Titans Release Date: What Is the Story of Titans in Netflix?


The American TV show Titans are about superheroes. It was made by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti. Based on the Teen Titans team from DC Comics, the show is about a group of young heroes who work together to fight evil.

In September 2014, work began on a live-action series based on the Teen Titans. A pilot written by Goldsman and Marc Haimes was ordered in December 2014, but TNT dropped out of the project before filming began in 2016.


In April 2017, it was announced that Goldsman, Johns, and Berlanti would be remaking the series for DC Universe as its first original scripted show. Thwaites was cast as Dick in September 2017, and other regulars were cast between August and October 2017.

Titans Premise

In Titans, the young heroes of the team with the same name fight evil and other dangers. When the story starts, the Titans have been broken up, but throughout the series, the original members and new ones bring the team back together. The Titans fight crime in cities like Detroit, San Francisco, and Gotham City, among others.


The first people on the team to show up in the show is Dick Grayson, who used to work with Batman as a vigilante, Kory Anders, who is from another planet, Rachel Roth, who can feel other people's emotions, and Gar Logan, who can change his shape.

Later, it comes out that Dick was one of the original Titans, along with Donna Troy, who is half Amazon, and the crime-fighting duo of Dawn Granger and Hank Hall. After the Titans get back together, Jason Todd, Batman's new partner, Rose Wilson, an assassin, and Conner, Superman's genetic clone, join the team.

In the first season, Rachel goes to Dick for help because she is being chased by dangerous people. This is how they meet Kory and Gar and decide to work together. The heroes find out that Trigon, Rachel's demon father, is after her because he wants to take over the world and make everyone his slave.

The season also shows how Dick tries to get away from his mentor and his Robin persona, and how Kory struggles with a case of amnesia that makes her forget who she really is.

Titans Release Date

Titans Release Date

Titans first aired on October 12, 2018, but the first episode was shown at New York Comic Con on October 3, 2018. The first season had eleven episodes, and DC Universe released a new one every week until the season finale on December 21, 2018.

Outside of the US, you could start streaming the first season on Netflix on January 11, 2019. On July 12, 2021, the first season was shown again on TNT.

Titans Casting

At the beginning of August 2017, Teagan Croft was chosen to play Rachel Roth. At the end of the same month, Anna Diop was chosen to play Kory Anders, and Brenton Thwaites was chosen to play Dick Grayson. Because of racist comments about her casting, Diop spent less time on social media before the show's premiere.

Ryan Potter as Gar Logan would round out the main cast for the first season. This news came out in October 2017. Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly started playing Hank Hall and Dawn Granger in recurring roles in early September 2017. By the end of the month, Amy Rohrbach was played by Lindsey Gort. In January 2018, Seamus Dever was cast in an unannounced role that turned out to be Trigon.

A month later, Bruno Bichir was named the Chief, April Bowlby was named Rita Farr, Jake Michaels was named Cliff Steele, and Dwain Murphy was named Larry Trainor. Jason Todd is played by Curran Walters, and Donna Troy is played by Conor Leslie. Elliot Knight was chosen to play Don Hall in August 2018.

Titans Trailer

The group of young superheroes just getting together joins forces to fight their inner demons and save the world from evil. They soon realize that they are broken on their own, but when they work together, they are Titans.

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Titans Production

In September 2014, TNT announced that they might make a live-action Titans show. By December 2014, a pilot written by Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes had been ordered. In the pilot, Dick Grayson would step out of Batman's shadow and become Nightwing, the leader of a group of heroes that included Starfire, Raven, Hawk and Dove, and Oracle.

The pilot was planned to be filmed in Toronto in the middle of 2015. In May 2015, TNT president Kevin Reilly said that the show would be “very true” to the comics and “groundbreaking.” He also said that they hoped to have the cast set by the time filming began. The Titans and then Blackbirds series was supposed to start filming in Toronto in the middle of 2015.

Then, the production was put off until October. In January 2016, TNT said that they would no longer be working on the project. Geoff Johns said in February 2016 “We [at DC] have known for months and months and months that TNT is getting rid of Titans. We already knew that. Titans are in our plans. We have plans for this big part of DC.” Johns and Goldsman worked on the material for seven years.

In October 2018, Johns said that the project would not move forward unless the rights to Dick Grayson were secured. He said, “Titans wouldn't work without Robin… So there was a lot of work going on behind the scenes.” Batman's rights had slowed down past Titans' projects because they couldn't use him.

In April 2017, Warner Bros. said that DC Comics' own direct-to-consumer digital service would be where Titans would be released in 2018. Goldsman, Johns, Greg Berlanti, and Sarah Schechter came up with the idea for the show.

Goldsman, Johns, and Berlanti wrote the pilot episode. Showrunner duties were given to Greg Walker. All of them are also the show's executive producers for Warner Bros. Television, Weed Road Pictures, and Berlanti Productions. Even though there were going to be twelve episodes, the eleventh one was billed as the last one of the first season in December 2018.

Titans Release Date

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Story of Titans in Netflix?

Dick Grayson, who used to work with Batman, went out on his own and met a number of troubled young heroes who needed a mentor badly. Brenton Thwaites (“The Giver”), Minka Kelly (“Friday Night Lights”), and Anna Diop are among the actors in this movie (“24: Legacy”).

Is Titans on Netflix Good?

Titans is fun to watch, and Anna Diop's performance as Koriand'r is a standout. She wishes she were in charge. 16 January 2019 | 3/5 | Full Review… It takes some time to get used to the violence, but it works well with the humor and strong performances to make the show interesting.

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Why Is Beast Boy Only a Tiger in Titans?

Gar tells Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft) over dessert with the rest of the Doom Patrol, “Chief thinks I can unzip my DNA and rearrange it.” “It took me some time to understand.” So far, he has only changed into a green tiger. When asked why, he said, “He thinks it's psychological.”