Tiktok Chef Tineke Younger Discovered Her Love of Cooking in Her Sophomore Year

This Sunday, February 12, FOX will premiere a brand-new season of Next Level Chef with 18 competitors. Tineke Younger, one of the participants, entered the culinary world during her sophomore year of high school. The 21-year-old social media/TikTok chef is ready to vie for the $250,000 grand prize.

Next Level Chef 2023 will feature Gordon Ramsey, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais as mentor chefs. According to the format of the show, each mentor would mentor six contestants. Tineke is a teammate of Richard.

Who is Tineke Younger?

People may believe that Tineke Younger’s popularity stems from her participation in Next Level Chef, however, she is already a Tiktok celebrity. Younger is one of the stars of TikTok, with 2.7 million fans to whom she posts cooking and humorous videos.

Tineke is a writer who is pleased to publish her debut book, Cooking for my Boyfriend. Younger was not initially interested in cooking, but she developed a passion for it during high school.

Tineke first joined the culinary program to avoid attending class, but she ultimately fell in love with it and discovered her passion. Youner’s money is unfathomable since she never chose to become a social media personality, but she did post a video of her cooking for her lover that went viral and had 20 million views; the rest is history.

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The Next Level Chef contestant attended the Frederick Community College Monroe Center: Hospitality, Culinary & Tourism Institute for culinary instruction. She is active on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she has over 28,000 followers under the account @tineke.younger.

Tineke Explained How She Fell in Love With Cooking

Tineke Younger was born in Frederick, Maryland, although she currently resides in Evans, Georgia. The first time she interacted with the culinary sector was as a sophomore when she attended the Frederick County Public Schools Career and Technology Center.

During this period, Tineke struggled with her grades and sought a passion in order to feel motivated. Until she smelled food, her visit to the center to look for a cosmetology school did not offer her the push she was seeking.

She enquired about the culinary program before returning to the same institution to apply for her newly discovered vocation.

One of her fried chicken sandwich-related posts surpassed 25 million views. When she hit 27,000 followers, the creators of the FOX show Next Level Chef contacted her. She quickly entered the competition and joined Richard Blais’ squad.

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Tiktok Chef Tineke Younger Discovered Her Love of Cooking in Her Sophomore Year

Tineke Younger Has a Boyfriend or Not?

Tineke Younger has a love relationship with Buffalo, New York native Antoine Wright Jr. Younger’s boyfriend is also enrolled at Frederick Community College; they may have met while attending the same institution.

Regarding Tineke’s romance, in 2019 she began a romantic relationship with Antonie. There is no doubt about their romance, as seen by her Instagram account, as they have always been smitten.

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Through his assistance, Tineke Younger’s boyfriend may have had a supportive role in enhancing her cooking skills. Antonie portrays himself as an athlete, but nothing else is known about him at this time.

In conclusion, the couple has been together for almost three years and their relationship is currently sailing smoothly.