Tips for Choosing Halloween Decorations That Stand Out

Halloween is a special holiday that allows you to kick back and have some fun. It’s unlike any other day of the year and it allows adults to have fun as if they were back in grade school. Decorating your home and business plays a big role in setting the Halloween mood.

Choosing Decorations That Stand Out

When decorating for Halloween, you want to contribute to the overall atmosphere associated with the holiday. While it’s perfectly acceptable to run to the store and randomly pick a few items, following a few tips will make you truly stand out.

Consult Your Favorite Halloween Movie

Your Halloween decorations are only as good as the environment you create. Think of your favorite Halloween movie and what makes it special. You’ll probably agree that lighting is one of the key ingredients of the perfect Halloween recipe.

If you’re not going the ghoulish route with your scene but prefer to mirror a children’s Halloween movie, plan accordingly. Whether it’s Casper or the Charlie Brown Halloween special, find decorations that can bring the characters to life, so to speak.

Choose Items You Can Build a Scene Around

Rather than adhere to a movie or other known theme, you can exercise your creativity and build your own scene. Coming up with a theme gives you creative license to tell a Halloween story. It also allows you to tie your decorations together into a theme rather than a bunch of unrelated items.

Place scary creatures around your house and take the edge off with some balloons. Alternatively, you can turn up the creepiness factor with a fog machine. Whether you want your house to mimic a graveyard or a haunted warehouse, you can combine items to blend realism with fantasy.

Couch Decorations in Organic Surroundings

Hanging ghost props and fake spiderwebs can take on the life of their own when you combine them with organic items. A few logs and some dirt can really go a long way in building a scene that a movie studio would be jealous of. Sure, you might have a little more cleanup to do, but it’ll be worth it if you leave people speechless.

Placement Beats Quantity

If you can’t afford to buy many items, you can choose a few key decorations and work around them. Creating some jump scares with a hidden skeleton can have the same effect as a more expensive setup. That’s why planning ahead of time will make your decoration shopping more effective.

Furthermore, you can add a unique surprise decoration to every room of your home. You don’t have to cover everything with backdrops and other items. However, if you’ll be hosting a party for children, feel free to snag a few extra bats or paper ghosts.

In terms of practicality, when hosting a children’s Halloween party, try to think ahead of time about where you’ll be placing your decorations. You don’t want little kids getting in trouble by knocking over stuff or injuring themselves trying to grab a cute pumpkin-holding baby Yoda.

Appeal to Your Guests’ Senses

Halloween is as much about the smells, tastes, and sounds as it is about the hair-raising sights. Couch your decorations in scents and sounds that add appeal to your scene. Having a movie soundtrack or some ambient Halloween noise playing in the background can add to the mood.

Stand Out This Halloween

Create a memorable experience by choosing the best Halloween decorations from Party City and build your own spooky world. Visualize the scene, list the decorations you’ll be needing and have fun!

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