This Weekend’s Top Films Regarding Nonprofits: The Fifth One is Must Watch Material


Non-profits have access to a range of fundraising resources as they seek to prepare a successful (fundraising) event. However, learning opportunities are not restricted to Google search engine sites or other digital areas.

Yes, you read it correctly; there are a number of films about nonprofit organizations, and they may be quite valuable to your fundraising efforts. You will learn something or more from the experiences of the characters in movies.


We believe that some of these will make your weekend enjoyable, which is why this post has been written. So, without further ado, we examine six compelling films about nonprofit organizations.

1. Period. End of Sentence – The Pad Project

This film is set in a rural area in India, namely on the outskirts of Delhi. It is about the revolution launched by the ladies of hamlet in an effort to alleviate the sanitary pad shortage that has plagued them for years.


They have had to combat the stigma associated with their menstrual cycles. Their efforts ultimately resulted in the construction of sanitary pad manufacturing equipment in the community.

This Weekend's Top Films Regarding Nonprofits: The Fifth One is Must Watch Material

With this equipment, they were able to make and subsequently sell sanitary pads. In addition, a women's empowerment initiative was initiated. The efforts of Arunachalam Muruganantham, the creator of the sanitary pad machine, prompted the creation of the film.

In addition, the film features a documentary about high school students who engaged in real-time fundraising campaigns. These campaigns were geared toward the empowerment of women and the distribution of inexpensive sanitary pads.

2. The White Helmets

The White Helmets is a documentary about a group of volunteer humanitarian workers giving help to residents in war-torn Syria. The film was set in Aleppo, and the group's name is identical to the film's.

It should go without saying that the purpose of this film was to capture and publicize the efforts of a group that has been engaged in humanitarian work since 2013.

This Weekend's Top Films Regarding Nonprofits: The Fifth One is Must Watch Material

In the film, you will see how tens of thousands of people were saved despite the constant bombardment of many communities and the resulting casualties. It exemplifies how aid providers tend to convey optimism to those in need, despite massive devastation and losses. The film White Helmets will help you to view and comprehend the significance of non-profit organizations in war-torn regions.

3. Mission Blue

Non-profit endeavors are not always focused solely on people. The film “Mission Blue” shows the necessity of rescuing not only humans but also animals and the earth.

Sylvia Earle‘s efforts to protect the ocean are documented in the 2014 documentary Mission Blue. She was especially concerned with mitigating problems such as global warming, pollution, and overfishing.

This Weekend's Top Films Regarding Nonprofits: The Fifth One is Must Watch Material

Mission Blue raises awareness of the aforementioned threats in some manner. It acts as a wake-up call to join the struggle to create an environmentally friendly living environment.

The film will alter your perception of non-profit organizations and humanitarian aid. And it's a terrific reminder that we don't have to wait until the Giving Season to participate in a charitable action.

4. The Blind Side

The Blind Side is not an explicitly charitable film, but it does include lessons about helping the disadvantaged. Essentially, the narrative is about how one family assisted a homeless youngster.

This family supplied him with refuge and other necessities for survival. Notably, the support he received made it possible for him to realize his American football goal.

This Weekend's Top Films Regarding Nonprofits: The Fifth One is Must Watch Material

In addition, he received advanced education and became a self-sufficient adult. This demonstrates that we can all go out of our way to make a significant impact in the life of a vulnerable individual. This is the core of advocating a non-profit cause: reaching out to a single individual in need.

5. How To Survive A Plague

How to Survive a Plague is a documentary on how non-profits may use their voices to improve people's health. Specifically, it describes the efforts of two organizations, ACT UP and TAG, to reverse the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

ACT UP, in particular, demanded that the FDA expedite the approval of the medicine used to treat the virus and improve the health of its carriers.

This Weekend's Top Films Regarding Nonprofits: The Fifth One is Must Watch Material

In addition, the organisation was able to oppose the discriminatory action taken by the United States government to ban HIV-positive immigrants from entering the nation. TAG, which is an abbreviation for “Treatment Action Group,” also advocated for further scientific studies on the virus.

How to Survive a Plague will motivate you, as a non-profit CEO, to continue advocating for society's voiceless. Your strategic efforts will certainly bear fruit at some point.

Summing Up

This weekend can be that moment, and the previously mentioned non-profit films should keep you company. You may combine elements from films into your nonprofit endeavor.

It's never inappropriate to take a break to watch a few movies, and it's much more delightful to know that you can learn something or two while doing so.