction to the Abandoned Sacred Beast Season Anime

To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Season 2

Season 1 of “To the Abandoned Sacred Beast” got mixed response from the viewers and critics but it didn’t receive a good response from them. There are several flaws in the anime which do not give good results as it does not impress the critics.

The series receives an average score of 6.40 on MyAnimeList which is ok or sometimes good to renew for one more season.

But the series is popular and has the potential to make a new season which is good if the creators make the sequel which is in continuous demand from the fans’ side.

Is There Any Trailer for ‘To the Abandoned Sacred Beast’ Anime Season 2’?

No, there is no available trailer for this dark fantasy anime series for the 2nd installment but you can watch its season 1 trailer which is provided below-

Where to Watch To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Anime Series-

You can watch the dark anime series on Crunchyroll which is available in its original audio that is in Japanese and also in English Subtitles. If you love this anime then you may go to read manga series in which many other things and material is available for you.

To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Season 2: Release Date

To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Season 2

At the time of writing, still there is no renewal or cancellation news regarding the new season coming out and still fans are waiting to hear about the new season. Some of the fans now have stopped expecting for season 2 because no announcement or rumour came out for season 2 after 2.5 years.

However, enough source material is left to continue and make its sequel and the complete decision is laid on the production team whether they want to renew or cancel the season depending on the revenue that they make from the new season.

We will update our articles to provide you first and the fast update about the season when it comes to us and on the internet. So make yourself calm and wait until the season renewal, till then watch another anime series of your interest.

Last Lines

What do you think about this anime, is it worth watching and will the second part be worth watching to all? Write your comments below.


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