Three Romantic Ideas For Your First Date in Victoria

With the beautiful backdrop of Victoria, where the sun is nearly always shining, there’s already the perfect setting for a date. There are wonderful bars, restaurants and cafes, all of which make a great place for a romantic first date.

However, if you’re tired of the usual options, Victoria has so much more to offer. Here are three ideas for a romantic first date that will give you the chance to try something new.

Enjoy a Picnic

Victoria is blessed with an abundance of flat land to enjoy a romantic picnic for two. If you’re looking for a laidback way to enjoy a first date, it’s hard to beat the relaxing vibe of a picnic spread.

There are plenty of restos and eateries that offer gourmet hamper baskets, but that might seem a little excessive for a first date. Instead, keep things casual and easy by creating your own delicious picnic for two by picking from the Foodland flyer. Look for finger food that can be eaten easily; fruit is an excellent option for a date as it’s not too heavy and won’t leave you feeling as if you need a post-luncheon nap! Check our Foodland picnic basket suggestions below.

Foodland Picnic Basket Specials

Mandarins or Clementines (product of Peru) $5.49 / 907g (2lb)
Kiwi (product of New Zealand) $3.99 / 454g (1lb)
OASIS juice or juice blends drinking boxes $2.99

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Meditteranean-style chicken or falafel wrap $5.49 (219-370g)

Once the food is sorted, the only question remaining is where to go for your date. Beacon Hill Park is easily accessible from the bus and train stations but still provides lots of quiet spots to sit and enjoy a tete-a-tete. It’s really the most popular park because it has a lot to offer. Make sure to visit the animal petting zoo when you’re done eating.

Uplands Park is another alternative that has plenty to see, which could help the conversation along if you run out of things to say! The striations of long-ago glaciers as they receded after the last ice age can still be seen on the ancient outcroppings of rock in the area. The Park is home to Gary Oak trees, which are only found in this area and a few other places along the West Coast of North America. The twisted and gnarly branches of these unusual trees are covered in a scaled, lichen-like coating. We could go on, but seeing is believing, so do take a leisurely stroll before finding somewhere to sit and enjoy your picnic.

Beacon Hill Park image by Nutch Bicer on

Go Paddling or Kayaking

If you and your date are outdoors enthusiasts, why not go paddling or kayaking on your date? Of course, this will only work if both of you enjoy a bit of an adventure and are happy on water, but if you can tick both boxes, this could be an extraordinary date you’ll never forget.

Victoria, being surrounded by water, offers a limitless range of kayaking and paddle sport experiences, from the tranquility of a placid lake to the hustle and bustle of an urban paddle on the inner harbour to the thrill of a fast-moving tidal current.

If you want something with a little bit of oomph head to Victoria Kayak Tours and Rentals. Their kayaking tours are a fantastic way to explore Victoria and the local marine life including river otters, the great blue heron and harbour seals.

Horse-drawn carriage ride or Seaplane flight

A regal horse-drawn carriage ride through Victoria’s iconic sights can be a highlight of your date. In the city, there are various tour companies that offer rides. Common routes include the famous tall ships of the Inner Harbour, the Grand Empress Hotel, and if you’ll end up at Beacon Hill Park, you may as well go there in style.

Personalized carriage tours are also available, which include a half-hour trip through attractive historic neighborhoods such as James Bay and the Salish Sea coastline. The drivers always tell fabulous anecdotes about Victorian life, which could make for good conversation as you enjoy your lunch or dinner afterwards.

Alternatively, a scenic seaplane trip over the Gulf Islands would make a great addition to your Victoria date. One of the most well-known aerial tour businesses operating out of Victoria Harbour is Harbour Air Seaplanes. Book a flight and impress your date.

A usual trip lasts around half an hour, which is plenty of time to take in the dramatic coastlines and their stunning tapestry of huge islands and inlets. While you are at it, pose for your once-in-a-lifetime lovers’ shot as you soar above British Columbia’s lush parks and stunning mountains. Who knows, this grand gesture could earn you a second date and plenty more ahead.


Victoria is undoubtedly endowed with several entertainment spaces. You can do plenty more to have a great first date, but we think these few activities are good enough to get some conversation going and enable you to have so much fun that a second date is inevitable. Enjoy!