Three Sisters Movie: Osaka Asian Film Festival

There is a lot to do for Heesook’s husband and daughter. She is hard to adapt to because she doesn’t show her true feelings and even joins a fake religious group to get baptised. Middle sister Miyeon, who lives with her choirmaster and professor husband, hides the violence that comes from her religious faith.

It was out of anger that Miok married a divorcee with a child because she didn’t like her sister. Heesook is told that she has cancer. Miok gets angry and calls herself a slut and tries to get into fights with her family. Miyeon, who is the calmest person on the outside, is shocked when she sees her husband having an affair with one of his choir members.

three sisters movie

The three sisters are awkward, distant, and hurt when they meet at their home town for their father’s birthday. Because their little brother Jinseob is acting weirdly at the party, there is a lot of chaos. The sisters’ pasts start to show up more and more.


As “besleme” (a foster child or maid), the sisters lived with their foster parents in the city. They are now back in the remote mountain village where they grew up with their father. When they all want to go home, their tactics of solidarity and competition will help or hurt them.

Their father, foster father, and Reyhan’s husband are all men who have a say in how the three of them get back to the city.

It was shown at the Osaka Asian Film Festival

Our main characters are three sisters, each of whom has a very different life, but each of them is also very sad in that life. It’s hard to tell anyone, even her daughter Bo-mi, that her mother has cancer. Hee-sook is always sorry and can’t seem to tell anyone, even her daughter.

A devout Catholic choirmaster named Mi-Yeon has trouble getting her children to follow the faith as well as she would like them to. She also just found out that her husband is having an affair with one of the choir members she used to work with. It’s also hard for Mi-ok, the youngest, to stay away from alcohol because she has to deal with her stepson, who thinks she is a bad example because she drinks.

For their father’s birthday, the three sisters have to get together. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and old scars are going to show up. The younger two sisters sometimes get together. Lee Seung-won directs a film from his own screenplay that does a lot of different things at the same time.

It is mostly a family drama that could not be better placed in Japanese movies. All three sisters’ families are in a mess in some way, and Lee uses real problems to show them off. Lee also has a lot of comedic scenes and social commentary, but none of it is forced or feels like it’s there just to be there.

This is a good way to show how even though the three sisters have very different lives now, the same domestic life they lived with their father when they were little helped shape their adulthood and their families today.

Cast and Crew

In charge: Emin Alper

Emin Alper wrote it.

Maren Ade, Stienette Bosklopper, Yorgos Tsourgiannis, Nadir perli, Muzaffer Yildirim, Jonas Dornbach, Janine Jackowski, and Janine Jackowski made the movie.

Emre Erkmen did the cinematography.

It was done by Cicek Kahraman.

Ismail Durmaz did the production design.

Alceste Tosca Wegner designed the costumes.

Esma Keskin did the make-up and hair for the show.

Giorgos Papaioannou and Nikos Papaioannou wrote the original score.

Marcel De Hoogd is the person who made the sound.

Volkan Duran did the visual effects.

Main cast: Sevket: Mufit Kayacan, Cemre Ebuzziya, Ece Yuksel, Helin Kandemir, and Kayhan Acikgoz are in the movie (Veysel)

three sisters movie

The Director’s Biography

EMIN ALPER was born in Ermenek in 1974. He was raised in Karaman (Turkey). Ermin was trained in economics and history at Bogazici University in Istanbul. He has a PhD in the history of modern Turkey. After making movies, Emin Alper also teaches modern history at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey.


There were three sisters who lived together in 2018.

2015 was FRENZY.



Three sisters who were in bad relationships and had bad lives reunited at their hometown for their father’s birthday. Their little brother’s weird behaviour led them back to their own dark past.

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Date of release

It was January 27, 2021. (South Korea)

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If you don’t want to watch slow-paced arthouse movies that only talk about art for their own sake, Three Sisters is a movie that is easy to understand and human. Every single one of the three female protagonists takes a different path in life, but they all face the same daily struggles against the weight of living in the world, from dysfunctional families to spiritual crises and personal illnesses.

three sisters movie

The film’s strength and artistic quality come from the fact that it’s a true picture of the lives of the people it shows. It’s often the most intimate and ordinary parts of people’s lives that move us the most. One of the sisters, who has cancer and is poor, quietly endures the pain of life and tries to live with dignity.

We see the essence of our human condition in these small stories about ordinary people. An art movie could also be said to be about this.

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