Thundercats Roar Season 2: Cartoon Network Series Officially Cancelled!

Are you looking forward to the Thundercats Roar new season? Then you may know that it was officially cancelled after the first season concluded. Show’s writer and producer Halpern-Graser confirmed on November 20, 2020 that episode Mandora Saves Christmas would be the last episode of this show.

Thundercats Roar: About

Thundercats Roar Season 2

It is an American series which was released on Cartoon Network for the first time on February 22, 2020 and it concluded on December 5, 2020. Warner Bros produced the series and it is the third number tv series in the Thundercats franchise, first is the original series followed by 2011 television series and then Thundercats roar tv series of 2020.

This Television series is the same as the original series in which homeland or homeworld is left by thundercats to land on the 3rd Earth to save the planet from the evils and villains which come in their way.

Most of the evils on this third Earth are led by their evil master Mumm-Ra and all thundercats have to fight with him. It is a light hearted anime, with little comedy tone present in it. But it is cancelled for the new season after season 1 ends.

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Is Thundercats Roar Season 2 Coming back?

Thundercat Roar is not coming back for season 2 as it is cancelled after season 1.

Is Thundercats Roar Bad?

Yes, this show is bad. From my point of view it is not worth watching and when you start watching the show you will feel trouble in the first two minutes.

Even no characters have more than 60 IQ level and the villain of the Thundercats also looks foolish. So, don’t waste time watching the series.

Why is Thundercats Roar Cancelled?

Thundercats Roar Season 2

There is no official information why the network cancelled the show but due to low ratings and fall in sales of toys, the thundercats roar is cancelled for the new season.

Where to Watch Thundercats Roar Season 1?

If any one wants to watch the season 1 of these cartoon network series then here it is available for you to watch-

  • Watch the show on Cartoon Network for free.
  • With Premium Subscription on Hulu.
  • On Youtube by taking the subscription.
  • On Rent in Apple TV at just $0.99.
  • Last is on Sling TV by taking the subscription plan.

Ratings and Reviews of ThunderCats Roar?

Thundercats Roar Season 2


If you check the ratings on IMDB, there you see that it is given only 2.2 out of 10 ratings which is so bad for the show and the creators and even the audience who are waiting for the new season or things to come.

The top rated episodes of this Thundercats roar are episodes number 7 and 16 which got maximum ratings of 3.1 which is also not enough for the show to continue.

This animation, action comedy and scientific series didn’t provide much as compared to the expectation from the series by the audience. So, it is a waste of time according to ratings and reviews.

Some of the user reviews to this show is soulless wikipedia cartoon, horrible, it’s really really bad and the worst remake of original cartoon and one user wrote that why does this show Exist?

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On Rotten Tomatoes

On rotten tomatoes, 18% audience score is given with 40 user ratings. If you want to know about the audience reviews on the Thundercats Roar season 1 then I will tell you what the audience wrote about this cartoon show.

Here mixed reviews are given to this show and firstly I will go with positive reviews which are like this- Cute show, thundercats are light hearted, and the other user said it is great animation with charming episodes.

Now some negative comments are wasting money on the show, causing trouble to fight out why reboot is done and it is a terrible show with poor animation.

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Last Lines

So it depends upon you on the basis of ratings and reviews of this Thundercats Roar whether you want to watch the series or not. And this may be the reason for the cancellation of the second season. If you want to read more anime series then follow to read more anime articles which are best and in the boundaries of your interest.

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