Timeline of the Bachelor’s Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Relationship


In September 2021, when Echard was named as the next Bachelor, he was received with hostility; ABC even promoted him as the “underdog.” This criticism grew throughout his season, particularly in regards to how he treated his final three women: Susie Evans, Rachel Recchia, and Gabby Windy.

After stating that he was in love with all three women and becoming intimate with Recchia and Windey, Echard found it difficult to choose a winner, especially after Evans, his frontrunner, stated that she could not see herself continuing forward with him.


Timeline of the Bachelor's Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Relationship

What followed was a succession of chaotic, indecisive occurrences. Echard sent Evans home indignantly and informed Recchia and Windey of what transpired before asking them to stay. As soon as he understood he just wanted to be with Evans, he ended his relationships with Recchia and Windey and apologized to Evans. Echard was left standing alone in the last episode after Evans refused to reconcile with him.

Needless to say, the former football player was not the most popular Bachelor, and it appeared he would conclude the series as a bachelor. However, Echard and Evans declared their relationship on Following The Final Rose, stating that they had been dating for four months after the competition.


1st Impression

As soon as Susie came out of the limo, Clayton and Susie developed an instant rapport. “Susie was quite entertaining when she exited the limo, “In January 2022, he stated during an appearance on Us Weekly's “Here For the Right Reasons” podcast. “I appreciate someone with a sense of humor. I appreciate it when someone is able to do something and is also confident about it. Being able to maintain elegance and self-assurance despite being surrounded by cameras while exiting a limo tells a great deal about the individual. She left a strong impression on me.”

Timeline of the Bachelor's Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Relationship


Susie became one of the leading candidates for the TV personality's heart when she was granted the first date. After a helicopter trip to Los Angeles, the couple went swimming in the ocean.

Fallen in Love

Susie surprised Clayton with a late-night meeting in Croatia, during which she proclaimed her love for him. “On our first date, I felt completely… swept off my feet, and I had such a connection with you,” the former beauty queen stated, admitting that she had erected barriers after observing him interact with the other women. “But before coming here tonight, I vowed to be more vulnerable with you… I feel like I'm falling in love with you, despite the fact that there's still a long way to go and much more to find out.”

Timeline of the Bachelor's Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Relationship

Clayton said that seeing Susie declare her affections made him “the happiest I've been since the beginning of the show.” “She told me everything I needed to know tonight,” he stated. “If I ever needed confirmation that this procedure works, I am witnessing it now.”

Developing Boundaries

Clayton confessed his love for Susie during the evening portion of their dream suite date, but things did not go as smoothly as he had anticipated, as he was blindsided by Susie‘s assertion that his sleeping with other women was a deal-breaker. “If you felt this strongly about this, why didn't you tell me earlier?” Before she stepped outside for a breather, Clayton inquired. “What are you doing? How can you argue that you cannot move forward after all the experiences we've had?”

A ‘Bachelorette' Casting Call?

During their argument, Clayton suspected that Susie was trying to position herself as the next Bachelorette instead of focusing on their relationship. “I wondered, “Why does she not appear to be battling for this?” Why does she appear unwilling to even give me a chance?' “On “Almost Famous,” he reflected on the past, adding that he now feels differently. “I began to have extremely scary thoughts, such as, “What if Susie is currently attempting to escape this?” What if she is only saying what she needs to do in order to leave me and become the next Bachelorette?'

Timeline of the Bachelor's Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Relationship

Clayton concluded season 26 as a single contestant, but during the After the Final Rose special, he disclosed that his relationship with Susie had not ended. In the March 2022 finale, he revealed that Susie had reached out to him after the show, stating, “I've spent the last four months with her.” “She continues to wow me more and more daily. This woman continues to convince me that following my heart was the best decision I could have ever made, and I could not be more in love with her.”

April 2022

The pair fought back against Sasha Narang's accusations of infidelity made on TikTok. While she initially claimed she slept with Clayton after meeting him in a club in New York City, the former Bachelor and Susie produced evidence that he was in Arizona on the night in the issue. Subsequently, Narang apologized and stated she was with a person posing as Clayton.

At the time, Narang told Us, “Someone is impersonating Clayton in New York City, and it's just bizarre that I was put in that position.” “He is taking advantage of women by impersonating him. Their similarity is frightening, and he has his entire life memorized. I hope to publicize as much as possible the reality we now know. I hope that people can help find down this person's identification and, most importantly, spread the word about this messed-up individual.”

No Regrets?

During an interview with The Virginian-Pilot published in July 2022, Clayton stated, “Watching it back, I was humiliated and appalled by my conduct and how I was perceived or shown on television.” “In the end, I had to accept the fact that my story was portrayed. And that was hard since that’s not truly who I am. I don't believe that what I portrayed on the show accurately reflects who I am, but I did those things and became that person.”

Adorable Confessions

Susie composed a touching email to her “Clayboy” in August 2022, which he posted to his Instagram Story. Alongside the shot, he commented, “Currently feeling extremely grateful.” “To say I'm fortunate is an understatement. Everyone should have a Suse in their lives! Love you, Snoozie!”

Moving Out

“Our next step is me moving to Scottsdale and her moving to Los Angeles in the meantime. We're only separated by a 50-minute flight, but we're both pursuing our aspirations, and I believe that location-wise, those are the places we want to be,” he stated on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast. “I work on my computer ten to twelve hours every day.

Timeline of the Bachelor's Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Relationship

So she said, “Clayton, I'll move to Los Angeles, and then we can travel to visit each other on the weekends.” And we'll see. We do not know if we will like the lengthy travel.”

He noted that the couple is “very, extremely happy right now” but has no idea what the future holds. “We're like, ‘We don't know if this is going to be a month-long relationship or a lifetime relationship, but there's no pressure.'” Let's simply love one another and be grateful,' “he remarked according to usmagazine.


Clayton believes that moving ahead, he will not adhere to the pressures or rules that sometimes come with being a part of The Bachelor franchise. Instead, he adheres to what serves him and Susie best.