Tips And Tricks For The Best Video Conference

Video conferencing is a trending tool in this COVID 19 pandemic. It helps you in building strong relationships & allows your time according to your work routine. As I told you about the best guidelines for video conferences, it can reduce your travel budgets—technology impact like never before in covid19.

Every work in this pandemic shifts to work from home & conference meeting halls moved to video conferences. If you are looking for your best first video conference, I will provide you tips for getting the best video conference checklist & you look professional at your next meeting. Here is the essential useful advice for video conferencing:

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For Best Performance of video conference close all unnecessary apps

When You start your best free video conference, it will take some time to save your work in file & close the apps you won’t need. You can close all the programs that consume more power or data.

If so many apps are opened on your Pc when you are on a video call, it will slow down your computer. & if you are using a lightweight laptop, it will distract your Video. It requires a lot of resources. When you hear the fans spin during a video call, quit the other apps.

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Check your lighting for the Best video conference

Keep in mind that you have to cite a visit that can be resolved or saw images of the office before the event. Make sure the room has proper lighting & bright enough for video conferencing.

Nature light has its advantages & has its issues & makes it difficult for other people to see you on the camera. You can be aware of inappropriate distractions like windows open so that you can sit in a consistent & uniform way for the best video conference.

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The Clear Audio Quality for The Best Video Conferencing Call

If your audio quality is poor, nothing more frustrating than this in a Video call. Make sure people hear you loud & clear without dropout. Good quality microphones will reduce the echo & noise. When you doubt, you can run the setup by your audio to test for any webinar or video call When you are not speaking to anyone, mute your microphone. If you do any big event, your audio partner will test the room’s sound levels & check that both audio input & output for better quality.

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Dress Appropriately for The Best Video Call

If you have to present online, dressing is essential. You have to avoid an inappropriate outfit because all focus is on you. Clothing like stripes, sequins & glitter clothing affected on eyes don’t wear loose shirts that gape, and it goes without saying, wear professional pants. Sometimes the simple things are often overlooked.

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Remove Distractions

Distraction will be the no. 1 enemy of engagement & concentration. For presenters & attendees, make sure they all have clear sight—one thing you do is switch off your phone for unwanted noise for the best video call.

Make Sure to Test The Equipment for The Best Video Conference

When you start your meeting firstly, you have to log in to the details for the best video conference. You can test your video & audio connection for better working. In the beginning, the organizer will check that everybody is on camera & audio is working correctly that there is no issue create in between video conference.

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Use a Headset for The Best Video Conference

If You are in the office & you are using a phone or laptop, your colleagues don’t want to listen to you, or other attendees are talking about work. Your co-workers have conversations with colleagues and clients and will be extremely grateful that your meeting is not interrupting their workday.

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Inform Participants You Are Recording for The Best Video Conference Results

If You are recording the meeting, others will know before registration when you push the record button. It will make your video conference for the participants personally & they hold your meeting. It helps everyone in the meeting engaged with your discussion & follows you without stop.

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Before You Start to Prepare Ahead for Best Video Conference

If you are a coach or an instructor, be prepared before the meeting. Make Plan & & adapt discussion topics to know your exact goal & time accurately. You can share with other attendees so that they can prepare with their ideas. Keep Your meeting On topic. Make your meeting as brief as possible for better results so that everyone will be staying in the meeting before it ends.

Engage With All Participants for The Best Video Conference

Make sure you are communicating with your audience in the video conference. It creates a good impact. When you are talking, your eyes are directly & meeting like its face-to-face conversion between you & the audience or your client. If you share your screen, you can get away from a camera so that your audio will be clear. Ask them questions for their attention. A well-executed video conference can know in today’s workplace. By following our best practice tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a conferencing superstar!

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Be Aware of Your Surroundings for The Best Video Conference

If you need to on a laptop screen camera, make sure you know what is going around you. Close all the windows for better results. You can use a lamp to avoid harsh & direct light.

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Get Creative With How You Connect

Some companies use Skype or Zoom. If you are working n a personal laptop or screen, you have to download the desktop app & log in to your account & find the best video calling service according to your need. Most mobile apps have the option for video calls like Facebook messenger & google hangouts.

Log In Early

Please don’t wait for the meeting to start to find out your connection is wrong, or your software doesn’t work correctly; test it before the conference begins. In skype, you can check the audio quality service. In zoom, there is also a feature Programme test feature.


Don’t Forget a Charger for the best video conference

When you are in a video conference, your battery goes down quickly. And when you are in a meeting your battery low warning blinks on-screen & you left the meeting to find your charger. Make your laptop is appropriately plugin.


Mute Yourself When You’re Not Speaking for best video call

When you are attending a video call while you are at home, keep yourself mute in the call. When you have to speak, only unmute yourself. Suddenly your family member walks into the room while you are on video conference. You don’t have to rush to find the mute button.


So many tips for getting the best video conference I will share in this article. I hope this will surely help you in your first video conference. If you want to know more tips regarding the video conference, please write them down in the comment section. Keep reading, guys.