Tips for Students: How to become a web designer

Before starting a career as a designer almost every beginner has a lot of questions that have no answers due to lack of experience. What knowledge a web designer should have, what programs should be mastered, how much time to devote to training, how to acquire professional skills, where and how to find a customer, how to pass the finished work – these and some other answers in this article.

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What Knowledge a Web Designer Needs

In general, to begin with, we would advise you to read some sensible books on design. In principle, it cannot even read, but just flip through it diagonally, stopping at the clear points. At the initial stage, it is important to understand “what lies on what shelf”, what is the overall theoretical structure. And already in a consequence gradually to address to it for more detailed explanations on a concrete question with more profound elaboration and understanding of the material. That is, in essence, it should be such a workbook, which should always be at hand.

In particular, you need a basic knowledge of the elements and principles of web design, fonts, color theory. Particular attention should be paid to such a concept as “website”, its structure, and the principles of existence on the Internet. By the way, at my site, you will find a lot of theoretical material that will help you to get the necessary initial knowledge.

Tips for Students: How to become a web designer

Another area you need to be aware of is the basics of HTML5 and CSS3. Even if you're not going to do the layout yourself, you still need to understand how the site is designed. This will help you not to make mistakes even at the design stage of the site. Fundamentals of programming – this is optional. And it would also be good to understand WordPress since it is on this platform that most sites work.

What Programs Should Be Mastered

In this matter, we adhere to minimalism. We honestly believe that to make a good design, it is enough to know Photoshop. However, this program should not be mastered at the level of the beginner. And so it will have to spend time to learn it. All other programs are optional. For the layout is enough standard Notepad.

How Much Time to Devote to Training

Generally speaking, everything is very individual in this matter. First, learn how to use Photoshop, and start getting advanced Photoshop lessons. It will take you maybe three or four months.

So, we can say that after about 4 or 5 months of training, there are already quite strong design skills and an adequate understanding of the design process itself. But of course, provided that during all this time to engage in their self-education, practice, learn the theory, try it out.

What Is the Best Way to Acquire Skills

We suggest that you start by copying your favorite sites. But only as a practice! Do not reinvent the wheel. Just try to do the same. It will turn out very differently, not like the original. And the next step, we’d advise you to take some quality free WordPress theme and thoroughly understand its code. To try to manage the design elements. Then this parsed code can be used as a fish for future designs.

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