This Way Up Season 2: Trailers, Cast, Plot & Latest Updates For 2022!


Updated On 28 January 2022

“This Way Up Season 2” is authoritatively affirmed by Hulu and only for your hankering for the show, we will discuss each connected inquiry with respect to the second portion of the series, so let's roll on.


We are going to cover the undermentioned queries-

  • When we are getting the “This Way Up Season 2,” whom we gonna meet?
  • What about the official release from Channel 4?
  • What will occur in the continuation?
  • Do we have any official teaser for the show?

this way up season 2


This Way Up Season 2

This Way Up is a very popular British Comedy series on Hulu. The show is written by Aisling Bea, who is also starring in the show, as well as she produced the series with Sharon Horgan executive.

The first installment came out on 8, August 2019 that conveys the story of a juvenile catholic woman named Aine, played by Bea. The lady used to take tons of stress which is the main reason behind her nervous breakdown.  Aine used to teach English in the academy.

The audience praises the show very much and now they all started asking for season 2, seeing the urge of fans Bea said that-

“I was so overwhelmed by the love and support for the show. The themes of loneliness and vulnerability seemed to connect in a far more widespread way than I had anticipated, and it feels particularly relevant writing series two during the last few months,” adding that she was happy to be working “even though it is odd as hell filming during a worldwide pandemic”.

All the above-mentioned things show that the creators are also very happy with this age and they are preparing to come out with the second part of it very soon, so let's roll on the dates.

This Way Up Season 2- What About The Release Date?

Hulu has already confirmed the show, they added that the second installment is set to be aired on 9th July but for Channel 4, the dates aren't established at that time but no worries, the creators are going to release that soon.

This Way Up Season 2- What Will Happen In This Time?

In the former season, we see the narrative of an adolescent catholic lady named Aine, played by Bea. The woman used to take huge loads of pressure which is the primary purpose for her anxious breakdown.

We see the relationship of Aine with Richard is going to be complicated in the former part. Fans want their bond to be better in the second part rather than going to be a break.

From our sources we have collected some official statements regarding This Way Up Season 2, have a glance-

Channel 4's official statement concerning the plotline-

 “In the forthcoming series, viewers can expect more bittersweet sister-related shenanigans, including ill-advised trips to infrared saunas, and possibly another sung duet… to give the people what they want.”

Show producer's official statement-

“Despite the sisters’ numerous ups and downs, This Way Up centers on the unshakable bond between Aine and Shona and their passionate, caring, often-angry, always-hilarious relationship. In the darkest moments, when faced with overwhelming loneliness and sadness, the two sisters will always save each other and bring each other back into the light.”

This simply means that “This Way Up Season 2” is going to be more fun when we talk about the relationship of the sisters, on the other hand, we are going to see more fun and some overwhelming scenes that might make you cry.

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Who We Gonna Meet In This Way Up Season 2?

Indeed, we are certainly going to see the previous characters once more, here we have recorded them, let's recall.

Main Cast

  • Aisling Bea as Áine
  • Sharon Horgan as Shona, Áine's sister
  • Dorian Grover as Étienne, Áine's 12-year-old French pupil
  • Tobias Menzies as Richard, Étienne's father
  • Aasif Mandvi as Vish, Shona's boyfriend
  • Indira Varma as Charlotte, Shona's colleague
  • Kadiff Kirwan as Bradley, Aine's flatmateThis way up season 2

Supporting Actors-

  • Sorcha Cusack as Eileen, Áine and Shona's mother
  • Lou Sanders as Fran, a psychic Áine visits
  • Jeff Mirza as Hari, Vish's father
  • Soni Razdan as Kavita, Vish's mother

Where We Can Watch “This Way Up” Series?

The Global streaming for the series is Hulu. The first season was added on Hulu on August 8, 2019, and the second installment will be added soon.

Rather than Hulu, if you want some other platforms to watch the show, then you can also access it on Amazon Prime UK, and  Channel 4.

However, the show isn't available on the vast number of platforms, so I recommend you to get a Hulu subscription and enjoy it 🙂

Do We Have Any Official Teaser of This Way Up Season 2?

There isn't a trailer including a new film from season two yet Hulu did as of late delivery a “This Way Up season 2” trailer utilizing season one clasps.

Enjoy this clip for the instant with us and cherish your “Way” memories.

Last Lines

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