Tiktokers Puff and Jackie Reportedly Died in South Africa!


The famous TikTok couple Puff and Jackie passed away recently, and the TikTok community is currently in sorrow. The content creators are thought to have died in South Africa, according to a variety of reports that have appeared online.

The TikTok pair was reportedly shot and killed. They have been identified as the two victims of a shooting in Durban, South Africa. For more information on the shooting that claimed the lives of the TikTok couple, keep scrolling.


What Happened to TikToker Puff and Jackie?

Puff and his wife Jackie were on St. Peters Road in Springfield Park, Durban, when the shooting took place. According to reports, a highly armed shooter shot their VW Amarok on both sides with more than 50 rounds.

Puff and Jackie both passed away at the shooting scene. But, when it comes to their kid, she was discovered to be in a severe state and was taken directly to a hospital. She tragically passed away in the hospital.


Tiktokers Puff and Jackie Reportedly Died

According to the police in KwaZulu-Natal, the shooting appeared to have been motivated by drugs because Brandon Kalicharan “had been on the Hawks' radar for some time.” Puff is also “said to be one of the drug lords in Chatsworth,” according to spokesperson Robert Netshiunda, although confirmation is needed.

The Directorate For Priority Criminal Investigation (Hawks) is based in South Africa. Together with corruption, they target organised and economic crime. The gunmen who shot and killed them are still at large.

The police are currently looking into the incident, and maybe in the near future, we will learn who are the shooters that killed them. Brandon Kalicharan and Jeconiah Pillay were 42 and 34 years old, respectively, at their deaths. The daughter of the couple was only nine years old.

One of the popular accounts on the video-sharing app TikTok is @puffnjeconiah, which you can find if you search for Puff and Jackie. However, it has not yet been determined if it was their official TikTok account. Puff and Jackie gained popularity among fans because of their couple's TikTok videos, which showed off their opulent lifestyle.

Tributes Pour in for Puff and Jackie

Since the devastating news of Puff, his wife Jackie, and the couple's daughter's passing first surfaced online, internet users have deluged Twitter and TikTok with numerous condolence comments. When it was revealed that the couple's infant child perished in the attack, many users felt discouraged.

“Rest In Peace Puff, Jackie, and the adorable tiny one,” said one user on social media. My sincere sympathies go out to the family. “My heart leads for the innocent little child who had an entire life ahead of her,” a different person commented. God, have mercy on her soul.

A third supporter then commented, “I feel horrible for his family, especially his daughter because her life was robbed from her.” “Very sad for your loss. Prayers for family and friends,” another user said.

“Rip so lovely family rest in peace my heart was weeping I don't know them but as a person, I feel sad,” another commenter continued. “Rest in peace, beautiful family,” a user wrote.

We send our condolences to their families and friends. May their soul rest in peace!

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