Three Amazing Facts About the Bitcoin ATM Network


Bitcoin ATM technology may still be new, but bitcoin ATM locations are growing at a staggering rate. Over the last year alone, the number of bitcoin ATMs grew by 177%.

There are some similarities between traditional and bitcoin teller machines. You can expect bitcoin ATM fees when you make transactions, for example. Next, we'll explore three amazing facts about the bitcoin ATM network that you may not have known.


Users Are Completely Anonymous

Traditional bank teller machines leave digital and paper trails that record who used them. You may see withdrawal notices on your monthly bank statements, for example.

Bitcoin ATMs are completely anonymous. The identity of the owner of a cryptocurrency isn't stored anywhere. Blockchains are used to validate transactions, but the identities of the individuals who buy and sell digital coins are not recorded anywhere.


When you look online for bitcoins machine near me, you are accessing a completely anonymous and confidential network.

Bitcoin ATMs Work Outside of Traditional Banking Systems

When you access a bitcoin ATM machine, you are working completely outside traditional banking systems. One of the intentions behind cryptocurrency was to create a financial system outside of the reach of governments and regulators.

Big banks like Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase are buying into crypto. They are doing so as investments. As large as these powerful lending and investment institutions are, they do not control cryptocurrency, which is decentralized by design.

Bitcoin ATMs Work Instantanioulsy

You may know how to use bitcoin ATM, but did you know that digital teller machines work near instantaneously? On average, bitcoin transactions take a few seconds to complete.

The physical distance between the buyer and seller is not a major factor that determines transaction speeds. At most, a bitcoin transaction that is completed through a bitcoin ATM machine may take five seconds to complete.

This quality makes cryptocurrency a popular medium for people who want to transfer money overseas, especially if they want those transactions to remain anonymous.

How Do I Use a Bitcoin ATM?

How does a bitcoin atm work? The process is similar to completing transactions through a traditional teller machine. First, you'll need to get a bitcoin wallet. This is the physical or online account that “holds” your digital currency.

Many bitcoin wallets are software-based and accessed through an app. Once you have that, you'll need to find a nearby bitcoin ATM. Follow the steps provided by the ATM so that the machine connects to your digital wallet.

Once they are connected, you can either buy cryptocurrency or you can sell cryptocurrency that you own. There will be some kind of transactional fee associated with using the ATM. When you are done, your wallet will reflect the new balance.

Follow the Latest Trends in Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin ATMs are here to stay. Once you familiarize yourself with using a bitcoin ATM, you'll understand that it works just like a traditional ATM.

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